Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Acharaya Shrist says sweeing Ashok’s hardwork, it will not be easy for Sushim to win. kita says when Bindu will know that Siamak resigned from competition, shrist says Siamak have said that he will inform himself. Sushim comes to Subaho and says its your time to show your friendship, resign from competition, Subaho says you didnt fulfill your friendship, sushim shows him dagger and says i dont want to injure you, Subaho says the one who can injure his brother then he can do anything, Sushim says you know well, Subaho says you won last two times like this only, he says that i dont want to go to difficult part of track so if you and Indar resign, i will be announced as winner, Indar will win over Ashok and will come here, ask him to resign, i know how =to reward a friend, it will be good for you to be my friend, he leaves, Ashok comes there, he ask Subaho that time is important, why you standing here, lets leave, Subaho says no need to go further, you should also stay here, AShok says weird, you asking your team member to not go ahead, Subaho says it doesnt matter which team we belong too, even if we go till end then we will only win competition but for Mauryas, this is road to throne, what will happen if you or me win? all people want to know their next samrat, we have no value here, we lose or win doesnt matter, i knw you have worked hard to come till here, but you cant win, Sushim won 2 years and he will win this time too, Ashok says i cant accept defeat before actual defeat, Sushim can have reasons to win this, to get throne etc but for me, i know why i want to win this competition and that is more important to me than throne, he recalls how he promised Bindu to walk on right path, how he promsed his mother that he will become powerful that no mother will have to be away from her son, he says to Subaho that if you can come here then you can go further too, it doesnt matter if you are maurya or not, i will happy to see you on finish line, Subaho thinks.

Scene 2
Noor ask Dasi about Siamak, she says no news of him from competition, Justin comes there, Dasi leaves, Justin grabs noor, Noor says so much anger before marriage, after marriage you will kill me, Justin says why you did that? Noor says Bindu never lived me, and you loved me like crazy, now Agni have come, i have realized that you are not only love but my need too, i will die if i dont get you, she cries, he hugs her and says you cant be so weak, you know i love only you, what can i do for you, she says deny from this marriage, Justin says i cant, noor says leave me then, Justin says you have to trust my love, we are royal people and we cant live on love only, we need power, throne etc, you married Bindu why? because you wanted to be queen, you were not happy with this marriage but you never broke that relation why? because you wanted to remain queen, you have also spent nights with Bindu, did i doubt you? did my love change for you? no i didnt, i never lost trust in my love and real love is in which you understand other’s helplessness, i understood yours, now its your time, he leaves. Soldier is going to Noor’s room, Justin stops him and ask what happened? soldier says Siamak is out of competition, i dont know how to inform noor, Justin says it will be better if Siamak himself informs this to her, you leave.

Scene 3
Vrahmir comes to dance bar, he ask for Mala(Chanakya’s agent), Mala comes and says you came ealier, he says for enjoyment, time doesnt matter, she ask him to come. she brings him in room, she ask him to sit and says i will bring win for you, she mixes Chanakya’s syrup in wine and gives it to Vrahmir, she says you drink it while i will get ready, Vrahmir says mix your love in it, drink it a little, she is stunned but takes a sip, Vrahmir then drinks it, Mala goes in corner and spit wine, she comes back to Vrahmir and says you take alot time to end one glass, he says i will end it now, he drinks whole glass in one go, the keeps drinking wine and becomes unconscious, Mala ask girl to go and inform Chanakya, girl goes.
Noor says to Siamak that you resigned, you are my son and you did that, how can you accept your defeat, you destroyed my self respect, my dreams, its painful to be called mother of lost son, she slaps him and says answer me, Charu comes and stops her, she says what are you doing, this is just comeptition, but for it, you will beat little boy? you should be proud of him that he went till last round, Bindu comes and says Charu is right, Siamak was younger from other students, Siamak showed great valor and i am proud of it, till there is life, there will be win or lost, there is no one who never lost, i lost sometime too but the one who learns from his losing is real winner and the one who doesnt learn something from winning isnt winner, i know you will learn alot from this, he is about to leave but Siamak comes and hugs him, Charu says to Noor that Bindu can say anything but truth is that Siamak can never become Samrat now, he was never contender but you were dreaming, the one who resigns from competition, what will he do in battle field? thsi is why competition is done to know who is real warrior, Bindu ask Siamak to take rest, Charu leaves too.
subaho is running for finish line, he listens tiger’s voice and is stunned, he loses balance and falls down, Sushim comes to end of one track, he says only i am left in competition so i will win it and i will be called the next samrat, he listens noise and is shocked to see Ashok coming there, he fumes in anger, AShok comes and says i fulfilled my promise, i came to last track, Sushim says Indar and Subaho both were of no use, Sushim and Ashok angrily looks at each other, soldier comes and says tomorrow you both have to enter this maze and the one who is able to come out of that maze will get sword. Sushim says that sword is of Maurya and only Maurya have right on it, Ashok says this not competition now, this is war between good and bad, between justice and injustice, between hardwork and cheating, i will win this sword for my friend Siamak, for Bindu, for my mother and for my land.

PRECAP- A tiger comes infront of Ashok. Ashok falls down, tiger is about attack him.s

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