Naamkaran 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashish saying I can walk with you, but not for you. He gets away and forwards his hand. He asks her to take the first step. Fatima and Tiku look on. Aisha gets hesitant. Ashish signs her. She holds his hand and takes her first step. Haule haule kadam badha meri jaan…………plays…………… Aisha goes to give the shot. She gives the best shot. Ashish and everyone clap for her. Ashish signs her. She smiles seeing people praising her. Ashish goes to Prakash and gives him a tight slap. Days pass. Ashish sees Aisha while she looks in the mirror and gets ready for the shoot. He stumbles and she laughs. Ashish and Aisha’s love story starts. He acts with her to explain the scene to hero. Later, Aisha goes to his cabin. Ashish hides the eyes painting. He smiles. They meet and spend time. They are together at the movie’s first screening. She smiles. He hugs her and says I love you. Ashish and Aisha get intimate. FB ends.

Ashish writes that he did not know whats love, it’s a feeling, passion, when smile comes on face without reason, I was the same, but I had sunk in love, I have spent those moments in Kashmira, it was most beautiful moments of my life, after meeting life, I was living life with Aisha, name changed to Asha for the movie.

FB shows, Asha’s movie released. Ashish and Asha wait for the review at the theatre. The fans come and surround Asha. Ashish writes that day I became a successful director and Asha has become a superstar, but I was happy for her more than my success. Media takes Asha’s interview. Fatima comes and hugs Asha. Ashish writes Asha’s family life changed, my movie got superhit, one side was success and other side was Asha’s love. Asha poses for the photoshoot. Fatima gets glad to become rich. Ashish writes that I was so lost in love, that I did not see what was happening around me.

FB shows Dayaben asking Ashish to have food, and take more rotis. He asks how are you now. She says just some breathing problem, I will have warm water. A driver comes and gives note to Ashish, saying your brother did not keep me on work. Ketan says there is a problem. Ashish asks what, the driver has license. Ketan says something else, did you not see his name. Ashish says Sikandar, so what. Ketan says he is a Muslim…. Ashish gets angry and slaps Ketan, asking since when is this happening in this house. Dayaben comes and shouts on Ashish.

Dayaben holds Ketan and says I have made this house Ashish, I made this for you all, I won’t let Muslim’s shadow falls on this house. Ashish says you got me and Ketan here by hardwork, someone wants to work hard and you are bringing religion in between. She says stop it, Muslims will never enter this house. Her breath gets irregular. Ketan takes her to room. Ashish goes to Sikandar and says I will do something for you. Sikandar heard everything and says its enough that you had intention to help, thanks a lot. He leaves.

Ashish sees the movie poster torn and scolds the man. Hasmukh says the house where Muslim driver is not given job, you are thinking to get Muslim girl Aisha to come as bahu. Ashish asks him not to taunt, give any solution if you have. Hasmukh says its simple. Ashish asks him to say. Hasmukh asks him to leave Aisha. Ashish says don’t say this. Hasmukh says you have made her life, she is successful, she can get anyone to hold her hand, you leave her. Ashish says she is not like that. Hasmukh says success changes everyone, are you the same like before. Ashish says I love her. Hasmukh says why don’t you understand, your love will ruin you and her, leave her if you truly love her, prove your love. He goes.

Later, Ashish is in meeting with Malhotra. Asha calls him again and again, and Ashish disconnects. Malhotra says it maybe someone’s urgent call, answer it. Ashish removes battery and asks what were you saying. Asha says phone is disconnecting. Tiku asks her to call on other number.

Asha calls on landline. Malhotra asks Ashish whose call is he avoiding. Ashish says you know what happens with director after movie releases. Asha calls him again and asks why is he not answering. Ashish keeps receiver aside and makes her hear. He asks Malhotra to hire new actress Sagarika, Aisha has become big star, I will make movie with Sagarika. Aisha/Asha gets angry and tells Tiku that she won’t go anywhere now. She cries. Tiku sees her and goes to tell Fatima.

Ashish writes to Dayaben that he was helpless and stuck between you and Asha, I could not leave either of you, you gave me life and she gave me reason to live.

Dayaben asks Ashish about Asha. He says there is no truth in this. Asha tells Ashish that she is ready to lose her name and get ruined to keep her love with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow the writer is extraordinary….. he is fantabulous………….. no wprds to say……. after a long long time…… STAR PLUS has given the viewers sumthin good to watch…. not good but better to watch……….

  2. wow the writer is extraordinary….. he is fantabulous………….. no words to say……. after a long long time…… STAR PLUS has given the viewers sumthin good to watch…. not good but better to watch……….

  3. Pujisaran

    Asha you are the best – pure

  4. Pujisaran

    Why ashish mother is like this. I completely hate her..

  5. Pujisaran

    All word’s are heart touching n emotional – keep up the track

    1. Varsha

      Ya bro even i was thinking the same

    2. Pujisaran

      I m didi not bro ???

  6. Supriya18d

    Awsm track

  7. Oooommmmggggggggg!!!!….viraf and barkha love ur chemistry…This serial is rocking..I am sure it’s gonna hit the first ranking of tables….pls keep on going on the same track

  8. Cynthia

    I felt sorry for the Muslim driver, who is Dayaben differenting between Muslims and Hindus, in fact we are all people. Dayaben- you are very cheap minded.

    1. Pujisaran

      Well said Cynthia

  9. Aaisha Yasmin

    The love story between asha n ashish is awesome n very heart touching

  10. the precap is amazing, the way aisha says i am ready to get ruined for ur love , it is jus awesome .

  11. Tvfan1

    Where is avni

    1. Varsha

      Actually dear this is a flashback which ashish thinks while writing mail to his mom so avni is not there

  12. Varsha

    Aww so cute ashish n Asha luv it, they have nailed it perfectly.

    1. Pujisaran

      Yes perfect pair… asha pure heart – god testing good people

  13. Pujisaran

    people like ashish mother still there and they dominate our youth to follow there thought’s

  14. Pujisaran

    Hi priya.. wat happened? You were missing…

    1. Priya15

      Hii bhai…. My dadi is unwell.. So I Was in hospital with her.. .. Then I went to schl for my xmz… Now only took my phone…. After all works…

    2. Pujisaran

      Priya you should call me didi. Not Bhai. I m pooja .
      How is your dadi wat happened to her ? Is she alright?
      How was your exams?

    3. Priya15

      Oh….. Okay didi… She is having stone on both kidneys… It’s of 4mm… So she is in hospital now.. And ya she is normal.. But cheif doc l come and say when we may discharge her.. Xm was so bad tdy.. It’s maths.. We didn’t get ans for any qns….. It’s so difficult..

    4. Pujisaran

      Ask your dadi to drink banana stem juice – don’t give her tomato’s related dishes ..

    5. Priya15

      Okay di….

  15. Ashish Nd Asha cute pair… I wish avni get her identity soon in front of her friends

  16. Semma episode.

  17. Priya15

    I think Mahesh bhatt sir is showing reality… Bcoz nowadays… All people doesn’t believe in unity in diversity.. There r many people who thinks that Hinduism is the best… And they ignore Muslims for some terrorists of Pakistan… I hate that type of people to the core.. They cant compare all Muslims…. And bcoz of being Muslim.. They separate lovers too… And the period may be now avni period is 2003..11 years back.. The people of that time don’t believe intercast marriage.. So they r showing the reality…… Hats off to the writers for showing the truth…

    But I m happy that in this generation, most of the people doesnt have that cheap thoughts of ignoring people just bcoz of religion..

    1. Varsha

      Exactly dear, I too thought the same

    2. Priya15

      Our thought is of everyone’s thoughts di..

    3. Pujisaran

      No priya. Even in this generation some people give importance to caste only..
      They are considering that as there respect. If they meet with accident, will they wait for same caste blood or doctor to operate..
      I never accept such people n I hate them

    4. Priya15

      Ya di.. There r people like that.. But not that much as before… I mean the no have become low….

  18. This is a nothing but heart warming garbage! It is not surprising to see that there are some morons who care for this show. Soon you all will see that this will be discontinued which this crap deserve

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