Can Broken Hearts Mend [KKB]

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While walking to school on a bright morning, her mind is elsewhere. She is lost in her thoughts and walking not focusing on what is in her way. She suddenly hits a stone, her toes start to bleed. The pain unbearable so she sits under a tree. Someone was watching her from a distance and noticed all that happened. He felt the pain and came to her help. He cleaned her wound with the water from the bottle and put bandage on her toe. She was grateful and thanked him.

“Am Abhi” he said forwarding his hand.

She smiled and took his hand in hers “Am Pragya, Pragya Arora. Thank you so much for the help your indeed an angel”

He was lost in her eyes and smile. Her smile was very genuine and her eyes very deep and beautiful. He smiled back and said “no problem. Do you need help to reach your class?”

“I will take it from here, thank you once again” she smiled and got up. When she tried to take a walk, the pain was intense and she was leaping. She then called him “I actually think I will need your help” he came held her hand and guided her to her class.

“where is your class?” he asked “just after the library, am going to the computer room” she replied. “wooow computer room? Are you good with computers? Am so terrible and I keep failing that course unit” he asked with a teasing smile on his face. “Am doing computer Engineering. And am not so go, am just average but I can help you and teach you what I know. Are you in my class?”

“No, am doing a business course here. But we have that subject as the head of department said the world is revolving and we need to have an idea on technology too” said Abhi with a big grin on his face knowing that the will meet often so she teaches him. The rest of the journey was silent as Abhi was thinking about their next meeting while Pragya was feeling the pain in her toe.

Finally the got to the computer room, “here we are” said Abhi as he let her get in. she thanked him a lot and bid him adieu. He started off to his classroom.

He entered and his friends noticed that he was a bit distracted. They came and started teasing him. “so what’s up with this young tycoon? What is running in his mind this early morning? This smile is very creepy” he smiled and put them off saying “do you all want me to be sad with an angry face?” he asked.  “Not like that, but we want to know why the sudden change this morning? We are used to the very serious aspiring business tycoon. But this much surprise……” said Purab. “Then get used to the new me, because from today onwards I will be like this only”

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