Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 38

Continuation from Episode 37:

After Shivaay’s departure from Sunflower Petals,first Anika settles herself in few necessary household chores then retires to her room.
She goes to the pool garden taking Chanchan and Chanchal to keep her company.Sitting in the swing she starts talking with them.
Anika swings a little,goes through the magazines,inspects flowers around her to pass the time until Shivaay returns.
Without Shivaay she is getting bored this feeling disturbs her but she is happy anyway.
Suddenly an idea comes to her mind and she decides to occupy her with that.
Deciding the subject of her deep and rapt attention,Anika comes over the stone made path and lets her legs dive into the pool water while she sits on the stone made path with a flower in her hand.
She starts thinking about the happenings between her Shivaay,of last night.Shy smile appears in her lip automatically.She tries not to blush but could not help it.Anika looks at the pool and in the water her thoughts become vivid reality.Providing the screen in water,she re-watches those romantic moments,shared and exchanged with Shivaay-

How he took her in his arms
How he kissed her passionately
How he made her blush terribly
How his fingers did magic on her flesh
How he set her senses on burning fire
How he………….!

Anika’s imagination wanders here and there,recollecting every memory she can bring forward.As she recalls,her body shivers in an unknown ecstasy and she closes her eyes in pure relishing sensation.Her heart starts pounding rapidly.Even with her closed eyes Anika envisions Shivaay and his fiery closeness,touches of his lips,mouth,hands and particularly his intense seductive intoxicating eyes.
For how long she remained closed eyes,she could not figure out.Her trance breaks as a house stuff comes and says-Shivaay sir is on the call madam.

Pushing aside her reverie regarding Shivaay,she takes the phone.There Shivaay says from the other side of the phone-

Shivaay:Hello,Anika?Are you okay?Have called you so many times.Why did not you pick up?I had to call on land line.
Anika:My phone is not with me.Don’t know where I left it.
Shivaay:You are supposed to carry it with you.It’s something which people hardly forget nowadays and you?
Anika:Hmm..I understood your point.You can’t stay without my sautan and now preaching me to have one too?Think about it.You will get competition as it would stanch your deserved attention from me.Would you like the arrangement,pati dev?

Shivaay laughs from the other side.

Shivaay:I would love to.But knowing your possessiveness for me,I am sure,you won’t risk it by yourself.Am I right Anika?Or you are seriously thinking to replace me?Anika says-
Anika:Can’t tell.You know na human heart is very unpredictable?But as you suggested,I will think about it though can’t promise.
Shivaay:Are you trying to provoking me?Anyway,have you lunched?

Anika:No,not yet.
Shivaay:What?It’s almost 2:30 and you are still in empty stomach?What so important you were doing that you forgot food?He gets astonished.
Anika:I was just…….Forget that.Have you had your lunch?
Shivaay:Yes.But I missed you very much.Your talks and everything you do while eating.Kinda boring lunch.
Anika:Really?Come home.I will amend for that loss.
Shivaay:Done.Listen,I wanted to tell you that I have a surprise for you.
Shivaay:Yes.Do wait for me.

After few more minutes,he cuts the call.Sitting in that lavish chamber,Shivaay gazes sweetly at the pics of Anika in his laptop in front of him.

Back in Sunflower Petals,Anika reaches for her phone.The moment she takes it,a call comes.Smiling she takes-

Anika:I was started to believe that you have forgotten me completely.Now I am feeling relaxed.Are you serious?Okay then.I will be waiting.Bye.She cuts the call and says in her mind-

“Shivaay was talking about surprise.But he does not know that I am too ready with my surprise”

In the course of time day sets off and night takes the charge.Around 6:15 pm,door bell rings and Anika goes to open the door.Opening,she finds someone is standing at the doorstep.
Anika:Excuse me?That person turns and faces Anika.She recalls something from her memory then says smiling-

Anika:If I am not wrong then you are Rudara,Rudra Singh Oberoi,my brother-in-law!
Rudra,who is standing in front of Anika nods his head then stretches his hands like SRK and says-

Rudra:You are absolutely right bhabi!One and only Rudra Singh Oberoi-at your service(He raises his biceps)
And happens to be your chote devar.How are you?I missed you so much.Finished my exams as soon as possible and rushed here to meet you and bhaiya.Did you like the surprise?Anika says smiling-

Anika:Absolutely loved.Can’t tell you how happy I am.I myself was missing our family.Told Shivaay to take me back to Mumbai but he keeps on refusing as doctor refused my travelling.
Rudra:Forget bhaiya.Why to bother when Rudy is here?Your devar will help you.I know how to get things done from bhaiya.I will teach you few tricks of mine.Those always work.Anika is about to tell something but Shivaay comes at that moment and conversation halts.

Shivaay:What you two are talking?
Rudra:Nothing.Anika di..I mean Anika bhabi was telling me you have caged her here in Sunflower Petals.She wishes to go back to Mumbai.And I agree with her.
Shivaay:Really?Took her side already?
Anika:Obviously.He is my devar after all.By the way,Rudra is coming you knew beforehand and you made his coming a surprise,right?
Shivaay:Hmmm…Yes.Are you happy?
Anika:Of course.What are you talking?Come Rudra,come inside.Made you stand here so long.I have so many things to tell you.

Those supposed bhabi-devar move ahead followed by Shivaay.Three of them sit in the hall.Later Anika gets up to bring refreshment for Rudra and Shivaay.With Anika gone Shivaay asks Rudra in a low voice-

Shivaay:Did Anika suspect anything?
Rudra:No.But,how come she recognized me?You said she has forgotten everything as in Gajni mode?Then?
Shivaay:I have shown her pics of all our family member.That’s why.
Rudra:I see.What doctor said?When Anika di will recover?Shivaay says with a sigh-Don’t know.

Rudra:Choti Ma is not liking your stay here in Delhi at all.She is spitting fire literally.Chote Papa is having hard time handling her.She was all ready to come with me but Dadi and Chote Papa managed somehow.Your OMM will be done once she reaches here bhaiya.Do something before that.

Shivaay:I know everything.Don’t worry.I will handle.How is Om?I called him but his phone is unreachable.What happened?
Rudra:O has gone to Jaipur to attend annual painting exhibition.I too tried but could not get through.Seems like he is very busy otherwise he would have called.
Anika returns-

Anika:What you two are talking about?Share some with me too.
Rudra:Have met after long so get into conversation.Okay,let me freshen up now.This Delhi traffic is really horrible.Made me tired sitting in the car.
Anika:Let me show your room.
Rudra:Arre bhabi,why are you taking stress?I will find out myself.See you soon.And bhaiya,make my favourtie chocolate drink.I missed it so much.Saying that he leaves.Anika turns to Shivaay-

Anika:I too have a surprise for you.
Shivaay:How many surprise you have in store?
Anika:Choti has come to meet us.
Anika:Choti,my youngest sister,Soumya.
Shivaay:Really?Why did not you tell me before?I want to meet her right now.
Anika:Let’s go then,to meet your adhi gharwali?Shivaay laughs.
They leave to meet Soumya.

Precap:Rudra bumps with Soumya while entering into the room.She is about to fall but Rudra catches her on time.

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