Mayavi Maling 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Eshwarya tries to find truth

Mayavi Maling 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhumali telling Angad that pranali has done everything. He says its just your doubt. She says no, she is doing this, my self confidence broke, promise me if anything happens to me, you will fulfill my aims and ruin this Maling lake. He gets thinking. Angad comes to his room and sees the food served. He sees Pranali getting more food and says so its you. She serves the food. She tastes the food and says I m checking if the salt is right. He says your touch is enough to make food Amrit. She smiles. He holds her hand.

She says whatever happened yesterday, I don’t want to become a reason for your death. He says whatever the reason, I will find out, but I want to stay close to you, I can bear such wounds. He feeds her food and says I told all that in anger. She feeds him food and says I know, I m worried for you as I m your wife. He promises to make everything fine. She says I can’t become a Daanav vanshi, if you leave the aim to ruin the lake, it will be good for us and humanity.

Eshwarya asks Chegu about the powers. Chegu says just Dev vanshi can give that power to someone by his wish. Garima says who has given that powers to Pranali. Eshwarya says I have a solution. Adhivan asks what. Pranali goes to Angad. Eshwarya and Garima come along. Eshwarya says I think someone is using Pranali. Angad asks who. Garima says Madhumali. He asks are you both mad. Pranali says listen to them once. He asks what, I m surprised. Eshwarya says this happened since you started caring for Pranali. Garima says she doesn’t like you loving Pranali. Eshwarya says yes, she did this to make you against Pranali.

He says amazing, you mean to say that she dragged herself to the lake. Angad says what to you mean, she is a Daanav vanshi who… Chegu says she can’t take Dev vanshi’s powers. Pranali says listen to him once for my sake. Angad sees Chegu. Arak shouts Angad… Madhumali hears this and asks what happened to Angad. She goes to Angad. He says I m not able to come out of this circle, my powers aren’t working, even when I m a demon. Madhumali tries to free him and gets hurt. She sees Chegu and calls him out. She asks him to come out and stop playing this game. She says I have seen Chegu hiding here. Angad says he is Dev vanshi, how can he use Daanav vanshi powers, you just leave, I don’t think I will get saved, fulfill our aim. She gets worried and says now I have to do this, I have no other option. She uses a mirror and changes her ice powers into fire. Angad gets shocked seeing Madhumali’s lookalike using the fire powers at him. Madhumali smiles. Angad gets freed. Madhumali restores her reflection/lookalike in the mirror.

Madhumali goes to Angad to take him. He stops her. She sees Pranali, Eshwarya, Garima and Chegu coming with Adhivan and Arak. She says you did all this, you have put yourself in trouble, but why. Angad asks how did you get Dev Vanshi’s powers, how did this get possible, you played this game and made Pranali do this, what if anything happened to me. She says no, I did this for you, you have to fulfill our aim, you can’t fall in love with Pranali, you got blind in her love and suffocated my neck, I just worry for you, I played this game, since I didn’t wish to lose you to Pranali, today you and Pranali failed me. She cries and goes smiling. Angad and Pranali feel bad.

Angad sits praying. A storm comes. Everyone worries. Pranali says Angad needs me. She goes to Angad and gets in the storm. She shouts to Angad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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