8 Important Things Related to the Life of Queen Padmavati

You will have heard many stories from Chittorgarh in history, one of those stories was the story of Queen Padmavati, Raja Rawal Ratna Singh, and Alauddin Khilji, on top of which a film has also been made. It was very famous in Chittor that Maharani Padmavati is a very beautiful woman and the advantage of this was taken by Ratan Singh’s servant and enemy Raghav and told the enemy Alauddin Khilji. These things related to Maharani Padmavati, which tell about her beauty, husband-less and bravery, you must know Padmavati story in Hindi.

1. There is no evidence of Padmavati’s birth, but some historians believe that she was born between the 12th and 13th centuries. His father Gandarbhasena was the king of Singhala and his mother was Champawati.

2. His beauty and bravery were famous throughout Singhal and one of the many kings who came to marry him was Rawal Ratan Singh, the king of Chittor. Apart from liking Padmavati, they also loved Raja, so both of them got married.

3. After marriage, Rawal Ratan Singh brought Padmavati to Chittor and here he introduced him to Pandit Raghav of his kingdom. Raghav was always proud of his knowledge but Padmavati was more knowledgeable than him and this started to knock him out.

4. On a wrong act of Raghav, Raja Ratan Singh expelled him from the kingdom and the disgraced Raghav reached Delhi where the Sultanate of Alauddin Khilji. Here he told Khilji about the beauty of Padmavati because the weakness of Khilji was a woman.

5. Khilji, having heard so many compliments, with the curiosity to see the queen, made up her mind to attack Chittor but due to no-stir there, she planned to meet him peacefully.

6. Khilji was found with the king but the desire to meet Padmavati remained unfulfilled and then he attacked Chittor and then there was war.

7. Here, when King Rawal Ratan Singh’s turn came to fight and he spoke to the queen about his heroics, the queen herself asked for an order to commit Jauhar.

8. At first, the king continued to deny this, but he was forced in front of the stubbornness of Queen Padmavati. The king received heroism and Padmavati committed himself to fire with all the queens of the building.

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