Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya liking the food. Sooraj says have it well and smiles. She says if she knew she will get great food, she would have got pregnant earlier. She jokes and he too gets funny. Ankur and Ankit talk to Bulbul as she asks about Sandhya’s baby. He says I feel we should get Sandhya here, as we have AC and some comforts here. She says we will talk to Bhabho. Sandhya comes home and asks Bhabho for food. Bhabho gives her halwa and Sandhya asks for Garlic Chutney she has sent in tiffin.

Bhabho says this is good for your health. Sandhya says no, give me that chutney, you made it so well, I want it. Bhabho says I did not make it, the tiffin got exchanged with mango vendor, his wife made that chutney. Sandhya says oh, I m not feeling hungry now, I will go and rest. Bhabho says no, wait, I will make it the chutney in some time. Sandhya asks will she make it, fine make many rotis, I will have 2-3 rotis. Meenakshi sees how Bhabho is pampering Sandhya. Bhabhi goes to cook.

Babasa talks to Sooraj and says Bhabho did not make any fav dish for them, and now his baby has changed his grandma. Sandhya laughs. Bhabho makes rotis and chutney. Sandhya starts eating and stops, saying its not so good like morning Chutney. Bhabho asks what was different in it, maybe she had added groundnut, I will make that one, wait. Sandhya says yes, bring it. Meenakshi asks Sandhya to make her taste, leave it Bhabho is coming.

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Bhabho makes another one and asks Sandhya to have it. Sandhya says its not tasty like that. Meenakshi thinks now Bhabho will become ghost and scare her. Bhabho says she will make 10 chutneys, don’t worry. Sandhya says thanks, get them, make spicy. Bhabho sits to make different types of chutneys for Sandhya.

Sooraj looks on. Sandhya says Bhabho is working so much, but she will not take my help. Bhabho brings many chutneys and gives Sandhya. Sandhya gets glad and eats it one by one. Babasa is shocked seeing so many chutneys. Sandhya does not like. Bhabho says try this one. Meenakshi says I think Sandhya is taking Bhabho’s test, more than her mum in law, she is cooking since 36 years.

Sandhya likes one and Bhabho thanks Lord. Sandhya says but its not so tasty like that one. Sooraj asks will she have anything from outside. Sandhya says no, I just want that chutney, I don’t find this all tasty, get that chutney for me, please Bhabho. Meenakshi says Bhabhi you told right, Sandhya is cow, she does not like anything, she will eat anything, but its all opposite, she is making you dance on her finger. Sandhya says she will go to her room. Sooraj says have food, you said you are hungry. Sandhya says I can’t have this, my hunger died. She goes.

Bhabho says she will go to the mango vendor and Sooraj goes along. They meet the man and he gets angry asking them why they came. She says she came to take chutney and asks for it. The man returns the box with something else. He says he will not give any chutney, though his wife has made plenty of it.

Sooraj asks the man whats all this. The man says its ingredients, you guys won’t have food made by poor people, taste comes from maker’s hands, where will you get the taste from. Sooraj says yes, he is right and tries to convince him by praising. He says my wife liked the chutney and she wants it. The man says your Bhabho has scolded me a lot, leave chutney for me, give her dry fruits halwa, and says Bhabho’s lines. He says he will not give any chutney. Bhabho and Sooraj come home, and say everyone what happened. Meenakshi says what will we do now, how will we get that chutney. Bhabho thinks.

Bhabho, Babasa and Sooraj change get up and go to steal the chutney.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. heart healer karan

    omg i can’t stop laughing ,what a funny episode
    my stomach pained
    good keep going on like this

  2. What the hell is this……………………… stupid director what he watnt to make with this chutney track.,
    non-sence of dragging

  3. Nonsense…
    Dabba Story

  4. After kidney drama they r bringing chutney drama
    Hw stupid

  5. Rupali Bhosle

    Bakwas….is bhabho becomeng grandma first time…no na,,,than why she doing al ths.overreacting………….nd sandhya hiding somthng abt pregnancy¿¿¿

    1. This over action by Bhaboo is only becoz of her sravan son and favt bhau’s child coming after a long period of time.

  6. stop this nuisance…………………..

  7. nothing special in this episode…but this episode is sweetest one…sooooooooo cute…bhabhu rocks…meena make funny but she is also cute…the new BGM of DABH is good…nice to here….

    1. If you don’t mind, what is BGM ?

      1. Back Ground Music

  8. Nice laughing episode but not bad….sandhya is very lucky…

  9. Too much over action by sandhya and bhabooo…
    I think, DABH is now turned into “Comedy Night With Rathi Family” about sandhya pregnancy

    1. lol..

  10. nice one hope i can watch it
    some times this types of concept are so good

  11. Finally director made sandhya’s pregnancy track as a major track.
    Don’t know when will it end.
    These episodes r some wat intresting becoz of commedy.

    1. last week of running month, DABH takes leap. So I think it is not going many times like hijack or kidney drama.

  12. now what is this going on ?
    but characters’ dialouge are nice .this makes comadey.
    precap is also funny.but excess comadey makes boar again.
    stupid director ,be alert !!!

  13. Ankur is a mad like her sister. Though his wife is pregnant ,he wants to wellcome sandhya. Such a one man Army.

  14. I think that for stoling chutney , sooraj & his gang are caught . They are all going to lockup .

  15. I am great fan of sooraj and sandhya…I lov dabh but they drag more wich I dont like….hope this show will b like b4….luv sooraj n sandhya…

  16. What’s happening? bakwaas comedy… Is bhaboo taking extra care or doing over action…?

    1. Bhaboo doing both…..unlimited

  17. Tomorrow Sandhya will find her family in Jail…..

  18. Commedy Night with Rathi family… 🙂

  19. OMG… Comedy Night with Rathi family…. bakwas comedy…

  20. Yesterday today both episodes are bakwas…… don’t know tomorrow.. I think tomorrow Rathi family will be in lockup..

  21. Next story: Sandhya will met mojo,a monkey wizard and will homer Simpson eating

    1. do u like monkey verymuch?

  22. Comedy ok, Over action ok.
    But i have a doubt………anyone plz answer me
    is it right that sandhya’s behavier has changed after pregnancy, acting too smart

  23. I love the Sandhya’s demanding bt Bhavo doing over acting

  24. I think wid the kidney bhabo’s brain has also got damaged!!!

  25. What a comedy episode
    Sandhya how much will you

  26. nice episode. Bhabhos long time wishes fulfilled by sandhya. Bhabho is very glad to hear this. so bhabho forgot that she is the mother in law when started serving as a mother. very good bhabho.

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