Saath Nibhana Beheinaa- Season 1 Part 1

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Everyone are waiting in the hall. Baa gets up and goes to the mandir and everyone follow her except Kokila. They pray to God and they hear the car sound. Gopi and Ahem run to the door and the police come there. The police come there and tell them that they have searched the entire place and they couldn’t find meera. Everyone are shocked. The police gives a piece of the frock and tell them that they found it near a rock. He also adds that they heard that there are crocodiles over there so they might have …gopi doesn’t let him complete and yells “nahii..”. everyone are shocked and Radha is happy!
Gopi tells that Lord Krishna wouldn’t do something like this to her. She is crying and ahem yells meerraa(God, this man will definitely make me cry buckets). Jigar and Koki come to him and he says that she is his life and she cant leave him..he tells that he will search for her..he is crying his heart out and hugs Jigar..(cant write more..too numb to write)…
The police leave saying that they would return if they find any information. Rashi feels one accident took meera away from them. Koki is angry and says this is not accident but Gopi’s carelessness. Everyone are shocked. Koki yells saying that she always felt Gopi can never go wrong but today she proved her wrong. She says gopi has given them the biggest pain of their lives. Everyone are shocked and radha is happy.
“ Fine Maaji. If that is the case, then there is no point of me staying in this house and giving you all more pain.” Gopi cries and she leaves. Everyone is shocked.
8 years leap…
Rashi is all modern with full sleeves blouse with the keys of MM in her hands, and thinks to herself that now the whole MM is in her hands. She goes to open the wardrobe and finds a snake and is afraid, it’s a toy snake used by her sons to scare her. They go behind Koki who is sitting all dull and sad.
“ This kagdi never speaks or does anything.” Rashi says to herself whilst she watches Kokila and laughs. Rashi runs after Tolu and Molu.
In Delhi…
A woman arrives wearing a simple pink salwar kameez suit. She had always hated Rashi for not letting her wear expensive clothes but all was going to change now. It was Radha. Radha arrives at a mansion. A servant opens the door.
“ Yes ma’am. Who do you want to meet?” The servant asks.
“ I want to meet the malikan of this mansion. Tell her my name is Radha.” Radha says. The servant goes. He comes back a few minutes later.
“ You can come in. Sit in the lounge.” The servant says. Radha enters and sits down. The woman arrives. She is wearing a black sari and silver diamond set. Vamp tune plays. The woman walks down the staircase. Radha is a bit afraid.
“ How did you find me? Who are you?” The woman says.
“ I never even knew you were my real mother 8 years until now.” Radha says. Dhin tanana tune plays. The woman’s face is shown (Urvashi Dholakia).
“ What are you talking about? I don’t know you. My daughter died.” The woman says.
“ You are Pallavi right? Pallavi Agarwal? Jayantilal Kapadia’s mistress?” Radha asks.
“ How do you know this?” Pallavi says.
“ I am his and your daughter.” Radha says. Dramatic background music plays. Pallavi gets emotional. Emotional background music plays.
“ Radha? Meri bachi. You are alive.” Pallavi cries and hugs Radha.
“ No Maa, I survived. Tell me what happened. Why did you separate from me for 10 years?” Radha cries. They both sit down.
“ Because I was in love Radha. Love made me mad and I did terrible things. Your father, Jayantilal, was a servant in this mansion. I was the daughter of a rich man. Your father was very handsome and I fell in love with him. He liked me too. But then I found out he was married to Madhu. I was very jealous. They had a daughter called Gopi. One day, it was a very stormy day and there was a flood. I came to their house and I kidnapped Gopi. I was the one who threw her into the flood. It was me.” Pallavi says. Radha is shocked.
“ But Gopi is alive. I have met her, 8 years ago.” Radha says. Pallavi is shocked.
“ What? Gopi is alive? How?” Pallavi asks.
“ She was brought up by Madhu’s brother and wife. Gopi married a rich man called Ahem Modi. Gopi was the one who killed my husband and in return, I kidnapped Gopi’s daughter Meera and did the exact same thing as you Maa. And Gopi got all the blame and left her sasural 8 years ago.” Radha smirks evilly.
“ Excellent. That means Gopi is now alone and gone?” Pallavi says.
“ Yes Maa. But tell me, if I am your daughter, why did Madhu raise me?” Radha asks.
“ After Gopi’s disappearance, Madhu went into depression but still she gave birth to twin girls called Preeta and Pragya. You were only a baby. Then I decided to snatch everything from Madhu and I kidnapped Preeta and Pragya but I lost you in the process. I thought you died.” Pallavi says.
“ I have two more sisters?” Radha says.
“ Three. Gopi, Pragya and Preeta are your half sisters. My other daughter is your half-sister too. Her name is Tanu. I raised all three girls for all of these years but I never forgot you.” Pallavi says.
“ Where are they now?” Radha says excitedly.
“ Preeta and Pragya have gone Rajkot for some festival and Tanu should be coming soon.” Pallavi says. A girl arrives. Vamp tune plays. Her face is shown (Leena Jumani).
“ Mom, I am so tired from shopping. Tell the servants to make loads of food and send it to my room.” Tanu says.
“ Ok beta. I will.” Pallavi says. Tanu notices Radha.
“ Who is this Mom?” Tanu asks. She looks at Radha’s clothes and is disgusted. “ I didn’t know you invited low-class people here. Is she a new servant or are you doing charity work?” Radha gets embarrassed. Tanu laughs.
“ No Tanu, she is my friend’s daughter. She came to visit.” Pallavi lies. Tanu rolls her eyes.
“ Whatever. I don’t know what kind of friends you have these days Mom.” Tanu says and she goes upstairs.
“ Why didn’t you tell her Maa? Why did you lie?” Radha asks.
“ Tanu is a stubborn girl. She is very arrogant and I cant deal with her tantrums. Now is not the time to tell her the truth. When I am ready, I will tell Tanu myself.” Pallavi says.
In Rajkot…
Two girls are shown. One is wearing glasses (Sriti Jha). Her name was Pragya. She was a reading a book in the car. Her sister was taking so long.
“ Where is this girl? This is too much.” Pragya says. A girl is shown in the market with loads of shopping bags (Shradda Arya). She was very pretty and all the guys were staring at her. Her name was Preeta. She reaches the car and enters it.
“ Sorry Di. I was very busy. So much at the market.” Preeta says.
“ No, you took so long. You know how Mama is like? If we reach Delhi late, she will definitely scold us.” Pragya says.
“ You worry too much. I will handle her.” Preeta says.
“ You will only make things worse. I will do everything. Driver take us back to Delhi.” Pragya says. The driver tries to start the car but the engine wouldn’t work.
“ Sorry madam. It wont work. I have to find a mechanic to fix it.” The driver says.
“ Oh no, it is almost evening.” Pragya says. The driver goes to find one. “ This is all your fault. You were so busy with shopping.”
“ You are blaming me for the engine not working? Silly girl.” Preeta says. Pragya looks at her angrily.
It is night and the driver still has not come back. “ Where is he? Its been 3 hours.” Pragya says.
“ Maybe he died.” Preeta says.
“ Chup kar. You say anything foolish please.” Pragya says.
“ Alright. Take a chill pill di.” Preeta says.
“ Urgh, im done with you.” Pragya says. Pragya gets out of the car. Goons arrive.
“ Whats wrong? Why are such beautiful girls on their own in a car at a time like this?” The goon says.
“ None of your business. Get lost.” Pragya says. The goon grabs her hand. Pragya screams. Preeta sees and gets out. She slaps the goon.
“ Don’t you dare touch my sister.” Preeta says. The goon pushes Pragya and grabs Preeta.
“ You are even more prettier.” The goon laughs. The goon drags Preeta. Pragya screams for help. That is until a car arrives. A man wearing a suit gets out of the car. It was Ahem. He fights the goons and they run away.
“ Thank you so much Sir. We almost lost hope.” Preeta says.
“ Yes thank you.” Pragya cries. Ahem wipes her tears.
“ It is no problem. Why are you both on your own at a time like this?” Ahem asks.
“ Sir, our car broke down and our driver has not returned. We have nowhere to go. We are from Delhi.” Pragya says.
“ Then I will get this car fixed and you can stay with my family overnight and go back home.” Ahem says.
“ We don’t want to trouble you.” Pragya says.
“ It is no hassle. My family wont mind.” Ahem says. Both girls agree and they sit in Ahem’s car. They had no idea they were about to meet their sister Gopi’s family.

Precap- Ahem brings Pragya and Preeta to Modi Mansion. Rashi tells Ahem that this is not a hotel. Rashi has no idea that Pragya and Preeta are her cousins.

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  1. Isaaq

    Hey everyone I’m back and I hope you enjoy my new ff!

  2. Hey Isaaq what took you so long? I was anxiously waiting on your FF,I enjoyed every minute of it I like the traces of scaryness in it and the way you described the music playing in the background I loved it.

    1. Isaaq

      Hey! I missed you all sunshine members. Ive been busy for some quite time. Ive been watching new shows since the end of SNS and I got new ideas. Thank you so much for reading this! I missed writing Gopi Destiny and I wanted to create a new ff

  3. Where is Riana? Have not seen any FF of hers lately and I was expecting her to comment here.

    1. Isaaq

      I think she’s quite busy atm

    2. Riana

      @Jayashree aunty.. i am here ??

  4. Riana

    Hey isaaq, you came after a very long time…i found the story from your article page…And it is really good…So here story revolves around gopi’s two sisters…pragya and preeta…well its quite good and interesting and precap is also nice ???…You should continue….

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