In love with angel – Ragsan- Part 9 (last)

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Gandharv raj called Garuda. He appears infront of him.

Gandharv raj: garuda, my daughter ragini is on earth. She decided to marry with human. I don’t want an immortal angel to marry a human. Bring her back to heaven.

Garuda agreed.

Gandharv raj: she wont agree easily to come back so take this locket chain. Made her wear this. After wearing her love for earth will vanish and she’ll come with u.

Garuda took chain and went to earth.


Ragsan were roaming in village fare happily. They were happy that they r getting married. They saw a crowd. They went near to see. They see garuda who disguised as a rishi.

He looks at ragsan.

Gar: soon u both r getting married. U love each other very much. But there r some hurdles which will stop ur marriage.

Ragsan get fear.

San: any solution for that baba?

Gar gives that chain to him.

Gar: make her wear this. Its very strong. No probs will come near to you.

San takes that cahin. This was all seen by a thief who was present in crowd. He planned to steal that.

San was abt to make her wear, just then thief jumped and takes chain and runs from there. Garuda gets angry.

Rag: let it b sanskar. We will see anyother solution. Thanku baba for trying to help us.

They left.

Gar: that chain is only made for Ragini. If some other will wear, they behave weird.

Here thief took that chain( it was of gold) to his wife.

Thief: today I’ve brought gold chain for u.

Wife gets happy. He made her wear. Suddenly she gets angry at him and starts to beat him with things whatever she gets in hand.

Thief: wat happened to her suddenly? She shud b happy. She got angry instead.

Garuda comes there and takes chain from her neck.

Gar: its made for some purpose.

He left. Theif was looking at him confused.

Thief: he took that chain. I’ll get that again.


Its ragsan marriage. Hall was decorated. Guests started to come. Diya’s mom came out of hall for some work. Garuda comes there and tell her that today’s ur daughter’s marriage. She wont live happily.

Her mom got worried.

Mom: wats the solution baba?

He gives her chain.

Gar: make her wear this before marriage.

She took it and moves towards bride room. A girl comes with plate of flowers to her to ask where to give. In that her mom forget abt chain and thief took it.


Here mehra gets address somehow and starts journey to marriage venue. Even khanna also get to know that ragini is not diya and reached venue to tell truth and insult them.

Khanna enters hall. He calls diya’s father loudly. Her father comes.

Dad: wat happened? Y r u shouting? This is my place. My daughter wedding is happening here. don’t create any prob here. go from here.

Kha: daughter? Which daughter?

He laughs evilly.

Dad: get out.

Kha: the girl who is in ur home is not ur daughter.

Dad: wat nonsense u r speaking?

Kha: m saying correct. She’s not ur daughter. She is ( mean while that thief slips and chain fell in khanna’a neck)

Dad: wat she is?

Kha: she is our daughter also. She’s whole village’s daughter. We all have to do her wedding grandly.

All looks at him weirdly. Even goons shocked by his behavior.

Khanna stood at entrance and starts to welcoming all. And also sends some goons to do work.

All guests go back to their places.

Goons were just watching khanna weirdly.


Sanskar was getting ready in his room. Mehra enters with jai. Jai signs he dint tell him anything.

Meh: mr. sanskar is getting married here after cheating with me.

San: mehra. Be cool. I was abt to come to u after marriage.

Meh: when? After ur honeymoon. Now I don’t believ u. I wont let this marriage happen.

He holds sanskar’s collar. Khanna enters there and saw mehra holding sansakar’s collar.

Kha: leav him. Who r u to stop his marriage. He will marry today only. M looking at there wedding. he is my brother. M his elder brother.

Sanskar gets shocked listening khanna.

Meh to kha: whoever u r? don’t come in my way. I’ve something with him to clear.

Kha: u have to go through me to reach him and I wont let that happen.

Both began to fight. In there fighting chain fell in mehra’s neck from khanna’s.

Meh: (smiling) sanskar. Its ur marriage? Its very gud news. Y dint u invite me?dont wry m here with u.

Khanna came in his sense.

Kha to meh: who r u? I wont let this marriage happen.

All goons, sanskar and jai were ful confused seeing this. Even thief was also confused.

Kha: m local gangster here. u don’t know abt me.

Meh: if u r local then m international. Sasnkar. Its mahurat time. U go. I’ll take care of him.

Sankas and jai left from there.

Jai: I think ghosts entered in there body.

San: leav it. Its gud for us only.

San went. Chain fell in jai’s neck. San dint noice and left.

Here thief: khanna and mehra. Wat prob both of u hav?

Kha: he took my property papers.

Meh: he stole my idol.

Thief: idiots. Then y r u fighting within urself. Go and stop him.

They move towards gate. Jai locked gate. He feels energy inside him. He beats all goon and mehra and khanna. They get scared seeing his avtar and ran from that place.

Jai: its my bestie marriage no one can spoil.

Garuda comes to jai and takes chain out of him. Jai fell unconscious due to tiredness of fighting.


Ragini got ready. Her frnds tell her to come after few mins. She was waiting in her room thinking of sanskar. Garuda comes there and fastly make ragini wear the chain. After wearing chain ragini looks at garuda. He came in his original form now.

Rag: garuda. Wat we r doing here?

Garuda: u came here on earth to roam. Ur father told me to bring u back to heaven. Lets go.

She goes with him. Sanskar saw them and runs behind them to stop ragini.

San: ragini. Where r u going?

Rag: who r u?

San: ragini. M sanskar. Ur sanskar. We love eachother. Today we r going to marry.

Gar: an angel’s marriage with human. It’ll never happen.

San angrily shouts: it’ll happen. Sanskar will marry his ragini.

San holds ragini’s hands. Garuda stops him and pushes him. San tried to fight with him. But as he is human he can’t able to fight. Garuda was beating sasnkar badly. Sanskar was looking at his ragini only. She had forgot him due to chain.

Ragini’s heart starts to beat fastly. Tears come from her eyes unknowingly. She wipes and looks at her tears.

Rag: garuda. U r beating him then y tears r coming from my eyes.

San with smile: love. Coz u love me that’s y tears r coming from ur eyes if I get hurt. U cant see me hurt.

Gar: love? A selfish human who’s having only few years to live, a selfish on earth will love an immortal angel, daughter of gandharv raj.? How can u think?

San: love doesn’t see human , angel, earth or heaven. Love is just love, which happens between two hearts. And ragini loves me. There is no big energy than love. I’ll face u till I breathe.

Gar: then die.

He pushed him. San fell on earth. He got half uncoiusness. Then his eyes fell on chain in ragini’s neck. He remembers all incidents of chain.

Ragini sits on garuda to go. He was abt to fly, sanskar jumps and pulls ragini. Both ragsan fell down. Sanskar immediately took chain out of her neck.

Ragini came to her sense. She sees blood on sanskars’s body. She get tensed.

Rag: sanskar. How this happens?

Then she looks at garuda.

Rag: u here?

Gar: ur father sent me here to bring u back.

Rag: no need. I’ll live here only marrying sanskar.

Gar: but u r an angel. This is earth. U live in heaven.

Rag: the real heaven is on earth. Tell to my father I’ll live here only.

Without any option garuda left from there.

@ heaven

Gadharv wife: now ragini will marry human. Then she wont come to us? How can I b without my daughter.

Gandharv raj: god only decided everything. Don’t wry she’s angel. Immortal. After marrying human, she too became human now. She’ll live her life like human. Like human she’ll also die after living her life. when age will over as written by god. After that she’ll b turn in angel only. Then she’ll b back to us. We will live like first.

They both hug.



Ragsan married happily.

San: ragini. U’ll again turn into idol in future?

Rag: no. after marriage that curse wont work. Coz m human now. I wont turn into idol.

Both smile and hug. All blesses both ragsan whereas they smile happily looking at each other.

……..the end………

Hope u all liked it frnds.

Leav ur likes and views.

Waiting to see ur views abt full story as characterized in ragsan.

Love u all???

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