Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 24 By Aahana

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Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 24
Hi everyone. I am very sad today. I got very less comments for yesterdays part. I think the story is not so interesting. I will try to end it by 30th partif u all want that only. But i am happy with the response i got for the promo of Tere Liye. Thanks everyone for encouraging me. Now i will give u todays part
Ragsan comes inside and sees except advi all are in the hall. They too sits beside them and elders says that they selected a girl for adi. Ragsan are shocked
Ragu : papa i want to say u something. Actually bhai loves someone. All looks at her shocked except san
Avantika : ragu what are u saying? Is it true
San : haa maa adi loves pankhuri and says the whole story that he knows.
Harish : what is his fear beta. Let him come i will teach him a lesson and we will speak with her family as soon as possible
Avantika : haa harish, i am happy. I met her once and she is very good and traditional. I don’t have any objection.

All agrees and ragsan smiles seeing eachother. Then suddenly san says : wait a minute. Don’t say this to advi. Let us give surprise to adi after finalising the marriage. He will feel happy. All agrees to him.
Harish : its ok but why to hide from viren.
DP : because that laadla of yours will say everything to adi as he cant keep secrets like u. Harish pouts and all laughs at him.
Its night and everyone are in their rooms. Ragsanadvi are speaking in the living room. Ragsan are in one sofa(double one) and advi are in two single sofas. They are speaking and adi says about his love to rags and viren. Rags act as if she doesn’t know anything. Ragsan decides not to say him anything, but viren is surprised. He teases him for sometime and they all decides to go to sleep. Adi takes promise from them that he will only inform the family after he express his love to pankhuri. All are walking on stairs and advi reaches their rooms and fter that san takes ragu to terrace. They sits on the swing and san keeps his head on her lap and lays down. She ruffles his hair and they shares their feelings (how they realised their love, when they wanted to express etc..,) sitting on the swing.
San sleeps like that only. Rags smiles seeing him and kisses on his forehead. She doesn’t want to disturb him, so sleeps there itself resting her back on the swing
Next morning (early morning)
San wakes up when sun rays falls on him. He turns and realises that he slept on rags lap only and wakes up. He sees her who is sleeping but not comfortably. He smiles and kisses her on cheek. She turns and tries to hide her face in his chest as sun rays are falling on her. He smiles knowing that she wants to sleep for some more time and lifts her gently. He reaches her room and places her on bed. She turns and sleeps. He covers her with blanket and goes to his room without anyone noticing him.
After sometime
Everyone is ready to go for Mumbai (dadi and dadu stays back in village only)
All reaches home and gets freshen up. San asks ragu for a date and she agrees. He then informs to Harish and DP and they both says that they no need to take permission to go out, but just inform us about your whereabouts as we may get tensed. San smiles at their concern and agrees.

At evening
Rags is in her room and got ready in a beautiful Anarkali Suit which is of white color. It is of net and she just wore her earrings on the name of jewellery along with the ring. (the one which San gave her). She is looking like an angel and our san is also not less. He is in white suite matching to rags and looking handsome and hot as always. Viren already teased them a lot after knowing about their date. All are in the living room except ragsan. At that time only san comes speaking in phone (speaking about the arrangements of his first date yaar). He keeps off the phone and looks at all. Viren :Bhai what is this, you wore this today. San panics thinking he is not dressed properly. San says what happened is it not good, should i change the dress. All gives a teasing smile to him and he understands that viren is teasing him and all are supporting him.
San : i will not speak with u all. You all are teasing me.
Adi : now why will u speak to us. You are going on a date that too first date and also with your love. Are we visible to u. San pouts and sits there
San : u are saying as if u went on many dates. I am little nervous thinking will she like my surprise and arrangements or not nd here u all are teasing me. No one are here to help me.
Viren ; did u listen adi bhai what he said. A surprise to rags.what it might be haa, romantic candle light dinner , bla bla bla

Dp smacks viren on his head and asks him to shutup and sits beside san. DP ; beta whatever u do, if u do with love then it will give happiness to her. She will feel happy if u just give her a rose too with pure love and i know my princess, she will like whatever u give, she doesn’t care for any gifts or surprises until u are with her. So u promise me that u will never leave her alone.
San : smiles at DP and says promise papa. Their conversation breaks after listening to someone’s whistle and it is none other than viren. He does it after seeing ragu who is coming downstairs. She was looking really like an angel
San stood dazed seeing her. She is looking like epitome of beauty. He cant take his eyes away from her. She is looking so innocent and cute. He just wants to take her away from everyone and everything but he knows that they both cant stay without family. He is looking at her only and his trance breaks when viren pinches him.
San : viren why did u pinch me? (they speaks slowly. No one can hear them)
Viren ; bhai control. You can see her after u both go out. If anyone sees u like this na then u are out.
San understands what adi said and nods
He goes to ragu who is blushing near the steps after observing that all are seeing her.
San : ragu let us go. It may become late. Rags just nods without lifting her head
San gives her his hand and she holds it. She looks up at him and he blinks his eyes as if saying everything is fine. Once again advi teases them and they goes out. He as a gentleman opens car door for her and she sits. He sits on the driving seat and starts the car
Episode ends
ecap : rag
Prsan date

Hope everyone liked it. I will try to end it as i feel that everyone is feeling bore. Next update is full of ragsan. Thanks for the comments on previous part and sorry if there are any mistakes. It is not proof read

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