Tere ishq me jana – swaragsan-Epiosde 5

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Let’s start now

As usual Ragsan were doing there work.
A person came to Ragini.
Per: hi Ragini
Rag: hi swara, what a surprise? After so many days now you came to meet me?
Swa: nothing like that I was busy in my new job from one month.
Rag: you already got job and now you are informing me?
Swa: that’s why I came here. As I got free first work I did is to meet you. Happy?
Rag: happy.
Just then sanskar came to Ragini to ask some thing.
San: ragini…
He swara there and get shocked Swara to get shocked seeing him there.
Rag: sanskar come meet she’s my best frnd swara. Swara. Meet my new best frnd sanskar.
Swara and sanskar both told hi to each other.
Some one called Ragini that time and she went from there.
Swa: sanskar, u here? I was searching u everywhere. Dad is also very tensed abt you.
San: don’t wry. Am fine.
Swa: luking down, am sorry sanskar, I never meant to hurt u. I was restless when I came to know that you were found no where. Now leave all this and come back to your mansion. All are waiting for u. (Luking at him) including me.
San: no swara, not now. I’ll complete my challenge. Then only I’ll come back to you. Don’t wry abt me. Tell uncle also. But don’t tell him my place. Or else he’ll come to take me.
Swa: ok sanskar,as you wish. I’ll be waiting for this month end.
Just then they saw Ragini coming.
San: swara don’t tell Ragini abt anything. Not abt challenge also.
Swa: but sanskar she’s nw ur frnd also.
San: I know. But for one month am only sanskar, this was our challenge. Once let this over. I’ll only tell her.
Swa: ok sanskar.
Rag: what was going on here?
Swa: nothing, he was showing me saaris. And Ragini (luking at sanskar)your new frnd is very gud.
Rag: after all he’s my frnd. Ok which saari u want. Wait I’ll give you.
She went and came with a saari. It was red colored with few mixed colors with unique design.
Rag: swara, take this. It’ll Luk very beautiful on u.
Swa: wow Ragu, it’s really very beautiful, I loved it.
Sanskar sees that saari and remember something.

Sanskar was showing that same saari to a lady.
Lady: wow, it’s beautiful. Pack it for me.
Ragini comes in hurry and grab that saari from lady.
Rag: madam we r sorry, this is already sold.
Lady: who? No one is here.
Rag: that lady went to ATM to get money.
Lady left with other saari.
San: Ragini, why did u lie to her? No one purchased this.
Rag: I know, this is my fav saari. I love this.
San: then purchase it.
Rag: sanskar. Do u know how much it costs? 5000. My one month salary. Am saving money for this. When my saving money will be 5000, I’ll buy this. Till that am keeping away this from all eye. So no one can see this. One day I’ll only buy this.
FB ends.

San: wait swara. Ragini, this is ur fav saari na? For which you are waiting to buy.
Rag: it’s ok sanskar. I buy or swara, it’s same.
Swa: oh, is it so? Sanskar u don’t know abt her. She’s famous for sacrificing. She always see others happiness. Now keep this saari, I’ll take other. Sanskar u only give me which Luk good on me.
Sanskar selects one saari for her. And gives to swara.
Swa: thanku. Smiles at him. Ragini now daily I’ll come to meet you.
Rag: hello madam. This is shop. Owner will not allow anyone simply.
Swa: then I’ll come to buy saari.
Rag: daily? Then you have to marry a millionaire only.
Swa: I’ll marry millionaire only( winks at sanskar) he just smiles.
San: Ragini. Why only swara? You also deserve a millionaire.
Rag: no. Am happy in this. I just want a middle class boy like you. I don’t want any rich boy.
Sanskar smiles at her.
Swa: ok Ragini. Evng I’ll give treat to you.
Rag: why?
Swa: forgot soon? For my new job.
Rag: oh ya. Ok.
Swa: sanskar. Why don’t you join us?
Rag: yes sanskar. We will enjoy a lot.
San: ok.
Swa: ok then meet u both evng. Bye.
Ragsan: bye.

Swara came very happily. She was smiling.
Swa: Sanskar atlast I found u, am very happy today. I’ll not let you go anywhere.
She: what happened swara? You r very happy today.
Swa: yes dad. I found sanskar. I met him.
She: really? Where’s he? First I’ll bring him.
Swa: no dad. He told not to tell. He’s safe. He’ll return after a month. I’ll keep in touch with him. Don’t wry dad.
She: ok swara.

Trio went for shopping. They did some shopping. Swara bought gift for both ragsan. Trio enjoyed a lot.
They went to a juice centre and ordered three juice of different flavour.
They started to drink.
Rag: mine is very gud taste than u both.
San: no way. My choice is best.
Rag: no mine.
San: let me see.
Sankar drinks from her glass.
San: no. Taste mine.
Ragini tasted from his glass.
Rag: both are equal sanskar.
Swara was seeing this. She felt something. Then thought sanskar loves me. They are frnds. Simply am thinking.
Then trio left for home. Whole time sanskar was comfortable with Ragini than swara. He dint notice that he was giving more importance to Ragini. Ragini was just enjoying. And was happy seeing sanskar happy.

Precap: ragsan enjoyment,swara’s pov

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