Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 13

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Continuation from Episode 12:

Trivedi Villa
Gauri learnt everything about Anika from Omkara over phone.She is determined to go and meet Anika in the hospital.She lies to Mrs.Trivedi about Anika that she is absolutely fine and with Shivaay.Mrs.Trivedi feels relieved knowing that.Gauri and Mrs.Trivedi come outside the house and they confront Mr.Trivedi.He asks her-
Mr.Trivedi:Where are you going Chutki that even so early morning?Gauri is tensed.She looks at Mrs.Trivedi.
Mrs.Trivedi:Actually one of her friend met with an accident and Chutki is going to meet her in the hospital.She lives here alone so Chutki is going….
Mr.Trivedi:In that case I will go with you.Poor soul is suffering.I want to meet her too.Mrs.Trivedi and Gauri look at each other again.

Mr.Trivedi:What you two are thinking?
Gauri:Dad,you don’t have to take stress.She is just slightly injured.Our friends took her to hospital.I will go and meet her then return in jiffy.You have just finished morning walk and you should rest and have breakfast.
Mr.Trivedi:Okay.But do inform me if your friend needs anything.And you need not to drive.Take one driver with you.
Gauri:Thank you so much Dad.Love you.She hugs him.Mr.Trivedi smiles and hugs her back.Gauri gets in the car and leaves.

Oberoi Mansion
In OM,everyone is praying for Anika in the temple.They all ask for Anika’s recovery.Dadi,Jhanvi,Prinku,Rudra except Pinky.Only Pinky is worrying for Shivaay and prays to God to return Shivaay to her as soon as possible!

In Hospital
Gauri gets down from the car in front of City Hospital.Coming at the reception she inquires about Anika.In the mean time Omkara is checking his phone in the adjacent corridor of hospital,near Anika’s cabin.Suddenly he lifts his chin hearing the sound of payal(Anklet)and looks at his left.Gauri is coming in that direction.She has worn a sea-colour salwar kameez with white colour duppata that is hanging over her shoulder.Black bindi,light shade lipstick,smoky eyes are making her look really beautiful.Her curled hair is dancing in the rhythm of her walking.She is looking here and there while walking.Gauri comes near Omkara and passes him throwing her hair strand at the other side.Her hair hits Omkara smoothly!He keeps looking at Gauri as she walks on.Walking a little more she asks a nurse about Anika.Nurse leads her to Anika’s cabin.As soon as Gauri vanishes from Omkara’s sight,he becomes normal!He is feeling somewhat awkward for looking at a girl like that!Then he remembers-That girl was talking about Anika.Then she must be Gauri.Oh no!He runs towards Anika’s cabin….

Shivaay has left the motel for hospital.While driving he stops coming at a flower shop.From there he buys 7 roses of each colour-Red,pink,yellow,white etc.Finishing buying roses he continues driving.Looking at the flowers,he gets reminded something!

Oberoi Mansion
Anika and Priyanka are sitting in the garden of OM,talking.It’s evening.Shivaay comes to them-
Shivaay:Dadi is calling you Prinku.She needs something from you.Prinku leaves.Shivaay is also ready to leave with Pri but stops watching Anika.She is looking at the moon sitting in swing.Moonlight is gleaming across the garden.Shivaay tells her-Let’s go inside.It’s quite cold here.You will fall ill.
Anika:Looking at the moon-That moon and everything is looking so beautiful.Shivaay sits beside her keeping distance.Both of them are silent.They are looking at the moon,together.Anika asks Shivaay-
Anika:Have you ever walked on grass in bare foot after rain or in winter morning?
Shivaay:No.Never thought about it.You did?

Anika:How can I tell?But I am feeling like to do it now.She stands up and removes her slippers.
Shivaay:What are you doing Anika?Anika steps in the ground which is covered with soft grass.She starts counting and moving ahead-1,2,3,4,5,6,7.Then turns to Shivaay-What are you waiting for?Come here.Shivaay comes to her.
Anika:Aapki height kam nahi ho jati agar aap aapni joote utar dete!(Your height won’t get shortened if you could leave your shoes!)
Shivaay:Excuse me?
Anika:Sorry.Actually Rudra told me this.Okay,leave that.There is another thing which Rudra told me.
Shivaay:And what is it?Must be my hair!Anika laughs.
Anika:No,no.It’s not like that.He told me how you remain busy in the business most of the time.Oberoi Empire and it’s huge responsibility give you little time to spend for yourself.You are everything for your family.From business to family,you take care everything.In other words,you live for others.So much that you forget to live for yourself.And…..Anika stops suddenly.Shivaay looks at Anika-
Shivaay:What happened?Why did you stop?
Anika:I am so sorry.I don’t have any right to speak or comment on your personal life.Plz forgive me.
Shivaay:It’s absolutely fine Anika.You said nothing wrong.Even my family members say like that and they are of same opinion that I don’t live my life the way I should.My times are divided into two parts.One is my family and the other is family business.This is how it’s going.I never felt any incompleteness in my life.And this is how I am used to.
Anika:That means you are happy in your life,right?

Shivaay:You have any doubt?
Anika:Doubt?Not at all.Since I have came here I have watched it for myself.You handle everything like an all-rounder.Everyone utters your name only.You are the heart of your family.My point was,you should not leave any opportunity of living life when you get chance amidst other mandatory works.Like few minutes ago I told you to walk bare feet on the grass but you refused.I was not telling you to walk three hours daily.Just two three minutes are enough.I hope you are understanding what I am trying to say.Shivaay is silent.Anika is unable to decide what Shivaay can tell now.After hesitating much,she says-

Anika:Let’s go inside.I am feeling cold.She is about to leave but Shivaay grabs her hand.Anika looks back.Shivay leaves her hand immediately.He says-
Shivaay:I understood every word you told.But to tell the truth,no-one ever said me all these like you said.Yes,Om keeps on telling me in his complicated words but those never made sense to me.I always felt I am good the way I am,that’s it.End of every discussion.But from now on I will follow your words.I won’t let any opportunity to live my life.Thank you so much.
Anika:You are most welcome Mr.Oberoi!
Shivaay:I would do what you told me in one condition.

Shivaay:You have to call me Shivaay,only SHIVAAY.No Mr.Oberoi.Think about it.
Anika:I agree,SHIVAAY!Shivaay smiles.So,what are you waiting for?Walk beside me,in bare feet,mind it!Shivaay takes off his shoes and starts walking.Walking few steps ahead suddenly Anika screams in pain.
Shivaay:What happened?Why did you scream?
Anika:Perhaps a thorn has run into my foot.Her foot is seen bleeding because of the thorn.Shivaay takes Anika’s foot in his hand.
Shivaay:I am removing it.Anika bends little towards Shivaay and grabs his one shoulder for balance with one hand.Shivaay takes off the thorn while Anika bears the pain somehow.He brings out his handkerchief and ties around Anika’s bleeding feet.

Shivaay:Your foot is bleeding.You can’t walk now.Shivaay lifts Anika in his arms making her surprised.Anika is looking at Shivaay with unbelievable eyes.He puts her down coming near the swing and makes her sit in it-You have to take tetanus injection.Sit here,don’t move.I am bringing first aid box.He stands up to leave but Anika stops him.

Anika:Laughing-You are always this serious na?Relax,it’s just a small thorn.I am not shot with bullet that you are making it such a big issue!You are too overprotective Shivaay!He says looking down-
Shivaay:We should not ignore small things Anika!

Anika:And why is that?
Shivaay:Because no one tell when small things turn into big matter.Then few things become really difficult to manage.
Anika:Hmmm….I understood.Omkara is speaking inside you!Laughing-I will remember your words.Now let’s go inside plz.I am feeling really cold.
Shivaay:Are you okay na?Let me help you.
Anika:If I won’t tell,you are not going to relax right?I am okay Mr.Serious Singh Oberoi!And plz,don’t lift me again.Stop bothering yourself.You are just impossible Shivaay.Shivaay smiles a bit!……

Flashback Ends

Precap:Gauri starts telling what has happened with Anika and why Mr.Trivedi is so angry!

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  1. Amazing episode luthu????
    Flashback scene was superb ???
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      Thank you so much???

  2. NSK

    Yesss finally?

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  4. It’s amazing n beautiful

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  5. NSK

    Starting of Rikrara Love story …. The description…. ???
    The Flashback…..???
    Running out of words to praise the episode sorry ???
    Keep me touched to the story like this apu???
    Take care and loads of love! ???

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you soooooo..very much Noushin.I will try.Thank you once again???
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  6. ShinyTirupathi

    What A Chappy… Shivika.. Full of Shivika… It was So Good Baby.. Waiting For Next.. Love U Take Care…

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    Hi luthfa dear,
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    Coming to episode was good dear. The way u described gouri was awesome dear. And fb to was good dear. Waiting for next episode to abt anika’s past. Plz post it asap dear. Lots of love ????? Tc

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  9. ItsmePrabha

    Darling…extremely sorry that i couldn’t comment on previous chappys… dussehra thi na, toh family outing ki wajah se busy ho gayi thi..all the chapters are wonderful…loved the FB in this one…will be waiting for the next..till then take you..

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