He Broke Her Heart In The Past: TwiNj (OS) ~By Purvi

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Hello guys …. I cannot post my ffs today or shayad kal bhi nahi … toh as a compensation … Here, I am presenting an os … I hope u all like it … Nd plsss read A/N at last … padhna zaroor … mere ffs ke future ka sawaal hai ….
I have taken the idea from YJHD .. hope its okay with all of u …
Nd this is for Priya “yrr meri jaan … shona … darling .. tu apni new email id bana then email me … i will do something … nd get urself registered … promise … bs tu email id bana ley … or mujhe email ker ..

Let’s go ahead with the os ..
A black mercedes is shown … It comes infront of a college nd stopped there …. All the boys comes infront … They were eagerly waiting for the opening of the car’s door .. Just then the door got opened … A girl’s heels were shown as she stepped out of the car …then the camera comes upwards fro, bottom to top ….(Her face is not revelaed) the camera focuses on her eyes … She wears sunglasses … then the camera focuses on her lips .. Her hairs were on her face … She with style put them on her back … She is revealed to be Alisha ???????? (How many of u thought Twinkle??)

She was wearing a red mini skirt with a black top … She was holding a blue handbag …
She started walking inside …. All the boys were watching her …. Their expression were like “Hawwwwww” ????
She was searching someone ….
“Ohhh baby ….!!” she shouted nd ran towards a boy…
He was wearing a blue shirt with red pant … nd was wearing a black blazer …. He was a hot nd most handsome guy in the college or we say in the world …. His face is shown … He is none other than Kunj …
“Ohh Alishah …. hey how r u s*xy ..?” he asked
“I m good what about u ….!” she said ..
“Ab tujhe dekh liya toh bilkul theek hogaya …!” he said flirting
She smiled … whole college was witnessing the scene …
“Kunj Sarna .. He is such a flirt … kitni ladkiyan patata hai ..!” a boy said to another boy … standing next to him …
“U r righg bro … saari ladkiyan marti hain is pe to …!” replied the 2nd one …
“Well … hamein kya karna … let’s move …”
They both left the place …
Just then a girl enters the college … She was wearing jeans with a pink top … She was simple yet elegant …. she was wearing spectacles ..
“Kunjjjjj …!!!!!” shouted the girl …
Kunj quickly left Alisha …
“What is all this …. I told u na .. to pick me but naah u forgot as usual ..!” she said
“I am so sorry BABY DOLL … Actually ..!” he said
“Ayy ayy …. Don’t u dare try to flirt with me …. I m not like these chipkoo girls … who bear ur flirt … haan?” she said
“Achaa na Twinkle maaf ker dey … galti hogayi ….!!!!” Kunj said ..
The girl is revelaed to be Twinkle …!
“Tu to jaanti hai na .. papa ne aj bhi itna kaam de diya tha .. or tu to meri sweet si .. cute si .. adorable friend hai na … iss nacheez ko maaf ke dey …!” he said with a smile
“Acha acha … ab makhan mat lagao …” she said with fake anger …
“Muskura bhi liya ker …!!” he said
“Meri marzi .. ab jaao library mein … project complete kerna hai ,.,!” she said ordering him ..
“Okk .. okk … as UR WISH MY COMMAND” said him ..
He moves from there … All the time Alisha was burning in jealousy ….
Kunj & Twinkle were childhood friends …. Kunj was .. fun loving .. a big flirt boy … nd Twinkle was simple … cute .. reserved girl … She doesn’t talk to anyone she doesn’t know …. She was very reserved girl but has only two friends Uv & Kunj …! (Imagine Naina’s nd Bunny’s character as Twinkle’s nd Kunj’s character from YJHD) Uv,Kunj & Twinkle were best friends …

Next day –
They all were sitting in the class … Kunj as usual was busy in flirting .. Twinkle was observing him … Uv was sitting next tk Twinkle nd was also looking at him ..
“Iska kuch nhi hosakta …!” said Uv
“U right man …! Kuch nhi hoskata iska …!” replied twinkle …
Just then Principal comes in their class ..! Kunj quickly sit next to Twinkle …. It was three sitter ..! Twinkle in between Kunj nd Uv … left Uv .. right Kunj ..! They always sits like this …!
“Kunj … mil gayi fursat ..!?” asked Twinkle with anger ..
“Kya karun yrr …nhi rok pata na khud ko ..!” he replied nd winked at her..
“U r impossible Kunj ..!” said Twinkle
“Hello students …!” they heard professor saying
“Hello sir..!” replied the class ..
“As u all know that ur exams r near .. so to give a break to u before ur exams … we have planned a trip …” said principal ..
Whole class started shouting in excitement ..
“Quiet …! We r going to Manali …! So be ready tomorrow morning ..!” said professor nd leaves the class …
“Yrr … I am so excited … finally a break from studies …!” said Kunj
“Tum padhte kab ho ..!” said Twinkle sarcastically
They left the class ..!

Next day –

They were ready to leave for Manali …
They 3 reached Railway Station …
“Yrr .. it will be fun … train nd all that ..!” said Uv
“Haan Uv .. right …. I am so excited …hain na Kunj ..?” said Twinkle nd turned towards right to talk to Kunj but he was not there …!
She saw him with girls ..she feels bad ..
“Kya hua Twinki ……? KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI ..!” Uv said nd laughed at his own words …
She beat him playfully on his chest …
“Uv ke bacche …”
“But Twinki … he is crossing his limits yrr … See … apny besties ko bhi time nhi deta ab …” uv said
“Chod na Uv … He is like tha only … ye aadat kabhi nhi badalne wali iski …!” said Twinkle with tears in her eyes ..
Twinkle’s Pov
Why these tears … Am i jealous … no no .. How can it be possible ..? But in real it hurts … seeing him with other girls … those chipkoo …! Ahhh Twinkle .. what r u thinking .. stop it yrr … He is such a flirt nd u r thinking about him…
Pov ends
“Twinkle … what happened …” said Uv shaking her
“No.. nothing .. let’s go ..!” she said
They sat in the train …
“Ohh shit … Uv .. My bag …” said Twinkle
“Which bag ..?” asked Uv
“Array buddho ofcourse my hand bag ..” said twinkle
“I forgot it outside … wait let me bring …”
“Twinkle … train chalne wali hai …” said Uv
But twinkle got out of train ..”Yeh ladki na …” said Uv
After 5 mnts
The train started moving slowly … There was no sign of Twinkle coming ..
Uv said to Kunj “Kunj … in ladkiyon ko chod ke Twinkle ko dekh lega … wo bahir gayi thi ab tak nhii ayi ..!”
“Ohh shit …” said Kunj nd quickly get up from his place …
He moved towards the exit of train …
He saw Twinkle running to catch the train …
He forwarded his hand ..
“Twinkle …. Hold My Hand …!!” shouted Kunj
“Nhii tum jaao un ladkiyon ke pass ..” said her
“Twinkle dekh bachhon jesi baatein mat ker … jaldi haath pakad ..!” shouted him
She increased her speed and caught his hand … He pulled her up … she lands up on his chest due to a jerk …
They were very close to eo ..
She was looking down ..
“Mujhe nhi bol sakti ..!” asked Kunj
“Tumhe fursat thi un ladkiyon se …! Said Twinkle complaining …
He holds her chin nd made her face him …
“Tujhe bura laga ..?” asked Kunj
“No not at all ..!” said Twinkle denying
“Jhoot ..!” said K
“Sach ..!” said T
“Jhoot ..!” said K
“Sach..!” said T
“Jhoot ..!” said K
“Sach ..!” said T
“Sach..!” said K
“Jhoot..!” said T
“See … u accept it…” said Kunj
“Haan laga mujhy bura …. phir kya karoge … chod do gy flirt kerna nhii na …! Toh it doesn’t matter mujhy bura lagy ya nhi …! Apny besties ke liye bhi time nhi hota ab to tumhare pass ..! Tum na … I hate y …!”
He cut her in between by placing his hand on her mouth ..!
“Sssshhhhh …! Kitna bolti hai ….” he took off his hand
She looked at him
“acha sorry … galti hogayi … aayenda nhi karunga pakka … tujhe bhi time dunga bs … or uv ko bhi …! Bs ab tu smile ker de …!” said Kunj
She smiled … her dimples were adding four moons to her beauty …
“Teri smile pata hai kitni dangerous hai …!” he gave a pause
“Mere pass dil hota na … pakka teri smile pe aajata ..!” he completed his sentence .. making her blush ..
“Flirt kerny ki koshish met kerna ..!” she said
“Nhi nhii .. meri kya majaal … me tujhse flirt kerun …” he said dramatically …
They both burst out laughing …
They reached Manali … all the boys set camps …
It was night time ..! Kunj nd Uv were busy in setting the camps …
Twinkle came there …
“Twinkle tu jaa … yahan kya ker rahi hai ..!” said Uv
“Nhi dekhne aayi thi ke Kunj ko flirting ke siwaa or kuch bhi aata hai..!” said twinkle
“Twinkleee tu gayi ….!” said Kunj running behind her …
“Mein bhi aaraha hun guys …!” said Uv shouting
Kunj threw a snow ball on Twinkle … she in return threw on Kunj but he manage to save himself nd it hitted Uv …. Uv threw on twinkle but it hitted Kunj … kunj threw at him nd hitted twinkle … twinkle threw at him … they enjoy a quality time …
After 15 mnts of snow fighting … the three sits down breathing heavily … Twinkle was shivering with cold …. Kunj took out his jacket nd wrapped it around her … She looked at him …! They share an eye lock ..

Ek din kabhi jo khud ko tarashe
Meri nazar se tu zara haay re
Aankhon se teri kya kya chhupa hai
Tujhko dikhaaun main zara haay re
Ek ankahi si dastaan dastaan
Kehne lagega aaina
Subhanallah ah ah ah..

Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai
Wallah aisa hua
Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai
Wallah aisa hua
Twinkle break the eye lock …
Twinkle’s Pov
How much he cares for me … I think its called LOVE … yes I am in love … nd the best part is that … I am in love with the biggest flirt … I feel pity on myself … I love You Kunj …Uv sensed the awkwardness between us nd thus said to move to the camp …
End of Pov
The three settle down in the camp … nd sleeps ..
Next Morning –
They planned for hiking competition …. whoever reached first on the peak … he or she will be the winner ….
All started moving ….
Kunj was walking with Twinkle … seeing this Alisha got jealous … she purposely fell down nd act as hurt ..
“Kunj … plss help ….!” shouted Alisha
Kunj stopped nd looked at her … he quickly ran towards her …
“Ohh baby where u got hurt …?” asked Kunj
“Here ..!” she pointed at her ankle …
He started rubbing her feet … after 5 mnts … he came back into senses ….
“Ohh man … shit … haar gaya tu Kunj ..!” he said to himself
“wo dekh twinkle ko sab ss aagy … ruk nhi rahi … baaki sab ne to quit ker liya … kunj acha mauqa hai … haraa de Twinkle ko …!” he said
He moved towards the direction where Twinkle was going ..
“Kunjjj …!” shouted Alisha but he doesn’t reply …
“Twinkle …! Twinkle … ruk to sahi …” he called her
She doesn’t pay any heed to his words..
He came next to her nd said “Mujhe ye race jeetne do na plss ..!”
“Huhh … apni halat dekhi hai … me tumhe araam se haraa dungi …!” she said
“Yrrr plsss na Twinkle …!” he said begging
“Its your mistake … ladkiyon ke pair dabaany se fursat mily to jeeto gay na …!” she said
“Flirting kehtay hain usay ..! Sehat ke liye achhi hoti hai .., u know like Yoga ..!” he said
“Seriously tum yaahan pahaad chadhne aaye ho ya ladkiyan …?” she said taunting
“Array us bechari ko kitni chot lagi tumhein pata hai …!” he said dramatically ..
“Us se ziyada bechari me ne apni life mein nhi dekhi …!” she said
“Array Twinkle …! Acha listen na ..Twinkle sun na ….” he holds her hand … she jerked him away
“u r right … ab 2 mnt beth na … plss saans le ..! 2 mnt ..! He said
They both sat down on the rock ..
“U r right … wo thodi silly hai .. I know…!” she looked at him … both were breathing heavily ..
“ But ab teri jaisi ladkiyon se to flirting nhi ker sakta na … toh inn se hi kaam chalana padta hai …!” he said looking at Alisha
She looked at him “Meri jaisi matlab ..?”
“Teri jaisi ladkiyan flirting ke liye nahi bani ….Ishq ke liye bani hain …! ”
They looked into eo eyes …
“Or ishq meri sehat ke liye acha nahin …!”
They share an eye lock …
Music plays in BG
They enjoyed alot …
After 3 days … They were returning from the trip … Twinkle was seeing Kunj flirting with girls… Her eyes were glassy …
Uv came from behind …
He saw her looking towards Kunj …
He moved towards him …
“Hey buddy … .listen na ..!” uv said to kunj
“Kya hua ..?” he asked
“Twinkle ko dekh raha hai … pyaar kerti hai wo tujhse … burs lag raha hai ussy …!” uv said
“Pagal hai kiya …. Twinkle nd me … impossible … me pyaar kerny ke liye nhi bana … or na hi deserve kerta hun ..!” kunj said
“Per woh to deserve kerti hai na … usy pyaar hogaya hai tujhse …” uv said
“Chal … poochte hain Twinkle se …” he said
They moved towards Twinkle …
“Twinkle … Twinkle .. listen yrr ..!” kunj said
“Hmmmm??” asked Twinkle
“Tu mujhse pyaar kerti hai …?” asked Kunj
She got shocked at his words …
“No … I don’t love you ..!” said she keeping a stone on her heart
“Dekha …!” he said to Uv
“He was saying ke u r in love wid me ..!” he said pointing towards Uv
“Kuch bhi bolta hai yrr ye..!” said Twinkle
“See … i told u na ..!” said Kunj
Uv was just looking at Twinkle .wondering how could she lie so easily …
Kunj moves from there …
“Twinkle …!” said uv in a low tone
“Hmmm??” she said
“Tu ne jhoot kyun bola ..?” he asked
She looked at him with shocked face …
“Twinkle … don’t cry ..!” said uv
She quickly hugged him nd cry her heart out …
“Twinkle … calm down …” he said
“Uv…. he never understands me ….!” she said in between tears ..
“toh tu ussy bol de …!” he said
“No uv … I can’t do this … what if i lose him as a friend …” she said

He consoled her by rubbing her back …
They reached their houses …
All got busy in preparations for the exams …!! Twinkle was trying her best to ignore Kunj … He was going to US after the exams … so she tried to ignore him so that she can forget him but it was not easy … She made herself busy in work … but for a second when she stopped she think of Kunj …
They prepared for the exams nd the exams finally got over …
It was the result day …
Twinkle got 1st position as usual … Uv got 8th position nd Kunj got 10th position …

He was running behind Twinkle …
“Twinkle … Twinkle … see i got 10th position …” he said
“so what should i do ..?” she said rudely
“twinkle rudely kyun behave ker rahi haj … jab se manali se wapis aayen hain tu mujhse baat hi nhi ker rahi … mujhe ignore ker rahi hai kyun….?” he said
“So finally u got time to think over it …” she said
“twinkle problem kya hai ..teri?” he asked
“Meri problem tum ho Kunj …!” she said
“Twinkle plsss … mujhe teri baatein bilkul samajh nhi aarahi .. !” he said
“Haan to samajh aayengi bhi kyun … ab toh mein 1 ordinary ladki ban gayi hun tumhare liye …. unn ladkiyon me se hogayi hun jinse tum flirt kertay ho …. hai naa Kunj ..! Me ab tumahri best friend thodi rahi hun … jabhi apny US jaany la nhi bataya …! Koi bat nhi … ur dreams r important … go …!” she said with tears in her eyes … nd moves from their … Kunj was standing numb …
The screen splits into two one side kunj nd other side twinkle …!
I thought that things like this get better with time
But I still need you, why is that?
You’re the only image in my mind
So I still see you… around

I miss you like everyday
Wanna be with you, but you’re away
Said I miss you, missing you insane
But if I got with you, could it feel the same?

Words don’t ever seem to come out right
But I still mean them, why is that?
It hurts my pride to tell you how I feel
But I still need to, why is that?

I miss you like everyday
Wanna be with you, but you’re away
I said I miss you, missing you insane
But if I got with you, could it feel the same?

It don’t matter who you are
It is so simple, a feeling
But it’s everything
No matter who you love
It is so simple, a feeling
But it’s everything

I miss you like everyday
Wanna be with you, but you’re away
I said I miss you, missing you insane
But if I got with you, could it feel the same?

It don’t matter who you are
It is so simple, a feeling
But it’s everything
No matter who you love
It is so simple, a feeling
But it’s everything

Leap of 2 years
A boy is shown coming out of the airport … it was midnight … he was wearing a jeans nd a black shirt with white jacket … he was looking hot nd handsome … he is revealed to be our Kunj …
“Twinkle … See .. I am back … now no more tears no more sorrows .. only u nd me … together forever … Twinkle Taneja … be ready … bcoz I m coming to make u mine always …!”
He smiled ..
Nd shouted on top of his lungs

He took out his phone nd dialled a number
“Yesss … all the arrangements r done … okay .. plss bring her there ..! Okkk .. bye .. see u..” he cut the call …

He sits in the car nd drove off …

In twinkle’s house ..
She was sleeping in her room … just then a man came nd wake her up …
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she shouted ..
“Hey .. twinki calm down its me ..!” said he
“ohh uv maar dala tu ne toh ..!” said she
“Chal twinkle ab ye dress pehen ker ready hojaa … is mein sab cheezein hain jo tujhe chaiye …. matching with the dress …!” uv said handling her the packet ..
“but why …?” she asked
“zyada sawal met ker …tayyar hojaa ..!” he said
She wore the dress … It was a full length backless red gown with net sleeves … she wore the earrings … then necklace … she then applies mascara,kajal eye liner nd red lispstick … she was looking breath taking … she found a note in it …
“Please let ur hairs open … you look good ..no no beautiful in open hairs ..!”
“No .. ye uv ka kaam nhi hosakta … ohoho.. jaldi ready hojaa warna uv agaya na to ..!” she said
She found an anklet .. she wore that nd finally wore red heels …
She was ready … looking absolutely stunning nd hot …
She sat with Uv in car nd he droves off … He blindfolds her wth a red silk cloth ..
“Uv kyya ker raha hai yrr ..!” said twinkle
“Tu bolti bht hai .. ab 1 dum chup ..!” said uv
They reached a placd nd uv told her to go inside …
“but tum ..” she said
“I said na go … u trust me na ..” he asked
“haan but ..!” she said
“Just go ..!” he said
She comes out of car nd uv told her the direction nd she went there blind folded …
After reaching there she took out her blind fold …. she was awestruck to see the place …. it was a perfect combination of white nd red … white nd red ballons … candles …. rose petals
She was dumbstruck to see the decorations … she cuppedd her face with her hands ….
“Awww .. its so sweet .. so elegant … i love it … but where is uv …?” she said
“Uvvvv … uv..u…”she turned around nd found Kunj sitting on his knees .. holding a ring …
She was shocked …
“Is se pehle tu kuch bole … me bolta hun …. aj tu nhi me bolunga …!” he said
“Twinkle … I know me ne bht badi galti ki hai …. me bht bada buddhu tha … tujhe samajh nhi paaya tha … per jab tujhse door gaya teri importance ka ehsaas hua … that how important u r to me …! But u know ye sabse bade flirt Kunj Sarna ko ishq hogaya hai … be panah ishq … be panah pyaar …” tears started gushing out from her eyes …
“Tujhse pyaar hogaya hai mujhe Twinkle …! I just wanna see you …hold u …. hug you ..touch you … kiss you .. cuddle with you … Love you … this is all i want .. i want to grow old with you .. I am in love with ur smile .. i am in love with ur voice .. i am in love with ur body … i am in love with your eyes … i am in love with ur laugh …I am in love with your soul …. simply i am in love with each nd every thing of u …!”

She smiled at his words crying …
“u know how lucky i am to be in love with you …? You are not my number 1 … you are my only one … i want you today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and for the rest of my life … if i had to choose between loving and breathing .. i would use my last breath to say I Love You …u r the best thing ever happened to me … I love you more now .. than i did just a second ago ..”
She wiped her tears …. her heart was dancing like anything …. what she wanted was happening …
“I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK, TO INFINITY ND BEYOND FOREVER AND EVER .. I love my life coz it gave me you … i love you coz u r my life ..The day I will go on knees for another girl … Is the day I will tie a shoe lace of our daughter …!” listening this Twinkle’s face turned crimson …
He smiled at her
“Twinkle GROW OLD ALONG WITH ME … THE BEST IS YET TO BE .. WILL U SPEND .. THE REST OF UR LIFE WITH ME ..? I promise you … no matter what happens … i will always be there with u .. TWINKLE .. will u accept this biggest flirty boy as ur life partner ….???” He started crying …
“Please Marry me Twinkle …?!!” he said in between tears nd closed his eyes …
She smiled with teary eyes md sits down on knees …
She cupped his face …
“Kunj …. I always loved u nd will will always do …. u r my everything …. u r my soulmate … we talk like best friends … we fight like a married couple … nd flirt like first lovers .. nd that is why we r made for each other …. we complete each other …. ssshhh plss don’t cry …. ladke roty huay achay nhi lagtay ….!!” she said wiping his tears …
“WILL U MARRY ME …?” he asked
“Yes Kunj ….!” she said nd forwarded her hand …
He makes her wear the ring …. nd kissed her hand ….
They both looked at eo …
Heart beats fast
Colours and promises
How to be brave?
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.

One step closer

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What’s standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

One step closer

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

One step closer
One step closer

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

He looked at her lips … She assured him with her eyes … He moved closer ….
She closes her eyes …
But then he stopped …
She opened her eyes ..
“Twinkle … if u r comfortable with me … I mean … i don’t do anything without ur permission … twink ….”
She stopped him in middle nd smashed her lips into his ….. Kunj was numb at her reaction but then reciprocates ….
They explore each nd every corner of each others mouth …. first the kiss was slow … then it turned into a passionate nd wild one … the kiss lasted for 15 long minutes nd they broke it due to the lack of oxygen … both were breathing heavily … Twinkle looked down as she was shy …. he makes her look at him …. she was blushing …nd her face turned crimson …. he smiled at her …. she could not make any eye contact with him nd so quickly hugged him …. he hugged her tight nd kissed her hairs ….
“Twinkle …!” he said
“Hmmm?” she replied still in the same position …
“Please say those 3 words na … plss!!” he said breaking the hug …
“I LOVE YOU KUNJ …!” she said looking down ….
“I LOVE YOU TOO BABY …!” he said grabbing her waist nd captured her lips once again …

The stars,moon wind all witness the union of two souls … two couples .. who are made for each other …. forever nd ever ….
You change my world with just one SMILE ..
You stole my heart with just one KISS ..

It comes to a point that you love someone so much …
That even though it hurts a lot to stay, you keep holding on … Its because you can always let go of all the pain, but never the little happiness you get out of loving that person …

At last completed ….
A/N:- Guys … I m hell worried about my ffs …. I m not giving time to my ff a devil falls in love with an angel …. so i am giving two schedules for my ffs … its upto u what u will choose …
Schedule No.1
I will upload like this ..
I will not post on Sunday or maybe sometimes on Saturday too … bear with it …
Schedule No.2
Monday,Tuesday nd Wednesday= YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN
Thursday,Friday nd Saturday= A DEVIL FALLS IN LOVE WITH AN ANGEL
Guys … decide what u want … I m leaving it on u …. plss vote for schedule no.1 nd schedule no.2 …!
I will post my epi as per majority …. so decide nd tell me ur views …
Nd about os …. plsss bht dil se likha hai …. comment karna ….
Nd Adya nd Ayu … where r u both …. I am missing u yrr … kahan ho ..????
Note:- no proof reading. Ignore mistakes
Loads of love …!

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    It was beautiful and love all the scene and twinj and uv were damn cute here and how uv understands twinkle and telling kunj that she love him and ending part was such a romantic

  8. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hey jaan,
    too cute yaar… nd first I felt bad twinkle but afterwards it was too romantic… overall I loved the way u portrayed it

    with love,
    Urs shona

  9. Purvi dii it was super se bhi upar Wala os??????
    And post anytime ? but soon….
    Getting lil late for school but I wont miss to comment heree?


  10. Amazing os purvi I loved the way kunj proposed twinkle it was too good and you can go with Schedule 1

  11. Chiku

    Woaaah!!! Lovely. Loved it. Amazing.
    Any schedule will go for me. Mujhe sirf ff chahiye??????

  12. hey purvi it was just awsm yrr and dialogues were just too good yrr lov u and i will go for 1

  13. Asna

    Awesome os… do continue with first schedule…

  14. Mishaseher

    thzt was super fantastic
    lov it to the core

  15. Hey purvi it’s awesome amazing
    Bhale yen yjhd ka hai but
    Dis was something different
    N at first thought it will be twinkle
    Amazing one I really loved it to core
    N post as schedule 1 plss ss
    Love u keep smiling

  16. dreamer...arundhati

    Lovely… Song selection… Too gud

  17. Aanya_pandey

    Yyrr… That was an amazimg OS just lived that twinj n yuvi bff.. loved it.. n that of d ending awesome

  18. Baby

    ohhhh god purvi ☺
    amazing dear
    too cute n lovely ☺
    it was amazing one loved it very very very mch☺
    it was too adorable n beautiful ☺☺
    love u lods☺
    well i go for schedule one☺☺

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