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Dear readers my quirky and witty mood was on the peak therefore I posted such as it ended well Mehrya just started a new beginning and how to end it in that manner right? Well here it goes. Apologies for those who got upset with me… What to do I can’t help me from being myself at times.

Mehak’s POV

I was slightly embarrassed as the officers asked us to kiss there. I looked at Shaurya and warned him not to do anything and thank God he just kissed on my forehead. It felt bliss of happiness as I can feel butterflies flying in my tummy. When his lips touched my forehead skin it says everything for me like he will be there for me and he will be committed to me and it gives me the assurance which I wanted from him. I want to tell him everything I want to say to him on that tragic night, Matarani has given me maybe us this chance so we could start to anew and this will be a new beginning for many of our upcoming days in our life and I want to tell him many things but I don’t know whtr I could tell him everything openly. I will talk to him once we settled down. In the meantime I realize he is holding me securely as we walked out of the station. Now we are going somewhere I just follow him. We reach a fountain with few passerby and sit down as he still hold on to my hands. I looked down at our hands how he held mine protectively. The past weeks how we were as I recovered from the traumatic event in my life. How he took care of me, bearing with all my mood swings and my silent treatments and my ignorance. If it was for some other men he would have thrown me away for all my bad behavior but Shaurya didn’t do such thing but comforted me and given me all the space I needed and whenever I had nightmares he was there to console me. Indeed I feel safe when I am with him. Though I want to tell him what I initially planned to tell him on that night but something keeps bothering me but I don’t care about it now. I must tell him regardless of anything comes between us. Silent tears made its way down as it dropped on our hand he quickly loosened his grip and cupped my face as his thumbs caresses my cheeks as he wiped them away. He shushed me as he enveloped me into a hug as he rub on my back asking me stop crying and everything is fine now. I sniffled as I took a deep breath and pulled from him to look at him. He give me his handkerchief and I wiped my nose and looked at him through my lashes. Once my breathing became alright I started to speak.

Mehak: I need to tell you something Shaurya.

Shaurya: It’s okay Mehak, everything is fine now, you don’t need to tell me anything.

Mehak: No Shaurya you must listen because I wanted to say this to you for a long time and it’s a serious matter too.

When her tone changed as she mentioned serious matter, Shaurya’s look crestfallen and he gulped his saliva looking at her as he wonders what is bothering her still.

Shaurya: If its bothering you then say it I will listen and if you are not comfortable to talk about it now, you can tell to me even some other time. It’s completely fine with me.

Mehak: No, I want to tell you about it now.

She inhales a deep breath and stuttered as she starts talking

Mehak: Remember the night when I was attacked…

Shaurya: Yes that horrible night but why you are talking about that night. Let’s just forget about that and …

Mehak: Shaurya let me speak first, it’s something else you need to know.

Shaurya: Okay, okay sorry I won’t interrupt I will listen to you.

Mehak: That night do you know why I came to the party? I came to apologies to you for behaving badly in the morning during our breakfast time as I misunderstood you. Sonal and Vicky told me about it and I realize how wrong I was for hurting you all the while when you trying to be nice with me and tolerate me. After all we are human and we tend to make mistakes. Kanta chachi always says its human’s nature we do mistakes and as we also must be forgiving as life is a long journey. I was angry with you all these while as you are the cause for my parent’s death and when you were angry with me for maa’s illness I just felt like everything I trusted and loved has betrayed me so that’s why I left everyone and went away to live on my own at Manali. But you found me there though you bring me back forcefully to stay in the cottage with you and you tried everything to be nice with me. When I started to stay together I see your true self, you are no longer the same Shaurya I left. You changed a lot and I saw your goodness which I never seen before and our Jaipur trip was like an eye opener. I want to ask you will you accept me as your wife or as your friend so we can start anew but after all these things happened with that night and all I just don’t feel right. (She can’t continue when Shaurya lifted her chin to look at him)

Shaurya: Why do you think like this Mehak? What is bothering you so that we can’t be husband and wife? Do you still not trust me anymore, is it me who is bothering you.

She immediately shakes her head off and said..

Mehak: It’s not you Shaurya, it’s just me I just feel like I am not that right person to be your wife. You need a better person to take care of you to give you the love you wanted always in your life I feel like I can’t do anything or maybe I don’t deserve these much affection or … (continued with sniffle but were interrupted by Shaurya as he cupped her face with a firm hold as his eyes darken which shows that he is angry and firm, he chewed his inner cheek as he looked straight into her eyes before his thumb wipe off the tear drop.

Shaurya: I loved you when you left me, when you were angry with me, when you were giving me silent treatment, when you were ignoring me and treating me like stranger and even when I know you are not going to forgive me. When you left me after all the promises you made saying that you will be at my side always etc. why I didn’t move on? Because my heart belongs to you, when you left, you took the most important piece of me with you. When I got married to you I had dreams of how my life is going to be from morning I woke up till night I go to sleep. I dreamt every single seconds of my life with you and how do I move on with someone else. Didn’t you had the same dream like me too? So when you were at Manali why didn’t you agree to marry Kunal? Why didn’t you move on? When I found you, you give me love also you give me hope for my clueless life I was living all these while. I might have all the wealth, fame and everything I want but is you the one that my heart, my mind and my soul yearns for. You are the medicine for my wounds and I want my life to be with you not only today but forever. I don’t believe in God but when we made promises in the holy fire I vowed that every rebirth I want to born as Shaurya and you as my wife Mehak and nothing else I want. I want to treasure you, love you, care for you, give you all the happiness in the world to you and always respect you as we travel together in this journey. So don’t you ever say you are less for me, you are the right one for me and now and forever. I only wanted your love in return and nothing else matters to me. Don’t you dare to put yourself low like this as you are My Mehak my love and my life.

Mehak’s POV

When I looked at Shaurya’s eyes while he interrupted me I saw some kind of anger rising in him. He cupped my face firmly and I can feel his hold is not gentle like earlier I gulped my saliva immediately as I felt sudden fear from his look. He made me to look at his eyes and slowly I see the raging anger in him diminish as he opens up his feelings to me. Never in million years I thought someone will love me like this, someone wants me this badly in their life. Nevertheless I lost my parents at young age and I was raised up by my paternal family with abundance of love and care but his love confession just now has just made me feel like fizz up like a bottle of champagne. I blinked my eyes as I looked at him with full of admiration. I never knew God loves me these much that she sent me Shaurya in my life so I will get all form of love which I lost during my childhood. I stumbled and shock will be underestimate word and I am currently out of vocabulary to reciprocate his confession now. I still feel exhilarated hearing his heart out and I feel like the earth has stopped moving and is only us here talking and listening to one another. He let go of my face slowly as he rested his elbows on his knees as he looked down intertwining his fingers. I tried to open my mouth to say something maybe thank you or me too but I am too slow to even think about it. Then something came across my mind it was me who said I love you to him and he didn’t say anything like that, is that means he doesn’t love me anymore? I gulped the air in me as I called him in low tone.

Mehak: Shaur…ya..

Shaurya: hmm (without looking at her as he pressing his thumbs on his forehead.)

Mehak: You didn’t say something…(in her soft cute tone)

Shaurya: say what? I already said everything I want you to know.

Mehak: Kesi aadmi he tum..tumhe pta hai tum ek dum jhaki or sanki insaan ho. Mujhe tumse shaadi krni hi nahi chahie thi.Agar mene us Sandy se yaa Kunal se shaadi ki hoti to meri life aur acchi hoti tum edhr hi baitho me jaarahi hu. (What kind of man are you? Do you know what you are jerk and stubborn man. Instead of marrying you I should have married that Sandy or Kunal at least life will be much better. You sit here I am going off now)

Mehak got off from her place and started to walk, she turned to see for Shaurya’s reaction and he was still in the same position how he was earlier looking at the ground fidgeting with his forehead. She huffed and puffed in anger and stand somewhere distance away from him mumbling to herself.

Shaurya’s POV

Hearing her emotional confession and how she came at that night to the party so we can start anew and I was stupid jerk who didn’t bother to listen to her but keep ignoring her till she fell into the mishap. Imagine things will be better weeks back instead of going through this rough patch up. How could I been so ignorant so arrogant now I feel myself like a loser and I truly deserve a slap. She came to that damn party so she want us to be together and I was the cause of all these extra dramas in my life. I am at least relieved that she told me everything now instead keeping it all in herself and we will never knew about it. I am thinking of every possible way for this relationship to work out and this idiotic girl is saying she is not the right one for me and suggesting me move on with someone else. How dare she come up with such stupid ideas? I am willing to wait, wait till forever for her to accept me but she? I can’t contain my anger at that moment and I cupped her face firmly and I looked at her as became quiet seeing my eyes which flashes the anger in me. I calmed myself a bit but my tone remained firm as I conveyed my feelings for her. It was a bit harsh for her as I can see her eyes widen hearing me but she needs to know as I will not move on with anyone as I belong to her and she belongs to me till eternity. I let go of my hold from her face and looked at the ground as press my thumbs on my forehead to calm myself. I give her some time but now she is scolding me jerk and all and even threatening she will marry that stupid Sandy and idiot Kunal? How dare she even think about it? I thought we just sort our differences now but we are back to square 1 again. Now she left me here standing somewhere far and I don’t know what I did now or what I didn’t do? This girl is damn confusing why is she upset now? Gosh what am I going to do now? A sudden thought came in me, maybe she is upset because I didn’t say something she wants to hear I shook my head looking at her back. Didn’t I confess everything she wants to know earlier and yet this is not sufficient to her? She is still a child who can drives me crazy anytime. I chuckled and got up from my place and walked to her. Gently I wrapped my arm around her waist from back and she tried to pull herself from me. I called her name firmly and she stop struggling with me and lifted her head too look at me in side angle. I got lost in her pouty look and her eyes. I took a deep breath as I look at them and she became calm as she rest herself on my chest.

Shaurya: Mehak, if one more time you pronounce those two morons name and even think about getting married to either of them you will not see this calm and nice Shaurya anymore. What happened to my Mehak who knows what is in my heart even without saying it loudly? I thought you will understand what is inside my heart and my unspoken words are loud for you to hear. I told you so many things which I don’t usually open up easily but yet you didn’t understand me? If you don’t understand me let me say it in short and clear way in which you will understand me.

She looked at me anxiously as I said all these to her. I took a deep breath and said it in the way it will go to her heart.

Shaurya: I love you Mehak. I love you so much and there is no me without you and I want you in my life.

She stayed still in my arm as she analyze my face. Slowly she turned to face me as her hands rested on my chest but her eyes were just on mine as her face lit up with a small smile.

Mehak: You took so long time to say this, buddu hey thum.( You are nuts)

Shaurya: Acha, I had said now, now it’s your turn to say it looking into my eyes, or else I am not letting you go anywhere.

She felt herself stucked as her face redden. She gulped her saliva as she open her mouth…

Mehak: I love you Shaurya.

It felt pure bliss as we stand there ignoring the world around us. I wish how we could stay like this in each other’s warmth feeling our heart beat and stop the time as we feel this feeling of completeness. I rested my forehead on hers and looked at her features as I admire them.

Shaurya: So now since we are fine and things has become good so can I seal the deal in my way? (He said in a s*xy tone)

Mehak: What are you saying?

Shaurya: You know exactly what I am asking? I need a kiss now.

Mehak’s jaw dropped when he said the word kiss and she pushed him away as she create a distance between them.

Mehak: Are you mad you want kiss in the middle of the road? People will see us and I can’t do that.

Shaurya: So you won’t give me a kiss? (He stepped closer to her with a smirk)

Seeing his look she knows he is up to something and if she stays there then it will be no good, she slowly stepped back and before he could react she started to run away from him, which made him to run after her. But since the place filled with people Mehak can’t keep herself away from him and finally he manage to catch her from behind and lifted her from the ground as he swings her around happily as Mehak and him giggled in happiness.

They boarded a tram and this time Shaurya sit next to her and he held her hand tightly as he planted kisses numerous times. They returned to the town and had food together. It feel as nice as they talk like a normal couple during meal and Mehak and he had lots of fun together just like olden days. Evening they walked back to their room and they lay down facing each other not saying anything just smiling.

Mehak: Why are you looking at me like that?

Shaurya: I always see you like that, it’s nothing new. Its late by the way, you should sleep.

Mehak: Yes I am tired and sleepy but you are staring at me like that it makes me uncomfortable. So I will turn to face the other side, good night.

She turned facing the other side smiling to herself when she heard…

Shaurya: Mehak… can I hug you to sleep?

Mehak didn’t say anything except hmm as she blush hard. Shaurya took her silence as an agreement and pull her by her waist to him as he hugged her and plant a kiss on her ear as he whispers good night my love. Mehak fell asleep immediately at his warmth but Shaurya stayed awake watching her. He thanked God for the miracle he offered in his life in the form of Mehak as she accepted him as her husband and now he is excited for his days and nights with her. He watched her as she turn herself towards him, he pushed her hair behind her ears and planted a gentle kiss on her nose tip. His heart fluttered in happiness seeing her cuddling comfortably into him as he wrapped his arm around her kissing her forehead before sleep take over him.

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi: Lyrics, Translation | Ghajini (2008)

Movie: Ghajini

Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Singer: Benny Dayal, Shreya Ghoshal
Music Label: T-Series

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, kismat pe aaye naa yakeen
Utar aayi jheel mein, jaise chaand utarta hai
Kabhi haule haule dheere se
Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se tarannum mein tum
Chhooke mujhe Guzri ho yoon
Dekhoon tumhe, Ya main sunoon
Tum ho sukoon, Tum ho junoon
Kyun pehle na Aayi tum?

How did you become mine, I can’t believe my good fortune
You came to my life.. like the moon descends into the lake sometimes
Slowly and graciously
Like the touch of warm sunrays
You touched me with melody so that
Should I look at you or should I listen to you
You are my solace, you are my passion
Why you didn’t you come earlier?

Main to ye sochta tha ke aaj kal
Upar wale ko fursat nahi
Phir bhi tumhe banake woh
Meri nazar mein chadh gaya
Rutbe mein woh aur badh gaya

I used to think that nowadays
God has no free time
But, having created you,
He has risen in my eyes
His status has become higher..

Badle raaste jharne aur nadi,
Badle deep ki tim tim
Chhede zindagi dhun koi nayi,
Badle barkha ki rim jhim
Badlengi rituyen adaa
Par main rahoongi sada
Usi tarah teri bahon mein bahen daalke
Har lamha Har pal

Roads, falls and river may change their course
Radiance of lamps may change
Life may initiate a new tune
Raindrops may hum a different note
Seasons will change their style
But, I will remain forever
In your embrace, like always..
Each moment each second

Zindagi sitar ho gayi,
Rimjhim malhaar* ho gayi,
Mujhe aata nahi kismat pe apni yakeen, Kaise mujhko mili tum

Life has become like (melodious sound of) sitar
Like showers of Malhaar
I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have you in my life

* In history/mythology, Malhaar is the Raaga that could make it rain when sung by certain people.

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