Cancer: a blessing or nightmare? — chapter 1


Everything in the Oberoi mansion we’re fine now.

Svetlana was out for good.

Pinky has accepted anika.

Tej and om’s relationship is finally good.

Shivika are expecting their first child.

But like they say god always test happiness.

It was another fine day in the Oberoi mansion and everyone was talking in the living room well expect gauri.

Pinky: so whats names you decide for my grandchild?

Anika: gauri helped. If it is a girl, Shivanya and if it is a girl, Ansh.

Dadi: very good names. Accha gauri hasn’t come down yet.

Om: I think she is resting.

Dadi: why?

Om: she was saying that she was feeling tired and some pains so I made her rest.

Anika: I will bring her some food.

Dadi: lekin…

Anika: dadi, relax.

She goes to the kitchen and put some food on the tray. Then she goes upstairs to rikara’s room.

As she entered, gauri wasn’t in the end. Anika placed the tray on one side and said: gauri?

As she said that, she heard vomiting from the bathroom. She entered and saw gauri picking her guts out. She quickly rushed to her.

Anika: gauri! Gauri, what happened? Why are you feeling like this?

Gauri: bhoojal, relax. I’m fine. Sacchi.

Anika kept her hand on gauri’s forehead and said: hey Bhagwan. You are burning with high fever!

Gauri: kya?

Anika held her hand and then saw red marks on her arms.

Anika: gauri, how did you get these marks?

Gauri: these marks….I don’t know.

Anika: you need to rest. You look so pale and you look really skinny.

She brought gauri back to the room and makes her lie on the bed.

Anika: now rest!

Gauri: fine.

Anika goes downstairs.

Om: Bhabhi, how is gauri now?

Anika: when I came up, she was vomiting and she is running a high fever.

Rudy: what?!

Anika: she is really pale and she has these red marks. Gauri didn’t do anything to get those marks.

Om: It’s been like this for four days. Before it can get any serious, we need to go to the doctors.

Anika: I will come as well.

Om: fine. I’ll book an appointment.

Anika: good

The next day:


Gauri: why do I need to be here? I am a good girl.

Anika: you are a naughty girl.

Om: exactly! You never take care of yourself.

Gauri: you both are mean. Where is bade bhaiya when you need him?

Anika: be quiet and it is time for your appointment.

They go into the doctor’s room. They sit down and the doctor came.

Doctor: so what has happened to gauri recently?

Om: she vomits every day and she finds it hard to eat or sleep.

Anika: and she feels weak and tired. She is running high fever and it doesn’t seem to drop down. She had become really skinny and pale. And…

Gauri interrupting: that’s all! Nothing else and as you can see doctor, they are making this all up.

Anika: oh really?

She grabs Gauri’s left arm and shows it to the doctor.

Doctor: I think I know what this is: but to be sure, I need to take some blood.

Gauri: what?

The doctor get an injection and cleans it. As gauri saw the needle, she started to tremble:

Gauri: omkaraji, omkaraji, I am a good girl na. Please don’t let that doctor put the needle in me. Please I will look after myself.

Om: doctor, do what you think is best.

Gauri’s jaw dropped and said: I hate you!

Anika: do one thing, close your eyes and hold my hand.

Gauri: ok.

She dangerously glares at Om and then closes her eyes and holds anika’s hand. The doctor slowly put the needle in her arm. Gauri squeezed anika’s hand tight and the pain disappeared.

Doctor: you will get the results soon.

Om: ok and gauri, stop giving me those looks.

Gauri sticks her tongue out.

Precap: shocked gauri

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