BV+Kyy: Magic And Life (Baal Veer+Kyy: New Troublemaker)

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Baal Veer and Hasmukh Pari/Nandini reached Herbs lok and Daityani too came there. The duo walked over the grassy floor until they stepped on the big flowers that covered half of the grass, the thorns pricked their feet a little but they continued walking forward. ‘These flowers are also dangerous, but they need to be awakened for that,’ Daityani said and aimed her magic wand at the flowers over which the duo walked. She stopped as they closed capturing them inside. She laughed evilly seeing Nandini engulfed inside the big flower. (Note that she can only see Nandini/Hasmukh Pari and not Baal Veer, he’s protected from her eyes).Now who will save you Hasmukh Pari?’, she said and laughed.

She disappeared from there in a misunderstanding that only she is present there but little did she know that Baal Veer was also present there and had such a protective shield around his body that not only stopped her from sensing him but also seeing him. ‘How did this happen? How did these flowers capture us?’, Nandini asked short on breathe. ‘Maha maai told us that the flowers are thorny and dangerous, they’ve already caused a lot of damage to us, now if we don’t think of how to get out of here, we’ll be trapped,’ Baal Veer replied trying continuously to get out.

‘Baal Veer, this arrow can help us, you took it so that you don’t stop in between and do our assigned work on time,’ Nandini/Hasmukh Pari reminded and he realized he had that arrow in his hand and raised it up towards the peak of the closed flower and it opened up letting them out. As soon as they were out, they went towards the spot where there were many herbs. ‘How will we know which one is the eatable herb? There are many herbs here,’ Nandini/Hasmukh Pari said totally confused. ‘That herb will itself come in our hands as we forward our hands towards it.’

So Baal Veer checked the herbs of the left side of the herb bed and Hasmukh Pari/Nandini checked the right side by forwarding their hand at a distance from every herb. As she forwarded her hand towards a herb that was at the center of the herb bed, it came in her hand and she saw that Baal Veer was also checking the same herb. ‘Thank God we got it, let’s go,’ Nandini/Hasmukh Pari said to him and she disappeared in pink spiral lines along with him. They got successful in their mission.

In Pari lok, everyone along with Maha Maai were sitting surrounding Natkhat Pari who was fighting with death. ‘They have been there for such a long time but still they didn’t return till now,’ Darri Pari, the one who was always frightened spoke up for the first time in such a long time. ‘They must be coming, you don’t worry,’ Baal Pari assured. ‘I hope she gets fine soon,’ Rani Pari said. Just then the duo appeared there. ‘Thank God you both came. Now give me the herb fast so that I can make her eat it,’ Maha Maai said.

They handed her the herb and she made her drink it in a liquid form. Natkhat Pari didn’t wake up even after she drank full. Suddenly she lifted up from the bed towards the sky and everyone was shocked. ‘Natkhat Pari!,’ Gauri exclaimed in a shock. ‘Don’t worry, you both aren’t late to bring herbs, she will be conscious in some months,’ Rani Pari assured and Gauri nodded still teary eyed.

Daityani watched all this from her magical water and got irked. ‘Now she will also be saved, ugghhhh, no problem, if nothing happened to Gauri and Natkhat Pari, I should change my target,’ she smiled evilly. In AVP Vidyamandir School, Manav and Meher were roaming here and there and collided with a boy by mistake and the boy’s watch fell. ‘Listen Bhaargav, we heard you got a new watch from Australia, keep it safe ha, because some people like to steal a lot,’ Meher said looking at Montu who was also standing there with Rohit and Keval and laughed. They went without noticing the watch. Montu saw it and picked it and kept it in his pocket.

‘Bhaargav, can I see your watch?’, he asked politely. ‘Yes,’ Bhaargav replied and saw that it wasn’t around his wrist. ‘Where did it go? It was supposed to be on my wrist,’ he said worriedly. ‘Recall, did anyone collide with you?’, he asked and Bhaargav recalled Manav and Meher colliding with him and asking him to keep the watch safe as it can get stolen. ‘Yes I did, with Manav and Meher, they might be the one,’ he replied thoughtfully. ‘Yes, it’s the technique of thieves to collide.’

Bhaargav boiled in anger and went in search of them. Montu laughed having a high five with Rohit and Keval. ‘Wow boss, what a great mind you have,’ Rohit praised him. ‘Yes, only if it worked during exams, he wouldn’t have come first from the back,’ Keval said and bursted into laughter followed by Rohit. Montu slapped Rohit and he passed the slap to Keval. ‘Just wait and watch how I make that truthful and good siblings bad in front of Bhaargav, we should also get new friends and not just them,’ Montu said and laughed in his usual donkey style followed by the duo.

Bhaargav saw Manav and Meher laughing and roaming here and there. He went to them and stood in front of them blocking their way. ‘What is it? Move from our way,’ Manav said. ‘First give me my watch which you stole by trick and collided with me,’ he said. ‘We don’t have any watch,’ Manav said plainly. ‘Don’t lie, I will call Baal Veer,’ he threatened. ‘Oh, are you trying to threaten us?’, Meher replied with equal anger. ‘I am not trying to threaten you, I am threatening you,’ he said.

‘OK call, but beware, we are not the culprits so what to fear about? Call,’ she encouraged him sarcastically. He called him and he came immediately. ‘Look Baal Veer, they stole my watch and aren’t returning me back,’ Bhaargav told him. ‘You are mistaken, they always speak the truth, I know they haven’t done this,’ Baal Veer defended them while Meher rolled her eyes. He aimed his magic wand on the surroundings to search his lost watch and found it and returned him. ‘Think before you blame others,’ he said and disappeared while Bhaargav looked down in guilt.

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  1. Priyu

    Awesome ? Baal veer and nandini did great. Natkhat pari will be ok now. So no worries. Daityani is always troubling others.

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