Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 7th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Kainat attacks Saltanat

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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 7th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav and Zaroon looking for Krish and Saltanat. They get the recorders and say it was Kainat’s plan. They get angry. Rubina says Zaroon has told me that he will get Saltanat home. Zainab says if he told this, then he will surely get her. They get the picture frame. They see Kainat with Zaroon. Zainab cries and throws the picture. Madhav and Zaroon hear some sound. They go to see the fire. They get shocked and rush inside. Madhav sees the dummies. Zaroon says its just dummies, where is Kainat. Madhav says she is playing with us. Some time back, Saltanat asks Kainat to leave Krish. She hears Krish shouting for help. Kainat comes to her and smiles. She hugs Saltanat and says you don’t know what I have done to see you once, if I knew you are alive. Rubina and Nadim

see the mess in the house. They get worried. Zainab cries and says its all my mistake, when I had a chance, I should have killed her, Saltanat’s life is in danger. Nadim says I will inform the police, don’t worry.

Saltanat asks where is Krish. Kainat asks why don’t you care for me, we shall talk for a while and spend time. Saltanat says I don’t remember anything, we can forget everything, forget this, let Krish go. Kainat asks is this so easy to forget it, its my childhood pain, you gave me this pain. Saltanat says just leave Krish.

Nadim and Sneha argue to get FIR filed. Indu says we have come first, just wait. Rubina says try to understand. Inspector says no need to fight, you all came for the same case. Rubina says but we haven’t seen them. Zainab says I know them, Indu is Sakshi’s mum, Sakshi was killed by Kainat, Sakshi had illegitimate relation with Naved. Kainat asks do you want to save Krish. She shows a timer bomb tied to Krish’s wheelchair. Saltanat gets shocked. Kainat says I m thankful to this kid, he helped me, I have killed Madhav’s sister and Zaroon’s mum, but all the sacrifices went in vain, Zaroon loves you, I had spent the wedding night with Zaroon. Saltanat tries to recall. Kainat says it was one of the most beautiful night of my life, I fulfilled all my dreams, you would be tired now, take some rest now. She hits on Saltanat’s head. Saltanat falls down. Zainab tells everything about Kainat and her crime to kill Sakshi and Naved. Nadim says so you killed Naved. Zainab says yes, its happening because of me, I was blind in Kainat’s love and covered her crime, I m also responsible for this, I surrender to the police. Indu says wow, you are accepting your crime now, you think we will forgive you easily.

Nadim says Sakshi was equally responsible for this, she made an illegitimate relation and broke a family. Indu says she gave her life, my grandson is in danger today. Inspector says stop fighting, we have alerted the team, they are finding Kainat and Krish, just go. Saltanat gets conscious. She says I won’t let you succeed. Kainat asks really. Saltanat asks her to come close and see. She catches Kainat. She leaves her and asks her to leave Krish. Krish cries. Kainat says everyone had used my innocence, so I started using my mind. Saltanat asks what will you get doing this. Kainat says I can ruin you using him, you never die, you have become a curse for him. Saltanat says kill me, but let him go. Kainat hits on her head again and says shut up when I talk. Saltanat falls down. FB ends.

Zaroon and Madhav see the blood stains. Zaroon shouts Saltanat. They hear Kainat’s recording. She asks them to come, she is waiting for them in her game.

Madhav and Zaroon come somewhere. Krish shouts for help. Kainat says sorry Zaroon, you have die. She asks Madhav to kill Zaroon, else she will kill Krish. Madhav points gun at Zaroon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. For me Saltanat and madhav could form a very nice couple .. Because zaroon does not deserve Saltanat .. He did not recognize him .. He said he loved the girl (kainat) but did not understand the girl who lived with him during all this time .. I say that the end of this series would be that madhav will die and ask Saltanat and zaroon to take care of krish .. My humble opinion … But for me the end would be madhav and saltana together .. And zaroon to die ..

    1. Even i want so…

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