Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 8th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Guru maa telling Aastha that you never went to temple or had done puja. She says God tests human, but you are testing God and his mahima. She says truth doesn’t need any proof and says all family members have food with just 1 grain and asks her to trust. Aastha says it is happening infront of me, but I shall accept that it is a miracle. Guru maa asks why you don’t accept. Aastha thinks about her father’s dead. She says when I was a child, I used to ask my baba if miracle really happens. He used to say that it happens, but a magic have snatched my baba and took away my belief. She cries. She says whatever had happened was right infront of me, and I have no answer for it. She says one glass is broken, it can’t be repaired. She says I don’t trust God and says just like nobody can change your Aastha, nobody can change mine. She says she will be silent till her sister’s marriage and then I will tell truth to everyone. Tu Kahan Ka Khuda Hai….

Aastha recalls her father’s death and goes. Guru maa determines to make her bend down infront of God and says I will change you in 2 days and thinks to find out about her Baba. Aastha thinks about Gurumaa’s words and is lost. Shiv comes and asks Aastha where is she lost? Aastha says nothing. Shiv asks her to say if there is something? Aastha says I am fine. Shiv says I have solution for your problem and goes. Aastha feels helpless.

Sharda is in her house and get an envelope. She asks if this letter is yours. Runjhun says Balwan gave me. Sharda asks her to read. Runjhun thinks he is Aastha’s chamcha. Sharda says I am very happy for you. Runjhun thinks it is not small thing to become bahu of that house. She gets Balwan’s call and he asks did you read my letter. Runjhun says I have read your letter and says you are loving and caring and says I am happy that you are going to be my husband. Runjhun makes excuse as Balwan praises Aastha and ends the call. Balwan thanks God.

Shiv plays the music and starts dancing. He asks Aastha to come and says he will not bear her refusal. They dance on the song I am a disco dancer. Shiv asks her to clap for herself and says you will get music if sad. He asks her to smile else he will play music again. Aastha smiles. Jaya is irked and says they have to do all marriage engagements. Janki asks her to just chill and gives her samosa. Jaya gets happy and takes a bite. She spits. Janki asks her to have water. Jaya says it is salty. Janki switches on remote. Jaya is surprised to see the light. Janki asks her to tell everyone that miracle happened with her and she is God’s param bhakt. Jaya sees the remote and scolds her. Janki says what to do as miracles happens with Aastha only.

Guru maa brings Aastha to Shama Grah and tells that she brought her here and shows her father’s dead. She says you holds God’s responsible for your father’s dead and today I will call him and prove it. Aastha asks Guru maa not to use her Baba’s name to convince her. Guru maa says she knows this vidya and will call his soul. Aastha is shocked.

Guru maa calls Aastha’ s baba soul. Aastha asks her to tell the lori which he used to sing. She sings lori. Aastha is shocked and thinks if miracles really happens.

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