Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Ashoka hearing the sound of anklets and turns. A girl comes forward (her face is covered by smoke and darkness). Ashoka asks her (thinking her to be Kaurvaki). Is what I am seeing right? You came here for me? Devi steps forward in light and is teary eyed. How could I not come? You are my husband after all. Thank God you are safe. He says yes, I am perfectly alright. You shouldn’t have come here. Why are you here? She asks him if he feels she has just come here. I was all the time with you only. I kept praying for you. I have touched, have felts your every wound. I feel your every pain. Ashoka thinks he was mistaken. Not Kaurvaki but Devi saved my life. He says even Yamraj gets disappointed when wife is with husband. Devi happily hugs him but he does not reciprocate. She apologizes to him. I got emotional. I shouldn’t have forgotten my limits. He feels bad for not having done anything till date which was good for her. I feel bad. You have always been through pain because of me. Forgive me if possible. She asks him what he is saying. He tells her to wipe her tears. You are all wet. I am sorry I dint notice earlier. Wipe yourself and change. She sneezes. He goes out so she can change.

Kaurvaki walks through the muddy route in rain somehow.

Devi puts a cloth between Ashoka and her. Ashoka lights some wood to keep them warm. She comes out wearing a light piece of cloth without ornaments. They both look at each other awkwardly. She trips and he holds her in time. They have an eye lock.

The rope breaks somehow and Sushim falls down from the ceiling.

Devi gets all shy and conscious. I am Ashoka’s wife. Why am I so hesitant to be near him? Ashoka too is thinking of the same. Devi is my mother. I promised Ma. Lightning strikes. Devi says maybe rain wont stop today. She peeks at him. He suggests resting here only for the night. You can sleep there while I will rest here. Devi is clearing the space when her hand gets hurt by a thorn. Ashoka helps her. Devi is all teary eyed to see his concern. He hugs her. She keeps her hand on his wound by mistake and he winces in pain. They hug again taking care of the wound. Kaurvaki witnesses it and drops the water pot in shock. Ashoka pushes the hair locks off Devi’s face. Kaurvaki remembers Ashoka and Devi’s marriage and of his words back then. what was I going to do? Ashoka is Devi’s husband now. You were trying to come in between a married couple? This is a big sin in the eyes of society, dharma and people. Ashoka and Devi sit down closely holding hands. Kaurvaki decides to leave before something goes wrong.

It is raining. Kaurvaki walks in the jungle recalling all her past memories with Ashoka. She starts running in anguish / pain and screams Ashoka loud. She falls unconscious.

Next morning, Ashoka wakes up with the sound of Devi’s anklets. She applies lep on his wound and covers it with a cloth. Ashoka does not look at her at all. Devi’s headband comes off while she is applying lep. Ashoka keeps it back on her hand without even looking at her. She feels bad. You can share your worry with me. Ashoka gets up and turns his back to her. Pardon me. I thought of Kaurvaki. When you were applying lep on my wound I felt that it wasn’t you but Kaurvaki. This isn’t about now but I felt this always. It has always been proved true.

Charu coughs blood again. She hurts her foot while she tries to do anything. She imagines hurting herself with the knife accidentally but it all seems to her imagination. A black shadow can be seen on the curtain. It stretches its hand towards Charu but she begs the shadow to give her some time. My son needs me. everyone thinks he is dead. I know it isn’t true. He is in some problem. I have to be with him. I wont give up my life till the time I don’t succeed and my motive is accomplished!

Devi says your feeling might be true. I hid one secret from you after Kaki’s death. I went to meet Kaurvaki when you were here. It was important for her to know truth. A flashback shows Devi meeting Kaurvaki. Truth can never change. It isn’t anyone but your father who separated you and Ashoka. Kaki was helpless before the prophecy. Your father also played his game. He asked for Magadh in exchange of this wedding. He knew Ashoka will break his wedding when he will come to know the truth. It overruled love. Flashback ends. Ashoka says it means it was Kaurvaki only. I will have to go to look for her. She might not have gone too far. I don’t have time to think why and for whom she took this decision. I should go. I cannot see her in pain. He walks over her fallen ornament. Devi picks it up. Everything can be finished but not true love. Ashoka loves Kaurvaki for real, not me.

Jagannath orders his soldiers not to fail. He hears someone calling out for Kaurvaki.

Ashoka shouts Kaurvaki repeatedly in jungle. She wakes up with a start. How did he come to know I am here? I cannot let him find me or I wont be able to control myself. She hides right away and peeks at him from behind a tree. I wont let you find me ever. You will never be able to see me. Never! Ashoka continues his search for Kaurvaki. She watches him teary eyed. Ashoka screams her name in pain. Jagannath and Kewalnath see him too. Jagannath says that Daasi Putra!

Precap: Ashoka and Devi turn. Jagannath points his sword at Ashoka. Ashoka asks him what he wants. Jagannath says what you can give me. You even snatched my only daughter from me for forever.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Am I first to comment?poor kwki.

    1. yes very very poor, but why didi she hide, if she wnts to meet asok, and . always be like that, impatient to see shusim and charu death, not just the love story

    2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      first to comment… 9:44PM, i think instead of watching serial, you login online to read tellyupdate n comment… serial ends at 10:00PM… koi award mil raha hai kya firstcomment karne ke liye, , woh bhi yeh bakwaas drama ke liye

  2. Classic…..i’m having a gut feeling that jaggu will tell ashok that kaurwaki is no more….n its becoz of him….

  3. Abhishek Maurya

    Next episode:
    Jagannath’s face is gleaming by seeing bindusara,his enemy at his place.Now,jagganath has a golden chance to kill bindusara.He reveals the truth to eddard that bindu has no brain.Eddard stark is now in a great wonder that his companion who was with him throughout his journey has no brain.Eddard stark is overwhelmed to see empty-headed person in front of him.But he is suspicious about jagganath words,”how can i believe that bindu has no brain.But jagganath has a alternative.He offers radhagupta to eddard in exchange of bindusara.Eddard agrees(coz radhagupta’s beheaded,then also he is normal).Eddard takes radhagupta with him for the further research of him and returns leaving bindusara in kalinga.Jagannath is about to kill bindusara when the senapati interrupts and says”My king,we can use this bindusara as a weapon.We can compel the army of magadha to surrender for the sake of their king and the whole magadha will be in our control.Jagganath smirks.Soon the news got reached to Ashoka.His eyes become red,he is enraged like a raging bull.
    Scene 2:
    Tyrion lannister has got the news of eddard coming in with a empty-headed person.Tyrion is eager to carry a research on radhagupta.
    Scene 3:
    Meanwhile, sushim is jealous of increasing popularity of empty-headed radhagupta.He decides to kill radhagupta.He leaves for king’s landing along with his troops where radhagupta’s research is to be carried.To be continued……..

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      interesting, wonder what will happen tomorrow… eagerly waiting

    2. Many people watch Game Of Thrones kid. Don’t try to fool us…

  4. will this serial end in october…i heared it….is it right friends….if so…its realy.bad…

  5. thank7 for quick update mis pooja.does ashoka kil jagatnath too & take the kalinga also undr hs cntrol.

    1. They have a War I guess Ashoka Kills Him and takes over Kalinga

  6. S.Ravi Prakash

    The story is taking too much of turns & twists & I am having a few questions. 1) Why Acharya RG & others not concerned with Ashoka’s whereabouts?. 2) How come, when kaurvaki dropped the water pot, Ashoka & Devi didn’t notice ?. 3) Will there be more dragging with Ashwaki love stories?. 4) How much more time for killing Sushim/Mahamatya khallatak/Charu etc.? Awaiting next episodes / updates.

    1. Ikr Yesterday I thought there were gonna hear the pot and move away cause the director has done it before and every time someone hears something drop they quickly look like in Episode 2 when Dhamra drops the water pot Bindusara and Mir quickly look also the distance is the same to hear the pot shatter

    2. and one thing Unlogically

  7. i think now jagannath will lie to ashok by telling him that kaurwaki is no more because of him and i think kaurwaki will witness and hear all this only then she will get to know the true colours of her father and her misunderstanding with ashok

  8. i hope bindusar gets to know that siamak is not his son but his step brother justins son the reason for helping the unanais and noor and justins relationship before his death

    1. and one thing Unlogically

    2. hi, he knew from ashok

    3. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      Bindu did not know, Ashok was daydreaming that if he tells, Bindu will have a heart attack and will die…. so he did not tell the secret to Bindu

  9. Thanks for the Update
    My internet was so cruel to me It wasn’t even letting me see this Update

  10. The director wants to show exactly how NOT to treat one’s wife. Devi is shown as a broker to unite Ashok and kvk despite being his wife. Ridiculous !! History says Devi bore him 2 sons- next the director will show them like Karna – divine conjugation with some god while hubby lusts for kvk. If anyways all norms are thrown away, why does kvk hide ? Jaggu’s brother who usurped the kingdom is now his staunch buddy. What is Abhishek Maurya going on about a headless and brainless RG and Bindu. They are brain dead for sure but the way he writes makes for a good horror script

  11. Currently in norwich. Met some lovely there. Our first meeting just got over.It’s 12:17AM now. All science and mathematics lovers i will surely post what exciting things i learn everyday!!
    Thank you.

  12. They’re dragging story again. aisa hi chalta raha toh mar gaya Sushim aur ho gaya Kaling war. another thing I felt during Ashok/Devi scean that Ashok is just like Bidusar. Bindusar who abandoned and neglected his other wives in favor of one.

    1. like father like son ?

    2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      sushim was lucky, he did not die due to fall when rope severed, that was good height, sushim was hung, as none of Magadh soldiers could see sushim

  13. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    Lot of doubts:
    1. Rope broke and sushim fell to ground… how, its a mystery. Atleast he was lucky, rope did not break earlier
    2. KvK was sleeping on the muddy road throughout the night, in heavy rain and storm..??
    3. KvK took so long to bring water…
    4. KvK went to bring water during day, but when she came back to caave it was dark, and Ashok and Devi were planning to go to sleep, and when KvK came out of cave it was again day
    5. Wonder what does KvK want
    6. After war, how come no one (radhagupta) is bothered about whereabouts of Ashok
    7 How come water got over in cave… if KvK was staying alone in cave, what was she eating and how was she managing, who lit the lights in the cave
    8 from where did she get the jadibooti to heal ashok… if the jadibooti is so powerful, entire magadh army could have been healed… and entire Kalinga army (post kalinga war)
    9 KvK – what does she want in life..?? why is she always confused and behave like a mentally retarded dumbbo
    10. Ashok is a weak character, no expression, no acting, no attitude…. ateash sushim is lot better for King (he is smart, calculative, cunning, thinks ahead, doesnt believe anyone easily, ambitious, takes risk, brave, has good network, manipulative…), Ashok is stupid

    Lot of more doubts,,…. if any one can clarify..

    1. Vanshika

      Only director can clarify!!!!! Even I’ve same doubts

    2. thats y i say, unlogically, when still far from the end the director drag the story much, but now he seems in rush , and he gives unlogically story, like superman ashok, fool Rg and others

  14. Vanshika

    Thnx pooja di fr update.. Asvi scenes jus fab.. Y kvk always cum in between??

  15. I think kvk wil see jagu blaming Ashok n she would stop jagu frm sharping away Ashok..ashok will tell thanks to kvk..kvk in tears..she will tell jagu the misunderstanding core was jagu..n tell jagu to apologise..jagu went away..kvk wil yell sorry to Devi..bcozz of coming in-between Ashok n Devi..she will kalinga war..kvk will be against Ashok only bcoz of he killed so many people..ashok will understand n would change to dhammaashok…n then kvk will marry Ashok..these all r according to telly drama..upcoming events…

  16. I think dat the director shud not drag the scene anymore n end up the misunderstanding between ashwaki..i love the Jodi…? ❤ ?

  17. I love this show. This is my request to the makers of cas that plz doesn’t wrap this show. Plz

  18. I miss u siddharth

  19. Maharani advaita

    There is a mistake that how cme devi know that ashok was in that cave . How did devi get those maroonish sadhu clothes . Its nonsense

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      perhaps she brought the night dress with her…, not sure

  20. Hey guys…the update will be little late tonight. Sorry for the delay 🙁

  21. koi director kitna pagal ho sakta hai yeh is serial mein dekha ja sakta hai. ek taraf jung chhidi hai to dusri taraf ashok takshshila ko chhod kaurvki ki khoj mein nikla hai. dhayan rhe ashok ko mahan kaha jata hai aur mahan log is tarah ki fukron jaisi harkten nahin kiya karte. khallatak abhi mara nahin, shusheem abhi mara nahin yunani bhi abhi tak puri tarah se niyantran mein hain to kaurvki ki bahon mein jaakar kis akhand bharat ki rachna karega ye awara ashok? lahnat hai logon ka waqt barbaad karne ke liye. zahir hai ab iska ant bhi aisa hi bekar hoga.

  22. 23rd update has come??
    Or I am not able to see??
    TV signal was not coming..plzz pooja Di..can u give today’s epi’s update??

    1. Pooja

      Yup it is available now. So sorry for the delay 🙁

  23. Ashwaki episodes are awesome …

  24. Its ok pooja dii!!only once In a rare moon..!!?

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