Bringing Back The Light ~ A Twinj Story (Chapter 8)

Breaking Down

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To say that Kunj was shocked to see the person in front of him, would be the understatement of the year. It was beyond that.

” Twinkle ? Wa…wait! ” He quickly rummaged through the files on his table, picking up the one which he was about to open a while ago. And all his fears came true as he realized that Twinkle was the same patient about whom he was talking to Dr. Kumar just some time ago. He was shocked, angry, hurt, confused, sad and what not!

Not knowing how to react, he clasped her hand and dragged her out towards his car, informing Ansh about his sudden leave through a text.

” Sit here. ” He ordered her in a serious tone, signalling towards the passenger seat, as he dropped himself in the driver’s seat.

Twinkle did not protest even a bit, quietly looking out of the window, as Kunj continued to drive at a high speed.

Finally reaching his destination, Kunj stopped the car with a screech, quickly getting out. Twinkle looked at him for a while, before moving out as well.

They were standing on a deserted road, surrounded by hundreds of tall trees. Kunj moved into the forest, but not before making sure that Twinkle was following him. After walking a bit, they reached a small lake, right in the middle of the little forest. The moonlight made the water shine like small diamonds, as thousands of stars glittered in the sky. There was a peaceful silence, as both sat down near the lake, though Twinkle looked a bit reluctant.

No one spoke a word for a long time, just kept looking at the starry sky, trying to find their answers in the soothing silence. Or maybe, it was a silence before the storm!

” Why didn’t you tell me ? ” Kunj broke the silence after what seemed like an eternity.

” You don’t have any right to know, Mr. Sarna. ” Twinkle replied coldly, making him flinch.

” You didn’t even tell Akash about it, and you call him your friend ? ” His tone was bitter, as Twinkle gave a dry chuckle.

” Friend, you say ? Well, I once called you my best friend too, Mr. Sarna. So you think it really matters ? ”

” Twinkle.. ” He was so taken aback by her coldness that he didn’t even know what to say.

” It’s over, Mr. Sarna. ” She spoke sharply, getting up with a sigh.

But before she could walk away, Kunj held her hand. Turning towards him, she found those chocolate orbs filled with lots of emotions, burning holes in her own black ones. And just for a moment, Kunj could see behind that coldness. He could see that vulnerability drowned within those black pools. But it went away as soon as it came. And he knew, at that very moment, that he was going to do everything in his power to bring the old Twinkle back, even if it meant that he had to live his past once again.

” Leave me, Mr. Sarna. ” Pulling away her hand, she gave him an icy look, before making her way out, until his next words froze her at her place.

” What has changed, Twinkle ? ” His voice held pain, hurt and sorrow. Those brown eyes which always shined with happiness were now filled with tears. And a traitor year sneaked out, rolling down his cheek. But he made no effort to wipe it. It was his moment of weakness, and surprisingly, he was allowing her in.

Twinkle had the sudden urge to wipe his years away, to assure him that she would always be there, no matter what. But then she chided herself. No, she could not trust anyone. Not after what had happened in the past. She was not going to repeat the same mistake.

” Nothing has changed Mr. Sarna. ” Her words made him look up at her with hopeful eyes. ” It’s the truth that has finally come out. We belong to two different worlds, and our world’s should never clash! ” That being said, she moved away, breaking his heart all over again!

He looked at her retreating figure, until she finally disappeared into the woods. Sighing at his situation, he too got up, and jogged towards his car.

Upon reaching his car, he looked around for Twinkle, but couldn’t find her. Panicking, he was about to shout her name, when his phone buzzed. Frowning, he opened it to see a text from an unknown number. Confused, he tapped it open to read the following words.

‘ Your car was locked with the keys inside. So I called up my P.A. and my car is standing a bit away at your right. Be quick. ‘

And sure enough, there was a car standing nearby. Quickly running over to the car, he found Twinkle sitting at the back, while her P.A. was settled beside the driver.

A small smile broke out on his face, realizing that no matter what, Twinkle did care. Even if she did not show it, her actions spoke louder than words. Shaking his head, he too moved inside.

As soon as he sat down, his phone buzzed again.

‘ Don’t think that I care for you or anything. I just did a favour cause unfortunately my P.A. saw you and wanted to help you. ‘

He looked at her face to see her expressions, but she had already turned away. He did feel bad, but not wanting for her to feel guilty, he didn’t show it. Replying with a quick thank you, he looked out of the window.

After a half an hour drive, which was quite uncomfortable for both Twinkle and Kunj, they finally reached Kunj’s house. Twinkle quickly moved out, and as soon as Akash opened the door, went straight to her room. Sakash were quite shocked to see Twinj together, especially after seeing their behaviour. Akash was about to open his mouth, but Kunj beat him to it.

” Akash, your car keys ?? ” He gave Kunj a confused look, but nonetheless, passed his keys to him.

” Kunj! Where are you going ? ” Sara’s shout fell on deaf ears as Kunj sat in the car, and zoomed off.

Both knew that something was seriously wrong, since Kunj never behaved like that. Akash tried to call him, but his phone was switched off too! Worried about him, both glanced at each other, before nodding.

Kabir was sprawled up on his bed, deep in sleep, when his phone rang.

” Hello ?  ” His voice was hoarse as he picked it up. But all the sleep flew away the moment he heard the urgency in the voice of the caller. The voice sounded familiar to his ears, and he could easily recognise the owner of that voice.

” Akash!! What happened ? All fine na ? ” Kabir was out of his room by then, knocking on the room adjacent to his own. A sleepy Viti came out, looking at him in annoyance. But she quickly turned serious looking at how worried Kabir looked. She beckoned him to keep the call on speaker, to which he obliged.

” Kabir.. It’s about Kunj! ” As soon as they heard ‘Kunj’, both got alert.

” Kunj ?? What about him ? Akash, tell me clearly. ”

” He came back home a while ago with… Twinkle. ”

” What ??!! ” Vibir shouted, giving each other a panicked look.

” Yeah.. As soon as they came, Twinkle went straight to her room, and Kunj took my car and left. His phone is also switched off and his behaviour was not giving us positive vibes. We… we need to find him! Can you- ” Akash was cut off by Kabir, who looked damn worried by now.

” I’ll surely help you, Akash. Just message me your address. Me and Viti will be there ASAP! ” Kabir assured him, as Viti got ready, taking their wallets, phone and car keys. Both moved out, while still being on a call with Akash.

” Okay, I’ve sent you the address. And don’t drive rashly. ”

” Don’t worry Akash. Just take care and call me if you get any information. We’ll be there soon! ” Kabir hung up, sitting inside, but didn’t start the car. It was all so sudden that he was blank, he didn’t know what to do.

Sensing his inner turmoil, Viti kept her hand on his own, squeezing it in reassurance. He turned towards her with a distraught look, to which she blinked at him. Sighing, he started the car, pulling out of the driveway.

Akash was sitting beside Sara, who was trying to contact Kunj every few seconds, when the bell rang. He quickly opened the door, and ushered Vibir in.

” Sara! ” Both were a bit shocked to see her on the wheelchair, but then composed themselves. At that moment, Kunj was more important.

” Hey guys.. ” It was a bit awkward for them, knowing that they were not meeting at any good circumstances.

” Ummm.. So me and Akash will go and find him, while Viti will stay here with Sara. ” Kabir spoke after a minute, as everyone except Sara agreed.

” No! Me and Viti will come with you guys too. ” Crossing her arms stubbornly, she glared at the other three.

” But Sara- ”

” No buts!! I’m coming and that’s final!!! ” The boys were quite known to the fact that she won’t listen, so no one argued.

” Fine! Let’s move. Me and Sara will take Sara’s car, Kabir will take mine and… ” Viti stopped in mid, looking at Akash with a questioning face.

” There’s another car in the garage. I’ll take that one. ” Akash stated with a nod, as the four moved out. But unknown to them, Twinkle had been listening to all of their talks silently.

Kunj was sitting in a deserted park, with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. His eyes were bloodshot, hair and clothes dishevelled, as he continued to stare at the moon. One look at his face, and it could easily be guessed that he had been crying. Dried tear marks adorned the once charming face, his usual smile lost somewhere. He was in pain, a pain which he knew wouldn’t go away anytime soon. His eyes held fear, distrust, hurt, questions, complaints, anger and a lot many emotions. He himself was confused which emotion was the most over-powering.

” Why, Twinkle ? Why did you stop trusting me ? Am I not worth your trust ? Why are you hiding your pain ? You know, it broke my heart when I saw your cold eyes for the first time. I don’t even know what made you become like this! I feel like I failed. I called you my best friend, my first love, and here I am completely oblivious to your turmoil. I hate myself for this, Star.. I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry.. ”

Tears made their way out of his eyes yet again, and this time as well, he made no effort to stop or wipe them. He was breaking since the day he had met her at the hospital, but he didn’t show it. He didn’t want to worry Akash and Sara. Sara was already in pain, and he loved them too much to be the reason of their sadness. It was killing him to see Twinkle like that, and then he got to know about the cancer. That was his final breaking point. He wanted nothing more than to take away all of her pain which she was hiding, even if it meant that he had to go through hell itself. That’s how much he loved her, even if she didn’t.

Maybe that’s what true love is. Continuing to love the other person, even if you don’t get that love back. In the end, all that matters is that person’s happiness. Nothing else.

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