Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Radhagupt tells Chanayka that Ashok was seen practicing in school and you know who helped him? Chanayka says Siamak, his soldier comes and says i was waiting for your student Nirjaraa but she didnt come yesterday, Chanayka says she cant deny my order, find her, he finds lion(chandragupt) there and gets worried that what problem it can be.
Bindu ask soldiers that Dharma went from palace and nobody even told me, where did she go? soldier informs that Dharma was seen going somewhere in cart, she was worried about her son, Bindu ask do anyone know about her son? dasies no, she never talk about her family, Justin says dont you people know that a wild animal is in jungle, if Bindu was informed then he would have prepared for her safe journey, Khurasan informs that we have got some proofs, lets go in jungle and find about her, Bindu nods, Justin smirks.
all kids are in school, Sushim and Ashok glares at each other, all students sit in class, nobody sit with Ashok, Ashok taunts that i was wrong in understanding you people, to give me ample space, you people are sitting away from me, thanks, their teacher Pradhan Acharaya comes there all greets him, teacher Pradhan says that new student Ashok have joined the class, from now on he will study in class. he ask Ashok to come forward, Ashok comes and greets him, teacher Pradhan says that i have listened about you from Bindu, i hope that he fulfills his dreams, Ashok nods, teacher Pradhan says that we give teaching of how to attack enemy and how to defend, today i will tell you how to control your body and heart, in any war, losing or winning depends on your heart only, he ask two students to come forward, Ashok says i will volunteer, Sushim says that one who should bow to us, will now fight with us? teacher Pradhan says in this school, all are here to learn, nobody is big or small, all are equal, inderjeet says i will volunteer against Ashok, teacher Pradhan says to Ashok that concentrate and defends attack of inderjeet, they both take wooden swords, Inderjeet fights with Ashok and makes him fall, Siamak says it is not equal fight, Ashok has come now while inderjeet knows about attacke from before, Ashok gets up and starts fighting again, Sushim says that warrior should understand that he is great warrior only then he can fight, its not about experience, Ashok defends attacks of Inderjeet using his gymnastic skills, he jumps here and there and makes Inderjeet confuse, he makes inderjeet lose by making him fall and taking his sword, he says to inderjeet that if you are tired then take rest, teacher Pradhan says unbelievable, you proved your skills on first day only, its great to have a warrior like you, he says to Sushim that you are right, warrior is seen by his skills not by his family background, Ashok thinks if Dharma was here, she would have seen me winning.

Scene 2
Bindu comes in jungle. Khurasan says crows are coming here so it means someone is being hunted by wild animal, they find tyre marks, Khurasan says this way goes to Patliputra, justin points to his soldier, soldier comes to Bindu and shows bangle to bindu saying he found it in jungle, Justin says whose it can be, they go in jungle and find deadbody there, it is covered with leaves, Bindu is shocked to see same bangle in her hand, her face is damaged, Khurasan ask to cover her face, Bindu recalls how Dharma treated his wounds with utmost care, how she showed him way on many things, he says the one who protected me, the one who gave me new life, i was not able to protect her, forgive me, Khurasan says it was her fate, a wild animal attacked her, Bindu says i wont leave that animal alive now, he leaves.
Chanayka gets the same bangle, he ask soldier to find that deadbody is of Dharma, he ask if you saw her face? soldier says her face is damaged, Chanayka says i want proof, he ask about Nirjara, soldier says dont know about her, Chanayka says i had appointed Nirjara for protection of Dharma, where did she go, Radhagupt ask if this news is true then? chanayka says Ashok should not know this.

Scene 3
at funeral, dharma’s body is covered with white sheet, Bindu says to her that i am sorry, i couldnt protect you, but i promise you that now your son’s responsibility is mine, i will meet him, will say sorry to him and will take up responsibility of his upbringing, Bindu ask to give her funeral a royal respect, he covers her body with Maurya’s special sheet, he orders to find her son and bring him to me as soon as possible.
otherside Radhagupt shows ring (which Bindu gifted Dharma on their marriage) which he found near deadbody,he recalls how Dharma had that ring, Chanakya says that this is of Dharma’s only but i still dont believe this, Radha says all proofs prove that the deadbody is of Dharma only and about Nirjara, it can be that she went to enemies side, it is proven that Nirjara didnt protect Dharma, this means Dhrama is dead..Chanayka says very unfortunate, Ashok what will happen to him, i promised Ashok that i will protect them both, if Ashok gets know about it then it will be huge problem.

PRECAP- Helena says that Ashok will not able to bear death news of his mother, he will not remain in control of Dharma. Otherside Chanayka says that if Ashok ask me about his mother’s death then i should have answer to give it to him. later Ashok is heart broken and is leaving Patliputra, he finds a lady in veil and hugs her saying i knew Maa you are alive, he looks at her face and is stunned. otherside Chanayka says to this soldiers that Ashok will try to leave Patliputra but we have to stop him at any cost.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The lady is dharma and the dead body was nirjara

    1. U r right nia as it was shown that lady drama jumped from dcart

  2. Maybe lady in veil is not Dharma..

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