Pyaar Ke Kuch Rang Aise Bhi – RagSan FF – Episode 4

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Pyaar Ke Kuch Rang Aise Bhi…

Episode 4


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Sanskar in mind “I know it’s not right to follow them. But what if she took that stranger help to reach her home. Ms.Bose safety is important to me…”

Sanskar ordered his driver to follow them.

Ragini felt something strange. She turned back and saw one car following them. She recognized that car as Sanskar’s. She thought to teach him a good lesson.

Finally Ragini and Sohan reached their home. Ragini asked her brother to go inside. She said that she want to call someone and will come back in few minutes. Sanskar was observing everything sitting in his car unknown to the upcoming cyclone coming towards him…

Ragini is coming towards his car. Sanskar understood everything and came outside to tell her everything. But no use, our bengali tigress is on fully angry mode.

Crossing the arms across the chest, she stood before him.

“Mr.Maheshwari… What are you doing here?” Ragini questioned him raising her brows

“Oh actually Ms.Bose i’m here…” Ragini cuts off Sanskar in middle and spoke, “You’re following us right? How can you follow someone? If you want anything, you can call me right. But no, you always show attitude. You’re egoistic person whom I didn’t understand and will never understand in my life”

“Shut up Ragini… Just shut up… Give me a chance to speak something. What  you’re thinking about yourself huh? You’re questioning me like a detective? I already warned you to not talk to me in this tone. My watchman told me about your scooty. So I came to pick up you. When I reached mansion, I saw you going with tall man. I thought you took lift. I followed you whether you reached your home safely or not. You works at my place for my mother and you’re my responsibility. And by the way, I donno know that he’s your boyfriend…”

“What you said?” Ragini screamed loudly

“I told whole Ramayan and you’re asking me, who is Lord Rama to Goddess Sita…”

Sanskar spoke frustrated

“Mr.Maheshwari… He’s not my boyfriend”

Ragini spoke loudly

“Then… Who is he to you?”

Sanskar asked Ragini with curiosity

“He’s my Dada…” Ragini replied

“What?” Sanskar asked

“Dada means Brother in Bengali” Ragini replied seeing his shocking face

Sanskar “Oh i’m sorry…”

Ragini “It’s okay…”

Sanskar “Ok Ms.Bose… It’s time to leave…”

Sanskar was about to leave from that place, but Ragini held his hand. Sanskar stopped for a second, feeling her touch on his wrist. Both felt something new from inside. Sanskar turned back to see Ragini. Both lost in each other eyes. As Saint Jerome saying, “The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart…”

Ragini came to her senses. She left his hand. Sanskar too came to his senses.

“I’m sorry Mr.Maheshwari” Ragini spoke finally gaining some courage

“It’s okay Ragini” Sanskar replied with little smile

“What??? Mr.Obhodro knows how to smile? Am I dreaming? Someone pinch me?” Ragini screamed with excitement

Sanskar laughed. Ragini rubbed her eyes seeing him.

“I’m also a human being Ms.Bose. I also express my feelings…” Sanskar spoke

“Well… This is the very first time, I saw you reacting like a normal human being.

Sorry if I sound rude…” Ragini replied


“Ok Ragini… See you tomorrow” Sanskar spoke

“Wait Mr.Maheshwari… It’s Dr.Bose or Ms.Bose to you not Ragini” Ragini replied smilingly

“Ok Ms.Bose” Sanskar spoke smilingly

Ragini  “Good night Mr.Maheshwari…” 

Sanskar “Good night Ms.Bose…”

Ragini bid bye to Sanskar and left the place.


~*~*~*Bose Sweet Home

🌃Ragini Room

She fell on her bed thinking about him and her past encounters with him. A smile appeared on her face.

Ragini in mind “I thought he’s Mr.Obhodro (rude,impolite,rough). But he’s Mr.Sweet.

Today I spoke very rudely with him. I said sorry and end the matter there by itself. Then why i’m thinking about him? No Ragu… Don’t think about him. But I must say one thing, he looks so cute when he smiles”

Ragini slipped into sleep thinking about Sanskar…


~^°~^°~^°Maheshwari Mansion

🌉Sanskar Room

He fell on his bed thinking about her and his past encounters with her. A little smile appeared on his face.

Sanskar in mind “I thought she’s angry bird. But she’s Ms.Sweet. But why i’m thinking about her? No Sanskar… Don’t think about that Bengali tigress… But I must say one thing, today she looked so apathetic to me. I donno why? When I heard from her that the person with whom she came on bike was her brother. I felt somewhat relieved?”

Sanskar slipped into sleep thinking about Ragini…

To be continued…

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Author’s Note : Dear Readers, I will be unable to post the episodes due to Navratri celebrations and upcoming exams. I will try to post few more episodes before my exams. If I will get quick response from all of you. I will try to give quick updates. Usually I won’t keep any targets as writing is my passion. But encouragement is also necessary.

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