Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 34

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“Khushboo Bankar Saanso Mein
Sama Jayenge
Sukun Bankar Dil Mein
Utar Jayenge
Mehsoos Karne Ki Koshish Toh
Kijiye Ek Baar,
Door Rehte Huye Bhi
Pass Najar Ayenge……….”

Anika is drying her wet hairs standing in front of the dressing table.She picks up the vermilion box and fills her hairline with red sindoor.While applying,her gaze catches the big portrait of Shivaay,in the mirror.
Anika recalls those moments of Shivaay special punishment.
“Did you like the punishment,Anika?” gets echoed in her ears.
She looks down feeling shy.
Shivaay comes there and grabs Anika from behind.

Shivaay says putting his chin on her shoulder-
Shivaay:Why are you blushing?
Anika:Blu..Blushing?Nahi toh!
Shivaay:Really?Toh phir woh laal laal kya hai tumhari gaal par?
Anika touches her cheeks-

Anika:Kuch bhi toh nahi?Aapke kanji aankhe kharab ho gaye hai!
Without saying anything,Shivaay gathers Anika’s wet hairs over her right shoulder.She watches in the mirror.He says holding her hands-

Shivaay:You look so beautiful in wet hair!Anika tries to tell something but Shivaay does not let her.
Instead he twirls her around and makes her face him.Anika says in a trembling voice-

Anika:Shi..Shivay,what are you doing?
Shivaay:What do you think I am doing?
She looks at him confusingly.

Sparing Anika’s waist,Shivaay takes the vermilion box from her hand.Opening it he takes a pinch of sindoor then goes on filing Anika’s already sindoor adorned hairline.
She closes her eyes.Shivaay kisses Anika in the middle of her forehead holding her chin.Anika opens her eyes.
The very next moment he lifts Anika in his arms,almost all of a sudden.Anika says in a surprised but happy tone-

Anika:Kya kar rahe hain aap Shivaay?
Shivaay:Thori hi der mein pata chal jayega!

Saying that Shivaay heads for the bed,taking Anika in his arms.Going there he places Anika in the middle of the bed.Then,tracing her face at the tip of his finger,Shivaay lifts Anika’s chin and brings his lips to kiss her.
Anika clutches Shivaay’s arms with both her hands.Her breathing turns heavy.Slowly Shivaay moves close to Anika’s lips and captures her rosy,velvety,trembling lips for an erotic,sensuous kiss!Distance is bridged.
In that kiss,Anika and Shivaay keep losing themselves in the realm of pure passionate bliss!
Someone snaps out right that moment!
Anika opens her eyes.Shivaay is seen standing in front of her.

Shivaay:What are you thinking closing your eyes like that?
Anika looks around then looks back at Shivaay-Is everything okay Anika?

Anika:Ha..Haan bilkul!I am just coming.She leaves the room hurriedly.
Shivaay:Don’t know what is cooking up inside her head.
Saying that he too leaves the room.

Around 9 pm
Diner is done.Shivaay is in the study room going through some files.Anika is in their room,pacing up and down,thinking something.
Few minutes later she gets on the bed taking up her phone and covers herself with the duvet,completely.
Inside the duvet she turns on the selfie light of her phone then starts talking to herself-

Anika:What do you think Anika?Will Shivaay agree?You should not lose hope so early.
Will you be able to do what are you thinking?Why not?You are Anika and you have to,yes.

Shivaay enters into the room.He finds Anika under the cover of the duvet.Her dupatta is seen outside of it.He goes and sits on the bed.Anika’s murmuring is getting heard.He tries to hear what she is saying but could not figure out anything.
Shivaay says to a duvet covered Anika-

Shivaay:Anika?What are you doing covering yourself like that?Come out.You will get suffocated.
Anika peeps out of the duvet but seeing Shivaay,she covers herself again.
Shivaay gets surprised.He says-

Shivaay:Anika,come out,come on.Have you taken your medicine?
Anika brings her face out and says-

Anika:I am planning something.Don’t disturb me.She vanishes once again.
Shivaay gets on the bed then takes the duvet off Anika like she is a newly-wed bride on first night!
Holding the duvet over Anika’s head he looks at her.Few seconds later he puts it aside.There Anika says in fake anger-

Anika:Can’t you stay away without seeing me for few minutes Shivaay?
Shivaay is taken aback with this sentence of Anika.She is looking straight at his face.Shivaay manages to say somehow-

Shivaay:Actually…Woh…I was just curious to know what,what were you doing.Tha..That’s it.He fidgets with words.
Anika:I was thinking what should I ask from you as my gift for my win.Shivaay says laughing-
Shivaay:You manipulated the game to win remember?So score is equal.Neither you win nor I.
Anika:You are such an unromantic husband Shivaay!
Okay,I accept,I did cheating.Happy now?Anika turns her back on Shivaay.

Shivaay:I was just telling….He could not finish as his phone rings.Rudra is on the call-Excuse me.
He leaves to take the call.
He returns finishing talking.Anika is seen arranging the bed.Watching him she says-

Anika:You must be tired Shivaay.Even me too.Let’s go to sleep.
Shivaay is hesitating to step in.Observing that Anika says-

Anika:What are you looking at?She gets down the bed and reaches for Shivaay.She brings him on the bed and makes him lie down.Getting on the bed,Anika covers them with duvet then nestles in Shivaay’s arm keeping her head on his chest.Shivaay has to encircle his hands around Anika.She yawns and says while nuzzling-

Anika:I am feeling so sleepy.And don’t you dare go anywhere leaving me alone on the bed.I was so scared that night.
Shivaay:Which night Anika?
Anika:That night when we came from hospital in Sunflower Petals.Shivaay recalls that day.He says in an assured voice-
Shivaay:I won’t go anywhere.Anika says in her half-asleep tone-
Anika:I know.
Smiling she grabs Shivaay more closely and goes to sleep.Taking a deep breath,Shivaay closes his eyes too………

Next Morning
6:10 am
Anika wakes up in Shivaay’s arms.He has hold her like the most precious object in the world.
Anika tries to move out but could not because of Shivaay’s strong hold.Still she tries but Shivaay flips her on the right side capturing her once again.Very carefully Anika takes those stubborn hands of Shivaay off her and sits on the bed.
Sitting next to Shivaay,she keeps looking at him,adoringly.Placing one elbow near Shivaay’s pillow and supporting her head with that Anika says in her mind-

“Sometimes I feel like you don’t want to come close to me but very next moment you prove me wrong.Your enigmatic personality and behaviour confuse me a lot when I see you struggling accepting and doing a normal thing between husband and wife.
I feel you make an invisible boundary around you,intentionally.Just can’t get the point of your such inhibitions for me.
If I ask,you will put your most weird possible logic in front of me which makes me bore like anything!
Husband Ji,I have to re-discover you from the start and I am sure,you won’t cooperate!But you don’t know me.I am Anika and I know how I will have my own way.Just wait and watch Shivaay Singh Oberoi,what Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi is going to do!”

Anika glides her hand in Shivaay’s hairs-

Anika:Kitna maasum lag rahe hai!She smiles looking at him.Next withdrawing hands she says-

Anika:I have so many works to finish.Come on Anika hurry up.Shivaay is not going to run away!

Covering Shivaay with duvet,she gets down the bed……………………….

No Precap

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