Forever Yours (A Raglak FF) (Part 1)

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For those who have not read the prologue , here is the link


The alarm clock rang  , Ragini woke up with a start

. She went out and began her daily routine . she changed and went out to do some exercises and jogging . She started running . as she jogged , she thought of her strange dream  , unaware that there was a stone , she got hurt , her leg started bleeding , she sat down as she could not walk anymore . she saw some body coming that way , she looked at a young handsome-looking boy  . he looked at ragini and rushed to her , he said : dont you see and walk ?see you are hurt

Ragini : i know that , does anybody purposely get his or her leg injured

The handsome boy smiled and said “ok ok , let me get my first aid kit , wait here…

Ragini : Its ok , you dont need to take trouble

The boy : so shall i go ?its only 5:00 and this route is not taken by many,  so until sun rises you will have to sit here with your injured leg

And started going

Ragini panicked ,she would be left all alone : ok ok , wait , get me the first aid kit

The boy stopped : thats why , you should always listen to laksh maheshwari’s words , i am always right

Ragini smiled  , “thank you” she said…..

Laksh smiled

and ran to bring a first aid kit . He brought a first aid with him .

He took her leg and started treating her wound . She looked at him , there was some unknown connection she felt with him , otherwise Ragini taking help from a stranger was something impossible .  she shouted in pain as her leg started paining

Laksh could not see her in pain , though she was a stranger

laksh said sorry , he was hurt more than her

Ragini :Its ok , but i have not seen you here , i daily come this side only to jog

Laksh : I have come to Mumbai now only

Ragini : oh

Laksh : are  you fine ?

Ragini : yes i am ?

Laksh : so try to walk ???

Ragini tried to walk , but she failed , she fell in laksh’s arms . she suddenly remembered something similar happening before

. she tried to forget it , laksh looked at her . she realised she was still in his arms and moved back . she  could not stand and was about to fall when laksh put an arm around her waist and held her . she and laksh shared an intense eyelock

why were they both feeling so comfortable with each other , they both did not have any answer .

Laksh : your leg is broken i guess , i am  not sure , where is your house ?

Ragini : its a kilometre away from here…

Why was she giving answers for whatever he asked ? ragini did not know . laksh  lifted  ragini

As laksh lifted her , he remembered similar thing happening .

he tried to get out of these thoughts , the dreams were already troubling him enough

Ragini : laksh what are you doing ?

Laksh : tho niche chod dhoon ?

Ragini shouted : noo , how can you ?my leg is broken

Laksh : by the way how do you know my name

Ragini  made a face ,

she then  said , ok take me to your car and you yourself told me your name , otherwise i dont have any interest in knowing strangers’ names

Laksh smiled , he had never seen such a crazy yet cute girl ,ragini suddenly made him think of the girl who came in his dreams ,again he did not  have answer of the question why she made him think of the girl in his dreams . Strange! He thought and made her sit in his car

to be continued…

First of all i am really sorry for such a late update and i want to thank you all for the great response you have given for the prologue , i would update the next part on 14th april , for sure , do check out for it , keep liking and commenting , wanted to give an episode full of raglak , so this part was full of raglak only , will introduce other characters in the next part . thank you for taking time in reading this ff

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    raglak meeting was nice.laksh giving her first aid and ragini feeling comfortable with him though he is a stranger shows their strange connection.ragini falling in laksh’s arms. .laksh holding her…eye lock were romantic. it reminded her of ashlok moment. laksh lifting up ragini in his arms was romantic. it also reminded her of ashlok moment.ragini reminds laksh of the girl in his dreams.I feel they were ashlok in previous birth.nice pics

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