Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 84


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Continuation from Episode 83:

Trivedi Villa

Door bell rings.Mrs.Trivedi comes to open.As soon as she does that,Anika comes inside running then hugs her-

V: Arre….What happened?Anika leaves her.Watching her smiling face,Mrs.Trivedi asks-
My daughter is looking so happy?What’s the matter?Anika says nothing just smiles.

By the way,why did you not pick up your phone?Left without having breakfast in the morning.Your PA informed that you were busy whole day.Are you working on any important project?

A: Yes Mom,very important project.Anika beams.
V: One second,your eyes are looking so swollen.Have you…….She stops her.

A: Mom,I have not eaten anything since morning.Can finish entire month’s ration right now.Give me to eat something then we will talk.
V: I am serving.You go and freshen up.
A: Love you Mom………..Anika leaves giving a sweet peck in Mrs.Trivedi’s cheek.

Some Time Later

Anika is eating out of Mrs.Trivedi’s hand and talking-

A: Where is Dad Mom?He was supposed to return today.
V: Your Dad has gone to Mumbai from Gwalior.A new branch will be opened in Pune.Has gone to select the plot.

A:That’s great……..Mom,can I ask you something?
V: Sure dear.

A: You…You know Dad since your college time.You two studied together then Dad approached you for marriage and you gave consent.How did you know that Dad was that person with whom,you can spend your entire life?

Putting a morsel of food in Anika’s mouth,Mrs.Trivedi says smiling-

V: As you know our departments were different.We could see each other only on the way to college,in the canteen or in friend circle.I was very shy and introvert.
We never talked just stole glances whenever met.Your Dad was my senior and many girls in the college used to dote on him!(Mrs.Trivedi laughs)
We went on a trip to Goa from our college and your Dad called out my name for the first time there to help him out to set up the tents.

I felt something happened inside me or changed,all of a sudden!A very weird feeling.While returning back,your Dad occupied the seat beside me and we talked through the whole journey.
Thus we got to know about each other,to some extent.

My final exams were approaching and I got this tension that perhaps I would not be able to see him again!Papa,your Nana Ji was receiving marriage proposals for me and I knew that I would be married off soon.
Once college life got over,I would lose the chance to meet him and this thought made me sad and restless.

I realized that my heart is not ready to get separated from your Dad.Surprisingly,after the picnic journey your Dad did not try to talk to me in the college or anywhere.Finally,on the day of the last exam,he dropped me to my home.Before leaving he said-

“This is our last meeting.But..I don’t want it to be our last.I…I will not be able to live without you Vasundhara.Can you help me with that?”

He finished taking my hand in his hand.My heart skipped and I got to know what I felt for him,he felt the same too,for me.In that very moment my heart gave consent and our destinies mingled.
Who is right for you,is not the question.Real question is,who you want,your heart wants.It can be anyone and this anyone does not come with the “Right” tag.We need to find out who is that person.

When that particular person comes in your life,you will know for yourself.Because love is a direct blessing of God.If He decides to bless you,He will make sure you find it.
Won’t stop until you get what you are destined to be got……….

Anika’s Room

Anika has sat on the bed in the half-lying position,supported by the pillows.Her mother’s words are playing in her head-

“……Your Dad did not bring flowers for me,neither took me to cinema hall nor on a long drive etc.lovers do for their lady-loves in general.Nor he performed any stunt for which I could be impressed with him!
Still,we fell in love.I think even before we could choose ourselves,our destinies chose us that’s why we got together.

Every love story is different and unique.Everyone’s experience is different,matchless.But one thing is common.And that is-Love is love after all.If you are destined to have it,no-one and nothing can stop it coming into your life whether you are ready to expect or accept it or not…….”

Anika says in her mind-

“What I was thinking to be my future,got to know that was my past!Right now I am feeling like I have taken a second birth!”

She picks up her phone to text Shivaay.She types ” Chupe Rustom Singh Oberoi!” But she clears the text without sending.Anika brings out the diary then starts reading.Later she closes it and smiles hugging it close to her heart.
She recalls Shivaay’s words when he was beating Rakesh.

“…Tu janta nahi tu kiske bare mein yeh sab bol raha tha….”

A blushing smile colours her face and she herself covers it with her hands feeling shy.

A: I am really stupid.Khudki dil ki baat samajh ne mein itna waqt laga di.Everything was in front of my eyes but I refused to see!Here I was blaming Shivaay when he could not find the name!

She gets engrossed reading the diary again.Later she lies down to sleep with the diary in her embrace.She starts thinking about her and Shivaay’s encounters till date.Smiling sweetly,she goes to sleep hugging her favourite pillow.

Few Days Later

Anika is talking with Rudra-

A: ….Everything is fine here.Actually Rudra,I have called on Shivaay’s phone several times but he did not pick up.Is he okay I mean is Shivaay busy?

Rudra tells her that Pinky went to visit one of her friends house.Going there suddenly she fell ill.Shivaay is busy in taking care of her.

A: How is Pinky….Aunty now?What doctor said?
R: She is doing okay.And I will inform bhaiya that you called him.Actually he is little stressed up nowadays.
A: No,no.Don’t bother him.I was worried that’s why……….Anyway,I will talk to him when he is free.Thank you Rudra….Anika cuts the call.

Days were passing like usual.Anika was waiting for Shivaay’s call but that did not come neither he replied her messages.She decided to go to Mumbai to meet Shivaay and Pinky as well.
Just before she would leave,Shivaay called her to inform that he wanted to meet her and it was urgent.

Anika’s happiness knew no bound.Finally the day arrives when both of them are going to meet,after a long time.



Anika is waiting for Shivaay,sitting in her cabin.She is checking time frequently and getting nervous as well.Anika checks herself in the mirror.
Nothing should go wrong today.Nothing means nothing.Suddenly she hears a knock and stands up on her feet.

A: Come…Come in..Shivaay enters.
How are you?And Pinky Aunty?

S: She is fine.Thank you.
A: Plz sit down…..This sudden formal behaviour is sounding very funny to Anika.They sit down face to face.

S: I wanted to meet you for a long time but….
A: It’s okay.Better late than never!

S: You wanted to discuss something important.What is it?
A: Should I tell it here?

S: I don’t mind.
A: You too wanted to say something.Let’s hear you first……….Shivaay clears his throat.Then he brings out something and hands it over to Anika.Taking that she asks-

What is it?

Shivaay says nothing.She removes the cover and a card comes out.Smiling,she opens it.The moment she reads what is written inside,she stands up followed by Shivaay.

A: You……….She could not finish rather choked on the word.Trying hard not to shed tears.Without looking at her Shivaay declares-

S: Tia and me….are going to get married!Anika could not believe her ears.How could she?Pin-drop silence is prevailing in the cabin.Anika puts down the card then says in a shaking voice yet smiling-

A: Con…Congratulations!Shivaay looks at her shocked,totally.
Tia…is a very nice girl.She is just….perfect for you….She bites her lips to stop the trembling.Shivaay clenches his fist looking down.

A: So you have come here to invite me…in your wedding.Good……She turns her back on Shivaay.He tries to touch her but stops.If he hates someone most in the world,right now it is he himself.Gathering the last drop of courage,Shivaay utters-

S: Won’t you say anything else?Anika,I…….She turns with a smiling face-
A: You have said everything.I don’t have anything to say now.I am sorry.

Taking a deep tortured sigh,Shivaay is about to leave but Anika stops him.She gives him a box.

A: Mom has made those for you.Mootichur ke laddoo,your favourite.You were coming so she made for you………Shivaay cold not bear anymore and storms out of the room.

As soon as Shivaay leaves the cabin,Anika collapses on the floor.She sits there like a stone-made statue,devoid of any feelings or emotions.Even tear drops refuse to show up.
Her gaze falls on the card.Very slowly she reaches for it.Taking that she opens it once again and an acute fresh pain starts spreading all over her body.

Next,she tears it off into pieces while tears are gushing down her eyes.Her face completely expressionless,numb.She throws all the pieces in the air and those start falling on her.Wiping out the last falling drop of tear,she goes out of the cabin like nothing happened!

There,the news that Shivaay Singh Oberoi is marrying Tia Kapoor becomes the talk of the society and the country in no time.The most awaited wedding is here.
All members of Oberoi khandan get shocked and surprised at this sudden news of his marriage that even with Tia!
It falls on them nothing less than an atom bomb!

When confronted,Shivaay refused to tell anything and advised everyone to get ready for the wedding.Preparations go on in full swing.People start debating on it as to how grand this marriage would be as per the standard of the Oberois.Except one or two person,everyone was sad,broken-hearted for this upcoming wedding disaster.



Shivaay is busy in the office.Since the announcement of the marriage,he got busy so much in the work that even family members saw him very rarely.He was avoiding everyone as much as he could.
Like a machine,he continued working day and night.

As he was busy working,Mishra comes and informs him that someone has come to meet him.Before he could tell anything,Anika enters.Shivaay gets shocked and equally happy seeing her.Mishra leaves closing the door behind and Shivaay and Anika come face to face.
He is about to say something but she starts-

A: Hope I am not disturbing you.I thought you would be busy in the preparation of the wedding after all it’s Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wedding.But what am I seeing?You are rather busy in the office!Strange no?

Again Shivaay tries to say something but she stops-

Don’t worry.I am not here to demand explanation or to ask any question.I am here to give you a good news.A very good news,indeed.

S: Good news?
A: Yes,and the good news is- I am getting married!Anika Vardhan Trivedi is going to get hitched!

Shivaay’s mouth flew open and he stood shocked and rocked from head to toe.Anika brings out a card from her designer purse.

A: This is the very first card of my marriage.I myself have designed it.Expecting that you would grace the most important day of my life,with your partner!Don’t disappoint me Mr.Oberoi!
I have huge expectations from you!

Saying those she takes Shivaay’s hand in her hand then shoves the card,making him to grasps it.Next she throws her hairs over her left shoulder,wears the google then walks out of the cabin in full swag.
Shivaay takes a look at the card-

Anika weds Sagar

Shivaay throws the card in insurmountable anger then punches on the glass made table which breaks into pieces and Shivaay is left with a bleeding hand.
Swallowing hard,Shivaay whispers-

S: Why?Why?Why……..Soon his whisper turns into a scream which gets echoed in the cabin.

What is this game Destiny intends to play???

Precap: Meeting between Trivedis and Oberois!

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  1. Kaise kya hogaye dekhte dekhte………………..Brilliant portrayal of Shivika’s emotions.Hats off to your writing.You are a Pro at handling such scenes.Even I was tear filled when I was reading.
    So two weddings are going to take place.Mujhe toh kuch golmal nazar arahi hai.What has happened to Pinky?Is she behind all these?So much suspense.
    Waiting for next episode.Post it asap…..Happy Navratri.

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so very much for your precious feedback.This means a lot.
      Everything will be clear,just wait a little more.Thank you once again.Lots of love.

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Lu darling.. Pichle epidi mein kitni khush thi anudi.. Aur ab yeh sab… Sach mein kya se kya ho gya dekhte dekhte.. Donno ko itna dard kyun milta hai hamesha.. Not fair haa.. You are a brilliant writer lu.. Keep it up.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care.. Love you ❤❤..

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Sweetheart,missed you yaar.Hope you are doing khidkitode.
      I agree.Even I was feeling bad while writing this episode.This is the last and most difficult test of Shivika’s love.If they succeed,they will be rewarded hugely.
      Destiny has thrown its most powerful challenge.Let’s see what happens.Gold becomes more bright and shine after getting burnt in fire.Shivika and their love would come along getting more stronger.Till that happens,enjoy this emotional ride.Upcoming is really exciting.
      I myself is very much excited.Thank you so very much for your precious love.Love you too.

  3. Although this update is a sad one but still it’s awesome,plz update the next post soon

    1. Luthfa

      I will try dear.Thank you so very much for your precious love.Love you.

  4. Sakshi... A big fan of rikara and dil boley oberoi

    What a shocker episode…. Anika and shivaay were going to confess their feelings , then how did it turned to marrying someone else??? but overall episode is awesome…. plz post next one asap…. i am waiting eagerly 🙂 🙂

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sakshi,
      This is the last phase of Shivika’s ordeal.After that,everything will fall into right place.
      Thank you so very much for your valuable love.I will.Love you.

  5. Superbly painful episode.The undercurrent of Shivaay and Anika’s pain can be felt very clearly.Even I think he is hiding something.Don’t torture them much pls.Let them be happy with each other.
    Waiting for the next episode.Post it soon.

    1. Luthfa

      Awww…How sweet.Ishq ki aag ka dariya toh inko par karna parega.After all,Shivika are true Ishqbaaz.True love demands test.Let’s see,whether they can pass it or not.
      Yeah,there is a reason behind Shivaay’s changed behaviour.You will find out soon.
      Thank you so very much for your precious love.Love you.

  6. Yaar…..its an mindblowing epi…love it for sure…nd i must say…u r the only TU writter who update regularly in despair of our longing…a big hats off to u yaar…..ur creativity is outstanding…i request u to update ur’s asap….waitng…,

    1. Luthfa

      So sweet of you dear.This really means a lot.Hearty welcome to my FF page.
      Love you.

  7. ShivikaSCNM

    Lu….why did u make cry yaar this is not fair beginning of the chap it all went awesome and 2nd half to emotional u made me cry sweetie.

    1. Luthfa

      So sorry yaar.Even me too felt sad for doing this to my SHIVIKA.But,this was necessary in order to complete the cycle and the arc of their love story.Hope you would understand.Love you.

  8. ShivikaSCNM

    Waiting for next chap eagerly when can we expect ❤️

    1. Luthfa

      Next part is posted.You can check.

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