Tu Mera Hero 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Surekha recalling Titu and smiling. Vaishaili asks her about sending laddoos to Titu, but will it be not wrong. Surekha says no, I will not cheat, I have just asked Golu whats his program and he told me all the plan. Mukund asks will she go there and make him eat laddoos. Surekha taunts them and says she will send laddoo in temple as Prasad, to get good deeds and even Titu can eat it. Vaishaili likes the idea. Mukund says Surekha is being partial and making laddoos for him. He gets angry and says Surekha does not want to me have laddoo. She goes. He goes. Vaishail says its injustice, Titu eat laddoo and my husband air, I won’t let this happen.

Manorama thinks of some ideas to control her bahu and reads a book. Arvind talks on phone and says I can’t believe this, our Panchi. He tells Manorama that Panchi is riding cycle rickshaw. She gets glad. Titu and Golu see Panchi. He says I don’t like to see this. Panchi gets a man hiring her. Titu stops him and asks Panchi how will she take him, he is fat and she can get tired to ride the rickshaw. She says its my work, I will manage. Titu scares the man and says he will go to hospital if he eats more sugar and his fat will make him reach Lord.

He asks him to lose weight and drive the rickshaw by making the girl sit. The man says thanks son and hugs him. Panchi thinks if Titu helps me like this, it will be bad, he should realize to become responsible. The man drives the rickshaw and takes Panchi. Rekha is glad seeing the laddoos. Surekha asks her to send it to temple. Vaishaili says she has mixed itching powder in it. Rekha starts itching as she has eaten it. Vaishaili holds her head and says I will get lemon water for you.

The man reaches the place and gives fare to Panchi. She refuss to take and he pays her by insisting. He says he will become fit from fat and goes. The men see her and say she can’t be equal to men. Manorama tells them that if one girl drives rickshaw, all girls will drive, then what will men earn, and makes them against her. The men go to Panchi and scold her. She asks her to go else challenges her to drive and show them. She says she will call police. Titu passes by and stops seeing Panchi. He asks is there any problem. He sees the men. She says she accepts the challenge, and she will win over them. Manorama smiles. Panchi asks them not to run being afraid. Panchi tells Titu that she will drop him and he goes with Golu.

Manorama says she will tell this news to everyone and goes. Panchi thinks Titu will realize for sure when she sees me competing with so many men. Rekha does itching. Surekha asks what happened to her, what did she eat. Rekha says I don’t know. Vaishaili helps her and applies some lep. Surekha says I will give these laddoos in temple. Manorama comes and greets them. She says Panchi is doing race with street side rickshaws. The laddoos fall by Surekha in shock.

Everyone come to see the race. Kamlesh asks Panchi is there no other way, is this necessary to do. Panchi asks do you think I would do this if there was any other way. Kamlesh asks her to come home. Panchi asks him to support her. The man announces Panchi competing with rickshaw, if she loses, she will not drive the rickshaw from tomorrow, if she wins, then no one will stop her. Titu sits thinking. Panchi prays and goes to start the race. She sees Titu and he simply yawns.

He comes to her and asks her not to do this. She says if she had to leave, she would have not done this, she has to earn to manage home, no work is easy, everything needs hardwork, its about earning for food. She asks him not to take tension, and forget everything. She gets ready to drive and sees Titu again. The race begins. Govind smiles. Manorama says if she fails, she will know. Panchi drives faster and gets tired. Govind prays that Panchi wins. Panchi leads the race and sweats.

Panchi approaches the finishing line and everyone look on. Vaishaili says I think Panchi will win. Her rickshaw chain breaks and she sees other people going ahead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Better stop this serial im tied every day titu titu useless guy never ever change and the guy like him present in our life cant realise anything till his mom/parent died so dirctor kill sureka I mean his mom every thing will be ok otherwise stop serial

  2. ha ha ha supr comment….shuu….

    1. Yeah so terrible

  3. Or his father Govind Agarwal should act as if he is bankrupt and there is no money and the business is closed down completely and their house is mortgaged to pay the loans. They move to a very small house. Then this will shake up Titu and he may work for food at least. Govind should stop working and excuse himself as he is unwell and needs rest. The two brothers will desert the family

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