Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 2

#In Oberoi Mansion almost everyone is gathered in the hall to welcome Shivaay.Clock is showing 11.45 p.m.

Dadi:I am getting worried.Om,have you spoken to Billu?When is he coming?
Omkara:Yes Dadi.Rudra and me spoke to him over phone.He is expected anytime.
Shakti:Ma,you should go and sleep.We all are here for Shivaay.
Jhanvi:Shakti is right Mummy ji.You should go and rest.
Dadi:No dear.Until I see Billu,I will not be able to sleep.I am fine.Don’t take tension.

There Shivaay has reached and he is outside OM.He pulls himself together and prepares mentally to answer all those questions which will be shot at him.He glances at the door then at the girl and starts walking.

Shakti:Ma,Shivaay informed me on phone that meeting went very well.Soon a brand new project will be launched by our company,headed by Shivaay.My son is working so hard.
Pinky:OMM Shakti ji,he is Shivaay Singh Oberoi.No less than a diamond.No-one can beat him.
Dadi:My Billu works day and night for the progression of Oberoi Empire.All his hard works are resulting in success.
Pinky:Correct Mummy ji but………..Without finishing her sentence Pinky gets up from sofa looking at the entrance door.Following Pinky,everyone turns one by one except Rudra.He is fast sleeping grabbing a cushion.

Pinky:OMM!!!!What is this?Shivaay got married?Without informing us?I am feeling dizzy!
Dadi:I know my grand-son very well.He won’t do anything which will tarnish Oberoi Khandan’s reputation.It must be something else.
Priyanka is trying to wake up Rudra.Rudra gets up because of Priyanka’s heavy jerking.

Rudra:What?Let me sleep.I got tired playing video games in waiting for bhaiya.Give my cushion back.
Priyanka:Open your eyes bhaiya and see,Shivaay bhaiya is already here that even with a girl.
Rudra stands up rubbing his eyes.
Rudra:Did I oversleep or what?I am seeing bhaiya with a girl?
Observing closely-
Rudra:No no,not a girl.She is looking like a bride.Hawwww…..Bhaiya eloped and got married?How come he did not tell me before?This is cheating!
Omkara:Stop your nonsense.I am sure something big has happened.Shivaay is not careless.
Calculating everyone’s facial expression and words Shivaay steps in inside and everyone gathers around him.
Shivaay:I will answer all of your questions later.(Looking at the girl)She needs treatment right now.Om,plz call in a doctor.And Prinku,you come with me.I am taking her to your room.
Omkara phones doctor and Pinky stops Shivaay from going.
Pinky:Who is this girl Shivaay?Don’t tell me you married her.I will get heart attack.
Shivaay:Relax Mom.There is nothing lke that you are thinking.I will tell you everything later in detail.Let me go now.Prinku,come.
Shivaay leaves and OM members starts discussing among themselves-

Jhanvi calls Tej as he is out of town-Jhanvi:Hello Tej?You know what happened?……

Rudra:I am sure bhaiya is hiding something from us.I had so many dreams on his marriage.I will do this I will do that but now?Bhaiya brought me a ready made Bhabi!O,why are you not telling something?Are you planning to become some powerful Baba by thinking so much?
Omkara:Shut up Rudra.You think all these are funny?Shivaay got a girl in our home who was wearing a bridal dress on top of that,she is unconscious.If that girl would be in conscious state,it would would have been different matter.
Rudra:I think that girl is on strict diet.You know na how girls are?Perhaps she has not eaten anything fearing her figure will lose charm!
Omkara:Figure?Seriously Rudra?Think something else other than girls and their figures.This is damn serious.Do you understand?Now no more words.Keep quite.
Rudra puts his finger on his lips.
Meanwhile Pinky and Shakti-
Pinky:Shakti ji I am telling you.this girl must be a set-up of Shivaay’s rivals to frame him.Yes,that’s the truth.
Shakti:Come on Pinky,how can you be so sure?It is also possible that this girl is in some danger and Shivaay is helping her.Until Shivaay discloses the whole truth,we can’t form any conclusion.I know my son.Let’s wait for him.
In the meantime,the girl is taken to Priyanka’s room and changed into Pri’s cloths.Doctor is examining her.Shivaay is standing beside the bed and Dadi and Pri are also present.
Shivaay:What has happened to her doctor?
Doctor:See,until patient gets consciousness,can’t be told anything for sure.But looks like she has gone through nervous breakdown as her pulse is very weak.Good that you have brought her home on time.For the time being I have pushed an injection.Once she wakes up,do call me.I will take your leave now.
Shivaay:Thank you so much for coming doctor.I will inform you.
Doctor leaves and OmRu come there.Shivaay is looking tensed.
Dadi:Billu,how did you find her?
Omkara:Even I want to know.Will you care to tell something now?
Shivaay finishes the whole story by narrating it from the start.
Omkara:This is not good.I think we should inform the police of the matter…………..Precap:Rudra is shouting-bhaiya,where are you?Shivaay comes running to him-what happened Rudra?Rudra says panting-your bride is missing bhaiya!Shivaay;What?

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  1. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear.
    The episode was good, u said twist. I’m waiting to know abt bride dear😌😌😌😌. Rudy childish part was good dear. Love you dear. Tc

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      The bride has her own story.She has just entered into Shivaay’s life.There will be a lot more thing around her.Next few episode will focus on her.Yes,Rudra is always childish.Thank you sooooo…very much for your love.Lots of love😊😊

  2. Haha luthu superb episode pinky will definatelys going to have heart attacks 🀣🀣
    Loved rudys talk he is always cute😘
    Eagerly waiting for the next
    Tabtak ke liye bye keep smiling dear

    1. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..You are absolutely right dear.Pinky’s OMM will happen of course.Rudra is my favourite.I loved writing his dialogue.Very happy that you like those.Thank you soooooo…very much for your love.You too take care and keep smiling😊😊😊

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear.. Ohh my rudy boy is so cute and adorable

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you soooo…much Nikita dear.Yes,he is cute😊😊

  4. The story is growing nice.precap is brilliant bhayia aapka bride gayab hogaya.whole members thinking is funny.interesting what’s next.

    1. Luthfa


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