Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 86

Continuation from Episode 85:

Anika is sitting alone in her room.Sagar comes there with a tray.She wipes out her tears then faces him smiling.Putting the tray in front of her,he says-

Sa: You have not eaten anything since morning.It’s not good for your health.You are going to be the wife of a doctor.I can’t let you go through all the rituals of the wedding in an empty stomach.Phir shaadi ki phere ki jagah hospital ki chakkar katne parenge!

A: Your sense of houmour was really very bad Sagar which has not changed a bit even now……He laughs.

Sa: Just a practical thought!Anyway,jokes apart,what I am going to say now will sound utterly ridiculous still,I have to say- Anika,don’t do this.Don’t do this drama of getting married!She looks at him shocked.

You have zero interest in this marriage.You want to start a new life by killing yourself from within.You have undertaken a suicide mission Anika.

A: You know na everything Sagar?I have cleared it already.Why are you saying all these now?

Sa: Because….Because I love you and can’t see you in pain.It’s very difficult to bear(Pausing for few minutes)
I know it very well that I got replaced a long time ago,in your heart.
Perhaps you never loved me and it was just a strong attraction from your side.
But I don’t regret that.My only regret which will remain with me always and that is- I could not stand by you when you needed me most.

My act was very selfish and God punished me by snatching you away,from me.Perhaps we were never meant to be together and that was the first signal of Destiny.Shivaay did not come in between us,Anika.
He was there from the start,for you.You two met just at the right time.

This is yours and Shivaay’s love story,all along.It was never of Sagar and Anika’s(He sounds sad).I have seen you both together.Trust me,only you two deserve each other.Once this marriage starts off,you will not be able to back out and I know you won’t.
Don’t repeat the same mistake which I committed.

Confront Shivaay and ask him why is he doing this.He will answer only to you,I believe.This is the last chance Anika.You know,you are the one who brought love in my life.But how one actually loves,I have learnt it from you and Shivaay.
Anika no matter what happens,I am with you.Just go and get him.

A: Tum bahot acche ho Sagar aur sweet bhi ho.I am very fortunate to have you in my life.If it’s not for you,I would not have met Shivaay either.Both of you are very special for me.

Sa: I think…Shivaay is more special,no?Anika smiles.
I was missing this smile in your face.Be like that always.I should leave now.Take care……He leaves.
Anika says in her mind-

“Sagar is right.I need my answer before everything gets over.Will try one last time.Then,it’s God’s wish.Whatever He has decided for me,for my love,I will accept………….”

Shivaay was talking with his friends when he saw Anika approaching.He excuses himself and goes away to avoid her.Chasing him after entire wedding venue,Anika catches him in a big hall like room where mandap is getting decorated for the wedding.
Many people are working there,decorating the place with flowers and all.
They come face to face.Anika tells all the workers to leave them alone and they leave.

S: What are you trying to do?
A: For how long will you run?You have to stop at one point.You said na day after tomorrow is wedding?So let’s not waste time.Tell me,I need my answer.

S: Har sawal ka jawab nahi mil sakta.
A: Why?Sawal ruk raha hain aapko?Or you need permission from sawal?

S: I….I am feeling sleepy.You too go and get some sleep…….He tries to move but Anika stops.
A: Okay,fine.By the way,what do you do before going to bed?I read books mostly.When I was small,Mom,Dad used to narrate stories to put me to sleep.I was reading a story before coming here.
Would you plz hear it out?

S: I don’t have time…….Saying that he is about to leave but stops getting shocked.
A: “……Jab pyaar dastak deta hai,dil ki khidkiyan aap ne aap khul jaate hain.Kab,kaise,kaha,kis par dil aa jata hai,pata hi nahi chalta…….”

S: These lines…….
A: Why?Sounding familiar?

S: These are……
A: Right,you are the author of these lines!That story I was talking about started with these lines.Did not know that Shivaay Singh Oberoi can write so well.His another talent apart from being a businessman.
I got so lured by this story of yours that could not wait but finish reading it within a day!

Shivaay looks at Anika with unbelievable eyes.

S: That means…You know everything.
A: Fortunately,yes,I know every damn thing.Don’t you dare avoiding me now.Look into my eyes and answer-Why?

S: I was just acting…to be your husband!You were unwell so….I…I had to.
A: I have to agree.We played our roles very well,like professional actors,for three months.
Then one day that drama got so much real that we accepted each other as husband and wife!

You became my husband and me,your wife for real.And our relation was blessed with another relation the moment we become one from two!

S: I…I am not getting what are you saying!
A: That night I was girl who became a woman,a perfect woman.That night changed my life forever and I became complete with a little life,who was inside me!Is that also a part of drama?

S: That was….was just…a drunken mistake!

Anika was standing at a little distance.Hearing Shivaay she comes to him taking little,slow paces.Coming face to face she stares at him for few seconds then entire hall echos a sound of a hard slap which Shivaay receives from Anika,across his face!
She grabs the collar of Shivaay’s kurta then says in an ice-cold,deadly voice-

A: How dare you?How dare you Shivaay Singh Oberoi?I was not your paid mistress or any random girl whom you took to bed to seek pleasure.
Whatever happened that night,happened between a husband and his wife.
It was a pure celebration of their love that they felt for each other in the most truest sense.
How dare you calling it a drunken mistake Shivaay Singh Oberoi?

Anika pushes away Shivaay feeling utterly disgusted.He stands closed eyes,clenching fist feeling Anika’s dagger like words cutting his heart into pieces.There Anika grabs a bottle from nearby trolley on which decoration materials are placed.
Opening it,she starts drinking.That liquid burns her throat down to her stomach as she drinks.

Shivaay looks at her without hearing anything further and finds her drinking deshi sharab which workers brought with them.
He comes hurriedly then takes away the bottle.It breaks into pieces as it falls on the ground.
Holding a staggering Anika in his arms Shivaay says-

S: What are you doing Anika?Why are you punishing me inflicting pain on yourself like this?
A: To what extent I got hurt you just have no idea.How could you Shivaay how could you term those most beautiful moment of our life as a mistake?

She crashes against his chest and Shivaay catches her before she could fall.Anika clutches his kurta putting her head on his chest.She says in a drunken-laced voice-

A: You know Shivaay,you can’t even tell lie properly….Don’t go away leaving me alone in the darkness.You know I got scared.Without you,my life will be filled with darkness,permanently………..Soon she passes out in his arms.There,Shivaay has started crying and his tears are making Anika drench.

He feels so much pain in his heart that could not bear anymore and collapses on the ground with Anika in his arms.His warm tear drops wash away Anika’s mehandi in her hand,revealing a very rich,deep colour- Colour of love and passion.
For how long Shivaay has sat there hugging Anika,he has no idea.
At last he stands up summoning every remaining energy in his body taking Anika in his arms.He is totally drained out-emotionally,mentally,physically.

Standing up he heads for Anika’s room.Going there he puts a sleeping Anika on the bed,very carefully.Covering her with duvet,he kisses in between her eyes then leaves the room,silently.

Shivaay goes out of the wedding venue.He is walking on the pavement,tolerating the biting cold on his skin.He is burning inside like a hearth when weather is so cold outside.He is walking alone thinking about Anika and her words.
How,within a blink of eyes everything got changed!Did he deserve these and Anika?

Destiny being the mastermind is playing such a game which is beyond everyone’s comprehension………Shivaay was walking in an absentminded state,forgetting the surrounding.Suddenly he collides with someone.

S: I am so sorry.Plz forgive me………….That addressed person says-

When a person’s body and soul get separated,he is declared Dead.You are breathing,very much alive.Then why do it look like your soul is not within you?

Shivaay gets shocked hearing those.He looks at that person- A Baba is seen in front of him,counting sacred beads in his fingers,covered in white from head to toe.His face reflecting divinity and purity at the same time.
Shivaay looks around.Both of them are standing in front of a Dargah.Baba asks again-

B: Your eyes are reflecting so much pain that you are getting drowned in it with each passing second.What happened dear?
S: Baba,I have read and heard that breaking an innocent person’s heart without any reason is the most gravest sin in the world.I have committed that sin Baba.I have broken the heart of someone who is very dear to me.
I will never be able to forgive myself…………Hearing him Baba smiles mysteriously.

B: Who is a sinner and who is not,who are we to decide that?The One who is above us knows it.If there is anything which is bothering you,giving you pain,pour it out to Him.He listens to everything and everyone when no-one does.
Ask Him,He will answer for sure.

Aazan gets announced.Baba moves ahead and Shivaay follows him.He brings out his handkerchief then ties it around his head.Shivaay enters into the Dargah with other people.

“Maula Ali,Ali Maula
Ali Maula,Maula Ali
Gunah Mere Bade Hain
Hain Tera Dil Bhi Bada
Yaqeen Hai Maaf Karega
Tabhi Hoon Dar Pe Khada….”

Shivaay goes through the customary rituals then reaches the holy tomb,covered in flowers.He goes and sits on the ground.Lifting his both hands in dua,he closes his eyes.

“Tera Dar Hai,Mera Sar Hai
Tu Meri Mushkil Khusa
Tu Mera Ali Wali
Man Kunto Maula
Fahaaza Ali-Un Maula
Man Kunto Maula Maula,Ali Ali…..”

He starts saying in his mind-

“I have wronged my love,my happiness,my reason to live….My Anika.She is suffering because of me.I am her culprit God.
Anika wanted answer but how could I tell her?
My life used to be one sided.Then Anika came and it changed everything.I am her husband,she is my wife and she has all the right on me but……………Everything got spoiled.For that,neither she is responsible nor me.If anyone is responsible then it is our Destiny.
If I am to separate from Anika,why in the first place it brought her in my life?
I am on the verge of losing everything.Plz hep me…”

” Main Abhi Ghum Zyada
Napak Sahi Khaak Sahi
Aa Kabhi Bhool Se
Mere Bhi Taraf Jhaank Sahi….”

“This is such an ordeal which can’t be solved with all the power of Shivaay Singh Oberoi.I have given up for the first time.What I am going through,only I know.How could I tell everyone that Mom has been diagnosed with cancer and it’s in the last stage?
Doctors have failed and there is very less chances to survive!She hid it from everyone.
During Prinku’s marriage she got to know first.She did not want to ruin her special moment that’s why kept quiet.
When finally I got to know,she demanded only one thing as her last wish after doctors declared it as a lost case.She wants me to get married with Tia so that she can fulfill her promise.
How could I deny my dying mother?If she demanded my life,I would have given it too,without any question.She is my mother,next to You.

For that I had to break my Anika’s heart.She was waiting for me when I would confess my feelings.I was all set to welcome the love of my life but……You know what happened.Now tell me,what I should do?Anika’s tears broke my heart into pieces and I could do nothing.
How cruelly I put that card in front of her!I have insulted my love which embodies You.

Anika has taken up the madness of marrying Sagar just because of me.How can I blame her for that?I can’t disclose anything because I have promised Mom until this marriage gets over.I can’t choose between two halves of my heart.Do some miracle so that everything becomes normal and all these tun out to be a nightmare….”

“Tu Mujhe Baksh De
Ek Baar Toh Manunga Main
Do Jahan Mein Teri
Maula Hai Jami Dhaak Sahi
Man Kunto Maula
Fahaaza Ali-Un Maula
Man Kunto Maula Maula Ali Ali…..”

“Just one day is left.After that I will lose everything.You always hear out true pleading of a person.Save my love,save my Mom,save me too.
I promise,I will not ask anything hereafter- Pinky Promise.Plz do something,I beg of you……………..”

“Man Kunto Maula
Fahaaza Ali-Un Maula
Man Kunto Maula
Faahaaza Ali-Un Maula
Man Kunto Maula Maula Ali Ali
Maula Ali Maula Ali Maula Ali………”

Shivaay opens his eyes.Tear drops have drenched his kurta completely.Offering his prayer,he stands up.Baba comes to him.

B: How are you feeling now?
S: Much better Baba.Thank You.

B: Hamesha yaad rakhna-Jo dard deta hai,wohi dard mithata hain.Uske marzi ke bina kuch nahi ho sakta.Aagar tumhara mohabbat saacha hain,toh tumhe woh zarur milega.Kisi se saacha Ishq karna iss kainat ki sabse badi ibaadat hain.
Jo insaan woh pa liya,woh sab kuch pa liya,Rab ko bhi.
Ishq hai toh hum sab hain.Uske bina hum kuch nahi.
Jitna saacha Ishq,uthni hi badi uski imtihan hota hain.Tumhara mohabbat tumhe parakh raha hain.Aagar tum uske layek ho,woh tumhe zarur milega.Meri dua tumhare saath hain.

Smiling,Shivaay hugs him.He hugs him back.After tying up a holy thread,he comes out of the Dargah.

Next morning Anika wakes up with a very bad headache.Her entire day passes away in its treatment.Shivaay returns to the venue early in the morning and rest of the day he spends with Pinky.
Tomorrow is wedding and Rose Garden is going to create and witness history.

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