BREAKING FREE (Pragya’s story) Prologue


Open scene

Abhi: this is all your fault, I lost my daadi because of you! I HATE YOU! Get lost! I never ever want to see your face again!

A shattered pragya lifelessly walks along road drenched in the pouring rain as these words keep playing in her mind repeatedly, each time piercing her heart like a dagger. The tear’s in her eyes mercilessly streaming down her cheeks, her eyes so moist with tears, she could barely see. Suddenly she comes to a halt for the first time she looks up, she cans the area through her bloodshot eyes, why her body brought her here, this place where her heart shattered for the first time, this place, on this very spot where she lost her first love….her bulbul.

That instant, she decided it was fate, yes, fate!….what else could it be?, She knew what she had to do now, she closed her has and let go, she surrendered to the hurt, the pain, the ache. At least now she would be with her bulbul….she felt the ground beneath her feet fade and her pain with it
when suddenly she feels her body pulled back with a strong force,

she jerks up, her eyes wide open, panting and sweating……she quickly looks beside her hoping her sudden action did not  accidentally wake up her baby, her life, her Kia. on seeing that her princess was still very sleeping, looking so adorable and peaceful cuddling her pillow, she lets out a sigh of relief.

she turns to look at the clock, it’s 3 in the morning, that Is when the realization dawns on her, it was a nightmare. The same nightmare that has tormented her sleep for the last 7 years.

She instinctively reaches for a glass of water on her the nightstand of her bed in the dimmed room, she could barely see given her bad eyesight coupled with the dimness of the room, the only light source coming from the tiny nightlight she keeps for her baby, she blindly feels around for the glass on the nightstand but much to her displeasure, her hand only touches air, there was no glass.

She disappointedly leans back against the headboard, sleep far from her eyes now, with the fear of the dreadful nightmare coming back to her slumber, she only takes comfort in the beautiful little bundle of joy that’s laying peacefully beside her, a soft smile plays on her face and  she gently caresses her beautiful daughters hair, just watching her sleep, the mere sight of this floods her heart with love which shone in her beautiful brown eyes.

This moment right now, nothing, nothing in this world could ever be better than this, she thought to herself as she slowly closed  her eyes when suddenly the door flew open which startles her out of her peaceful moment.
She sighs but is not alarmed because she knows exactly who it is. every single night he does this, every night for the last seven years, she looks up towards him as he worriedly approaches her with much haste.

The man comes and gently sits beside her, careful not to wake the little princess then he reaches out his hand which had a glass of water in it and gives her to drink, she looks at him with a soft smile on her face and obediently drinks the water. How well he knows her, she didn’t have to say a word but he knew exactly what she needed,  her smile unknowingly grew wider and her eyes sparkled as she looked at his face, a face with eyes so pure, a smile so gentle and Serene, it made her feel safe and unknowingly her hand made it’s way gently over his, she looked down and realized what she had done but before she could react, he slowly picked her hand still in his and gently kissed it. Then he softly mouthed “goodnight” , then leaned over and placed a kiss on his daughters forehead, then proceeded to leave the room quietly when pragya softly whispered his name,

King“, he turned to look at her with slight concern on his face but was calmed when she mouthed to him, “thank you”. He smiled and nodded his head then left the room, quietly closing the door so as not to wake up little Kiara.

After he left pragya lay on her bed, smiling again but this time unknowingly for two reasons, she slowly closed her eyes and drifted into a peaceful slumber.

End of prologue

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