How time flew and 21 days passed she didn’t know, the life she had imagined was there and it was such a big thing that she was living her life the way she had once thought.

Though it was house to the hospital then again house to hospital she was relieved, they went on little talk sessions at night, they went together to their jobs in morning and they certainly have no issues when she returned in an auto-rickshaw in evenings.

here as she was packing their bags for the wedding next evening she felt awkward..suddenly she was questioning herself “was it right for her to attend the wedding..cause she didn’t know that girl personally, it was awkward to meet her as the wife of someone she had feelings once.

“Krishna, the blazer came from laundry ?” he asked as he came with the beautifully wrapped gift packet.

“no,” she replied busy in her own thoughts.

“Okay, then I will call them, pack this too.” gesturing the packet he stretched his leg to get the phone kept between their pillows.

“sorry, what you said.” she came to earth as he stretched on the bed to call them.

“are you okay? I was asking about my blazer!” he narrowed his eyes.

“Yeah, it has come. Sorry I was thinking something.” and she started checking her bangles to pack.

“and that’s why I say don’t think too much, by the way, what it was this time?” he smiled as he caressed the soft material of her dupatta kept casually on the bed.

“I was thinking … actually, I don’t know how she will react?” she said nervously not meeting his eyes.

“Well, the first thing she wants us to attend her wedding and second I will like my ONLY wife to accompany me all the places with me if she is free.” and he waited for her response.

“tsk… that was very cheesy.” and she smiled as she left the bed.

“I heard somewhere wives like when husbands talk cheesy, ” and he shifted on his elbow facing her.

“then you have heard right.” smiling she opened the drawer but he was adamant to look any other direction.

“don’t look at me that way, it feels strange,” she said shuffling through the stuff inside.

“and I love doing that.” he didn’t turn away.

exhaling a deep breath, she thought to change the topic, “I met a strange girl today, the one I was talking with when you came to pick me…remember!”

“I know you are trying to change the topic but I am not buying it – and with a swift motion, he pulled her to him.

“Sayyam…. what are you-

“Shhh… don’t make noises, I want to spend some time with my only wife,” he whispered taking away the box of medicines from her hand away.

“Sayyam… the door isn’t locked. someone will come.” she tried making a point.

“well, the fun is more when there is a chance of being caught,” he smirked and her eyes popped out.

“Nooo… let me complete our packing first.” she panicked.

“I said I only want to spend some time with my wife, what you thought I was going to – and he was cut midway.

“okay okay, spend some time with your wife, I am not saying anything,” she said trying to focus on the palm intertwining her palm and in no time her hairs were freed from the rubber band and the pair of full lips found hers intensely.

she knew his idea of spending the time and she just prayed no one came to their doors and witnessed their IDEA OF SPENDING TIME with their luggage scattered here and there, lights shining brightly and in a totally disoriented room.


“Krishna, I was thinking – and the always calm lady was stopped on the door. the couple was sleeping hugging each and how much she wanted to leave them this way she had to wake them up for the packing and for their own good; thought Suhani smiling inwards.

Closing the door behind her she called her son and as the tune chimed on the other side of the door she smiled and moved to her room to sound as genuine as a mother should, who never witnessed her son and daughter-in-law a few minutes back sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms.

“ma… ” he mumbled sleepily to the phone.

“Sayyam, I had been thinking if you are out on the walk then come with some lemons, it seems your dad has got indigestion.” and he felt some kind of muffling like ….like his mother was stifling her laugh.

as he adjusted himself to the surroundings he realized it was nearly 9 and they needed to get up for the dinner and for the remaining packing.

thinking to freshen up as he shuffled through the almirah for his towel which was not in its place he thought to check her side and all of a sudden a packet fell with a thud and Krishna woke up surprised, ” what happened ?”

“nothing..” he said as he bent to see the damage to the contents of the packet and the first thing was “Death with interruptions” the book he had given her then came a few of her fine works and again those eyes looked back at him intensely.

“what happened,” she asked as she tied her hairs with the rubber band and adjusted her dupatta.

“you may scold me if I say.” he smiled as he gathered all the things in his hands and tried keeping it to its place.

“I won’t on one condition…” and he felt mischief in her voice but she looked busy in zipping the bags.

“and what must be that ?” he asked as he walked to her.

“I want you to say those words to me tonight,” she said not meeting his eyes.

“those three magical words.” he joked and in return found her staring him for a while and then she walked to him.

“you know very well…don’t you King ? and right now let’s just go out. you always do this…” her expressions of mischief changed to seriousness in a moment.

“and what I do…? he teased.

“what others would be thinking –

“well other than ma who would be thinking anything because your dear sister in law isn’t here and by the way, your Suhani ma have already seen us,” he said as he took his towel from the bed.

“ do you know?” she was as surprised as embarrassed by the revelation.

“well, who do you think called me and asked to bring some lemons from the market.” and he winked at her.

“I told you… now I won’t face her alone.” she declared angrily earning a big chuckle from his side.


She really was so lucky cause not only an understanding but she had gotten such a loving mother in law; she had been feeling really low about the previous thing but the lady never showed any sign rather helped her completing packing and suggested a few things which she really needed to hear when she had been nervous about a trip she was going on.

“we should be sleeping by now, have to leave early.” he tried getting her attention after the dinner but she never responded.

“Okay, sorry…we won’t be throwing such stunts again.” but she still remained silent.



“come na…

“packing a few go and take rest.”

“Okay then, I am waiting for you,” he said as he swiped open his phone and pretended busy in it.

but when the assumed ten minutes changed into the torturously long half an hour his patience gave up.

leaving the bed he switched off the lights and she turned alarmed for a moment but as she realized it was only him she left the dressing chair and started moving to the switchboard when he caught her.

“well, the queen has every right to get angry with the king but it was such a little thing, I know ma wouldn’t have said anything.” he tried reasoning.

“but I am not comfortable with it.” and she tried removing the arm circling her from behind.

“ok sorry.” he again tried.

“it is okay now leave me.” and she used more force but his cage only tightened.

“I know it is not okay, I saw you were not packing anything rather shuffling through the drawer randomly,” he said and she stopped struggling.

“I don’t find myself comfortable in such situations, there should be a line of respect between we children and parents… and they stood silent for a few seconds.

“yeah, you are right… he whispered lightly but the tone was evident he understood her and in no time she was free.

the air-conditioned room felt hot all of a sudden, did she overreact ? was it not the right way? but as soon as she surfaced up from the deep thoughts she found him covering himself with the sheets.

failing to face this situation she thought to just sleep, perhaps it was the right option but then her heart was on fire.

“don’t know how going to face him next morning”. she asked herself nervously

“and the next two days…” her ever so smart brain threw the most suitable question.

out of exhaustion, out of helplessness and out of embarrassment tears lost their control and silently they flew as she laid on her side and she knew in no time he would know cause the hiccupy crying session was about to hit her.

She knew in no time the more she was going to stop them, the harder they were going to sound… but when distances are not much evident it is hard to play hide and seek.

Dry leaves are not to be crushed

for they too hold the beauty of autumn.

wait isnt over till the solace is home

and right winds come at right moments.”

The words scribbled in a beautiful handwriting behind the eye-sketch voiced in a more beautiful way and the silence of the room gave the perfect background tune, her heart beat fast exactly the same way how she has seen him for the first time.

she felt elocuted to even stir but she needed to acknowledge this presence, and shifting on her back she concentrated on the yellow light of the street below her balcony; their night companion.

why underestimating yourself this much,

why believing someone this much

you are your eyes to see the world

why making me your eyes to see yourself…”

as soon as the lines completed, the lines she had gone through many times she took no time to hug him and surrendering herself to him; all she needed these little things in her life and she felt terrified of the fulfillment of every wish.

they said being artistic was important to feel the deep secrets of life and at that moment she wanted nothing else and nothing more … he remembered her wish and even completed.

over the skies where folks say, lives a minister of God who writes everyone’s future marked an important point in the diary alloted to this couple… he is the best manager and he is the best auditor of life expenses of a person.


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