He is my brother….Atharv (Episode 9)

The episode starts with Kailah taking vividha home . He scolds Vividha for coming at pujan without my permission. He says today that mad milkman declairs your and his marriage in front of people. Now what you want to fo more for making my head down in front of them . Vividha cries and says no papa me and Atharv are not love each other we use to hate each other. Today whatever he said , he said in anger that’s all . He will not marry me iam sure . He ised to respect women there decisions he cannot marry me without knowing my decision. Kailash says so how come you know him that much . You must be meet him many times that’s why correct . Vividha is crying .

Atharv comes to home and sits while smiling. Sujata says you didn’t do right Atharv. How tou can declare your marriage without knowing vividha desire. May be she doesn’t want to marry you than how can you do this . No you shouldn’t fo this . Now go and say sorry to kailash ji and vividha for this . Atharv says no maa my decision is final i will marry her by tomorrow itself . Sujata goes inside and call Ravish . Ravish is foing training . Peon informs him that there is call from your house . Ravish goes to attend call . He pick the call and says maa how are you . Sujata says how do you know that i call you there can be Atharva also . Ravish says maa i can feel your breadth . What happen if you Didn’t give birth to me but you are the one who takecare of me from the time when i was small baby . I can sense your presence anywhere anytime . Sujata says you are my son ok don’t ever say that I didn’t give you birth . Ravish says sorry maa now tell me how you call . Sujata says your bhai is doing wrong thing today . She tell him whole insident . Ravish says bhai cannot do anything wrong in anger there nust be something that he knows and we don’t. I can assure you he cannot do wrong . Sujata says first you come home and then we talk about it come right know . He says ok maa i am coming right know first i have to take permission of my head . He says by maa . He ends call . He is in teary eyes after thinking of his and vividha past memories. He goes to head office for permission. His head agrees and says you can go but you have to report by day after tomorrow in morning sharp 6 am . Ravish says sure sir i will be there by day after tomorrow at 6 am . He goes for packing bag. Guddi comes to him and says what happened at home , is everything is fine ? He says yes everything is fine don’t take tension i will come by day after tomorrow ok . Guddi says if you are going give this to my mom and says that your guddi learned cooking here and this is her first dish which i made by myself . He takes tiffin and leaves . He takes bus for Ajmer .

He reached Ajmer . He merts sujata and take her blessings. He says where is bhai . Sujata says inside in his room . He goes to meet him . He knocks the door and says bhai can i come inside . Atharv looks at him and says from which time do you needed my permission for entering in my room . Ravish says from that time when my bhai didn’t even inform that he going to marry tomorrow. You made me stranger bhai . Atharv says shutup stuppid . If In future I ever says that you are a stranger for me that time will be Atharv sujata’s last breadth in world for sure . Ravish hugs him and says no bhai i prays that even my life should be given to you . Atharv says now stop crying like a small child . Come sit here . They sit . Ravish says maa told me that you are going to marry vividha without her permission. She says you are doing wrong but i have full faith that my bhai cannot do wrong with any women . But tell me what you sre trying to do i want to know that . Atharv says i will not marry her without her permission . I just want to embarrass kailash kayshap in front of whole world . He tries to ruin my puja
, he insulted my mom and says her characterless . So i declared my false marriage news in front of world. Now people will start questioning kailash and he will be embarrassed in front of his so called society. Ravish says but bhai in this vividha’s name will also ruins and what about that . Atharv says i know that and ism going to marry her also but not tomorrow. I will first impress her . If she will love me and chose me her would be husband then only i will marry her . By tomorrow i will fo engagement with her and declare to world that i will matry her but she needs sometime and i also wants to start my business first then i will marry . People will stop questioning me and Vividha relation . They will start questioning Kailash that how will he agree to marry her daughter with milkman .
Ravish says iam with you bhai but take care of vividha . Atharv nods yes abd feels guilty that he is the one for whom he left vividha nad now iam going to marry her . He says sorry Ravish for me you left her and now iam going to marry her . Ravish says no probleum bhai we didn’t love each other. I can see love for her in your eyes that love that passion for her is just i see in your eyes but one day vividha also see that love in your eye which she deserves . They both come downstairs and says to sujata that maa start doing preparation of engagement of your loving son . Your son going to become groom . Sujata looks at Ravish that i called gim for stopping him but he also agrees for marriage what is happening god . Ravish signs her that nothing will etong happens tomorrow with vividha . Sujata nodes ok .

Precap- kailash is in his house . There is the sound of band and dhol outside his house . Atharv comes there in his bike . He dress up like a groom . He says vividha my would be wife come fown dear your love Atharv sujata is came. Kailash while sitting in his rooms hears everything and gets angry.

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