Ishqbaaz 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika wears Tia’s Roka chunri

Ishqbaaz 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priyanka says you got your hand burnt to save me. Shivaye says so that you don’t get harmed. She asks what about your pain. He says I can tolerate any pain for you, I can’t tolerate to see tears in your eyes. She says really sorry, I m lucky to have a brother like you, you gave me so much love that I never missed mom and dad, I found them in you, I don’t even miss them now. He says don’t think about them, I m here to look after you always. Omru come and hug her. Rudra says how are you, I m good, where is my gift. She says this shirt is for Om, that suitcase is for you. Om says suitcase is not your gift, the things loaded inside are for you. Anika says I didn’t get the job, what shall I do now. She gets a call and says yes I had come there, what, the job is still available, I will come and bring

the file too, thanks. Shivaye sees Khanna and asks him to say. Khanna says there is a girl in my locality, actually….. Shivaye asks will you say today.

Khanna says there is a wedding at home, please check the file if you get time. He keeps the file and goes. Shivaye says Khanna is strange, what’s this file. Anika says its a miracle, I got a call from Shyamali Malhotra’s company, I should go, but Khanna has that file. Shivaye takes the file. Dadi comes. He keeps the file. Dadi shows the diamond set and says we have to give this to Tia on roka. He says it will be good. She says I know you are marrying for my happiness, you don’t believe in love, but one day you will fall in true love, it will get tough for you to live without your love. Anika calls Khanna. She says he isn’t responding, I think I should go there to get the file.

Shivaye sees the file and reads name Anika…. Anika is on the way and sees a procession going on. Everyone chants Lord Shiva’s name. He says Anika…. Anika says Shivaye…….He says who is she, I have never heard of this name before. He sees Omru and says you…. Rudra says yes, its us, we will come in without knocking till you get married. Om takes Rudra along. Dadi compliments Tia and blesses her. Priyanka hugs Tia. Dadi says I m so happy that you are becoming a part of Shivaye’s life, I wanted to celebrate it in a grand way, but pandit gave mahurat on short notice, we couldn’t wait for your family. Priyanka says they are coming after two days, we will plan then. Dadi says I know why you are so happy about it. Priyanka gets shy. ShivOmru come downstairs. Shivaye gets a call and goes. Omru go ahead. The doors open. Anika comes there. Omru dance with Dadi and Priyanka. Main tenu samjhawan….plays…….. Shivaye and Anika are close. He ends the call and turns to see. She goes. Anika sees the family. Shivaye comes there. Dadi asks where are the flowers. Khanna goes to get. Anika calls out Khanna. Shivaye walks after Anika. She goes away. Omru take Shivaye for dance. Dadi says roka mahurat will get over, Priyanka get the chunri. She makes Shivaye sit with Tia.

Dadi says if your mum was alive, she would have performed these rituals, if Shakti was here, he would have been much glad, but Lord didn’t write this day in their fate. She cries. Rudra says why are you getting senti, you are not doing Shivaye’s bidaai. Dadi says he has said a right thing, occasions are meant to be celebrated. Priyanka gets chunri. Rudra says red dupoatta, this won’t match. Om says its roka, not Tia’s clothes. Dadi says red color signifies marriage, so roka chunri is red in color, Shivaye is Tia’s Suhaag now. Anika goes after Khanna. Dadi says this chunri is of Shivaye’s name which will only be adorned by his wife. Anika says where did he go. Khanna takes flowers. Dadi takes the chunri. The chunri flies far away by the wind. Anika comes there. The chunri falls on her. Rudra says that’s a wrong connection, Shivaye’s name chunri on someone else’s head. Om asks him to be quiet. Anika tries to remove the chunri. Kaise bataye…..plays…. Shivaye goes to Anika and lifts the veil. Anika’s face reflects in his eyes. Everyone looks on. He pulls the chunri. He turns and looks at her. Tu jaane na….plays…. He goes.

Anika says somebody has sent us at the same place, same day and same time where we had met for the first time. Shivaye says and then, we met again. She asks will we have the same love again. He says its just that there would be a new story, Shivaye and Anika will be same, but not the story. They hold hands. At hospital, Shivaye asks don’t you have manners, maybe your mum didn’t teach you or maybe she was ill mannered too. She says I think even your mum is ill mannered, else she would have surely taught you how to talk to a girl. He says if any man said this same thing to me, I would have broken his face, you are lucky that this is our last meeting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Now they changed all instumental tune… Shivika , Obros nd even family tune also changed… “Milke Vi Na Mile” this song is perfact to Shivika’s current situation , but i m missing “Ishq Hain Sukun” nd “O Jaana” song… Last time in their first meeting nd tashan time this two song were played… So i m missing this two song…. Anyone else miss this two song??
    BTW I m liking this new instrumental tunes….
    Now coming to epi ,
    Best part there was no Nikhil’s scene today…
    Obros- Prinku moment was good….
    Shivay bhaiya nd Khannaji ka relation same 2 same hain… Redux didnt work on them…
    Anika’s entry with song ” Main Tenu Samjhana” was nycc… This time my feeling soo different then last time… May be becz last time we didn’t know Shivika fully , but now we know them nd to see them like this totally unknown to each other…
    Shivay’s roka….
    Nd Pinky absent… Dadi me also missing Pinky , her loud voice nd specially her OMM…!!!
    Rudy – Ab yeh saghun kon hain… LOL…
    Rudy nd his comic…
    Redux chunri scene…. Ab Shivay ke naam ka chunri toh uski dulhan ke liye hi hoga na….
    nd There first meet… It’s just Woowwww!!!!! Beautiful….
    Precap –
    Shivika’s new promo… It will be good if they SP give this promo of IB….
    Starting of Shivika’s tashan nd there hate – love saga….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Congrats dear banita. Yes I am missing the theme songs of IB. Lafzon and o jaana. The new one is good but so used to the old instrumental music. I gues when it is a redux many scenes will be revamped except the characters. I love the entry of Anika and what a cinematography capture when the Chiun fell on her perfectly.

      1. Thank U dii…
        Yeh IB ka cinematograpy is always good…
        My best part was when Anika reflect on Shivay’d eye… That was just mindblowing…

    2. Luthfa

      Go Banita Go.Many many congratulations….?
      Me too missing O Jana so very much.Still new bgms are good.

      1. Banita

        Thank U Lu…
        yeh this new one also nycc…

      2. Thank U @Lu…
        Yeh this new one also nycc…

    3. Luthfa

      And episode was also nice.I must say,NM and SC are trying to cope up with the story and characterizations and they have become successful.Now Shivika tashan will start in this AU.Just hope everything goes well and we get to watch drama of good quality.Take care?

      1. Agree yr they r doing fabulous job in this….
        Let’s hope for best…!!!

  2. Riana

    For me the best scene of today was anika’s entry in the oberoi mansion and samjhawan played…aahh loveddd it ! ??❤️❤️???
    OmRuPri scene was sweet i liked it…
    Shivaay was so caring towards her sister the scene got me emotional in th previous episode…
    Anika’s name spoken by shivaay and shivaay’s name spoken was anika (filmy) ??…Although i liked the way anika said shivaay !…Lol i am exaggreating ! ??
    I thought when anika will enter it will make a dramatic atmosphere…god idols will be shown…wind will blow and shivaay will turn towards anika and his phone will drop !! ?????????????????….
    ShiTia’s FAKE ROKA ceremony was really good…
    Dulhan kaun…chunri kiske upar !! ??????
    I wish anika too showed her attitude by throwing the chunri away !! ????
    Precap – Firstly when new shivika were talking i felt its good…But when the hospital scene was shown…I felt too irritated and literary raged when shivaay told i will break that boy’s mouth…i felt like he will break anika’s mouth…if he do that fans will crush him…????…OOPS PHIR ZYAADA HOGAYA ???????


    1. Riana

      *exaggerating* ????

    2. Banita

      Heyy Riana…
      Humara imaginations humesha kuch bahat hi jayda hota hain…
      nd about muh todne wali part.. Arre don’t worry tadibaaz SSO hain toh khidkitode Anika vi hain na… Let’s enjoy their tashanbaazi…

  3. Good news is that he fell in love with her, bad news is he will take ages together to acknowledge, realize and confess I don’t trust these writers u know

  4. Banita

    Nd one msg from @Arpu for U all…
    Her exms will start from 27th June.. So she will be absent till 4th July…

  5. Dishani01

    i feel bad… i miss old ib starting ..

    1.shivomru entry..
    2.omru jocks.. teasing for shitia..
    3.obro moment and hugging
    4.rudra stupid poem.. prinku innocent .. rudy hugs emotional ..
    5.shivay and annika jocks…
    6.specially dadi’s advice ..
    7:-shahil cute speech..
    8.pinky jocks
    i got some good things also..

    1.gauri character fully.. hair never in dipretion for tej behavior
    4.jhanavi bad state
    5/.calm tia..

    but i miss lot thing feels sad that by never coming to comment.. ????????????Why i missing ib now a days only read update.. anyways only hope in one day I’ll look ib.. only for actors I’ll hope and keeping for old ib i hope.. all is well but why i feel ib turn as drama as sentiment reqular serial without old damaka or box-office hit but hope everything will good..?
    Sorry if hurt

    1. Banita

      Hlo @Dishani…
      Well ab hum saare chiz ek mein toh nahi paa sakte na… Now there is soo difference in nature of characters compare to last time… So surely some thing will be missing in this…

  6. hi pkj family.I think everyone must have felt overwhelmed seeing golden awards nakul as anchor & reciving best actor award aaahhh!!! I was on cloud 9.share ur feelings.

  7. Luthfa

    Love is strange,so strange!Those who fall in love are also strange.Two totally opposite individuals come together,connected by an invisible bond.Magic of love plays its tune and two hearts start responsing in equal rhythm.Without any first hand,prior knowledge,those twin heart learn,experience,feel,perceive,visualize-what is Love.When two such people meet who are destined to unite,no matter in what situations they are involved,it slowly turns to their favour in fact everything works to make place for their love to blossom inside their own heart.That First moment is absolutely special for two people who are meant for each other.Shivika have seen each other for the first time still it looked like they know themselves since long.Their connection of heart that is unknown,buried deep down,started surfacing step by step,bit by bit.Two soul mates and their relation got entangled,their destinies got merged and became one true destination for both of them,one beautiful journey of two hearts to complete.Shivika’s love has brought them close to each other.Two separate beings with two separate hearts are ready to discover their love.Door of love has opened for them and all they need is to listen to their hearts and connect the Dots of Destiny to reach their one true Destination……………………………………..

    1. Banita

      Their one true destination LOVE….
      Wahhh @Lu… Nycc analysis on their first meeting…
      Love ur writing yr…

  8. Banita

    Arre PKJwalon….
    What happen to U all…!!!!?????????
    Only 27 comments on weekend…
    Kanha gaye U all…!!! Ya sb ke sb soo gaye…!!!??
    Arre jo vi soo gaya hain jaldi se jald uth jao… IB is going to complete 2yr after just one day on 27th June 2K18…
    So party toh banti hain hain na…!!!

  9. It’s been so damn long since I posted something on these pages but tonight I couldn’t stop myself..
    Since the story changed it’s been quite unsettling for me as the older version was quite close to my heart..
    But still I can’t fawn enough over Anika?
    Can i just say how stunningly beautiful and innocent she looked this episode..
    Only Surbhi could pull it off..
    Her dress, her make up, her hair style everything screamed she’s innocent and enticing at the same time..
    And gosh! I loved that chunar wala scene when he removed it???
    *Heart fluttering*
    Still I don’t know why but there would be an emptiness for me an unsettling feeling that the old story didn’t get any proper closure, they did leave many loose ends..
    Still this is the only show i watch so not planning to let it go anytime soon..
    *Relieved* ☺

  10. Hello everyone hope all had a good weekend.
    Both shivika have a feel when their names were said but they can’t make the connection. I love the manner shivaay removes the chunri. Ooooh anika was reflected in his eyes. How much he feels connected to her is to wait and see. Only nakkul and surbi can display such expressions. The expression when they saw each other’s face was too good. It was a confused expression of love and strangers.

    The tadi shivaay and mellowed anika were different. Precap shows something must have gone wrong and both hate each other. I wonder who will be the love cupid. Prinku does not know anika neither do omru who knows anika. They are all for Tia.

    I wonder when shivika will start liking each other. But the chunri fell on the right person.

    I am missing pinky mum a lot. Her noise and her funny English accent. Wish they could bring her and sakti back.

    Where is Tej and jhanvi? Are they still in IB? When anika stepped into Oberoi mansion it seems like it was her gravaprakesh of being welcomed as a new bride and at the right moment the chunri fell on her.

    I like the precap where shivika tell the audience that Shivaay and anika are still there but the story is new. It is good. We have to watch it as new serial and this time they will have proper wedding of Rikara.

    1. Hlo dii…
      May be this time our Khannaji will be cupid between shivika…
      Yeh narvi doing gr8 job in this redux part…
      That was not gruha pravesh scene… That was Anika’s OM pravesh scene… For d first time she entered in OM in this new redux part na… But yeh as u said that part was beautiful…

  11. I have a doubt , are they doing a fake drama or have they really forgotten each other????
    I really miss shivika’s cute romantic fight………

  12. Pls mera pura na ib loota do, mujhe yeh redux samajh nai as raha plsssssssss gul mam. I really very miss ” o jaana”

  13. Vidya Saraswathi

    I totally miss old ib song Anika and shivaay way of speaking omru jokes etc., But this ib also quitly good. When compare to old and new I will vote for old ib only.

  14. ItsmePrabha

    hola familia..kal humara show ka 2nd anniversary hai….yayyyy…
    par main kal yah pe nahi aa paungi…mummehhhhh…??????????????????
    so aaj hi keh rahi hoon.. advance mein…
    Congratulations to the whole cast, crew, fans, viewers, haters.. Happy 2nd anniversary to all of us in advance..
    episodes are getting intriguing aur phooti kismath meri mujhe kal se hi out of station jaana hai..
    Maybe 10 din ke liye mere bhai ka project work ke liye main aur bhai out of station jaa rahe hai..
    i am going to miss IB, PKJ, our comments…
    hope kaam jaldi khatam ho jaaye aur main jald se jald wapas aa jaye..fingers crossed..
    so jab tak main wapas na aa jaoun tab tak have fun and haa zyaada fun math karna…
    take care.. Adios amigos..Love you all..Muaah….

  15. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode…. The chunri scene is good…. And i miss the major element of Ib the unique precap some time before….
    This is the one thing which makes Ib super different.. But cvs has stopped it…
    Congratulations to Ib team and all ishqies for completing three years

  16. Nikita_jai29

    Upps sorry two years

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