RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 52

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Episode begins with.. 

Riddhima comes to the village and enquires about the panchayat school to an old man. He directs her. Riddhima thanks the old man and goes. Riddhima comes to the village panchayat school and enquires about pappu. Just then, a staff hears the name and comes to riddhima.. 

STAFF: Who are you? Why are you asking about pappu? Why do you want to know about him? 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) I can’t tell them the truth. May be they won’t tell me if I tell who I am. I must lie.. 

STAFF: I’m asking you.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’m his friend. We both studied together. But, later I went abroad for my higher studies. Just now, I came here. Where is he now? 

STAFF: He is not in this village. After that incident he left this village. He never returned after that.. 

RIDDHIMA: What happened? Which incident were you speaking about? 

STAFF: We don’t know what exactly happened. If you want to know about it then, you have to meet sharda. Only she can help you. 

RIDDHIMA: Where can I meet her? 

The staff directs her. She goes. 

Meanwhile, vansh and sia admits Uma at the hospital. The doctor  checks her and informs vansh that she had a minor attack. 

VANSH: Doctor, is she fine now? 

DOCTOR: Who is riddhima here? 

VANSH: She is my wife. 

DOCTOR: Where is she? 

Vansh stays silent.. 

SIA: She has gone out for an important work.. 

DOCTOR: Call her and asks her to come immediately.. Your mother is out of danger. But, she is not fine. She was constantly calling her name. If you want your mother to be safe then, she need to be with her. Only she can help her. We can only give medical treatment. But, her heart is searching riddhima. She need to come here. Moreover, don’t give her any shocking news. She can’t bear any shock. Take care.. 

The doctor goes.. 

VANSH: How will I ask riddhima to come? It’s impossible.. She won’t come.. 

SIA: Bhai, don’t worry.. I’ll speak to her.. 

VANSH: No, I’ll go and search her. You just be with mom. Call me immediately, if you need anything.. 

Saying so, vansh goes.. 

Vansh calls sejal and asks where riddhima has gone. 

SEJAL: Bhai, I don’t know.. But, she told me that she is going for some office work. 

He cuts the call.. 

VANSH: She told shwetha that she is going for some personal work. But, sejal is saying that she has gone for some office work. As far as I know, there is no office work.. Where has she gone? Is she in some problem? Where is she? 

Meanwhile, riddhima comes to meet sharda and introduces herself as pappu’s friend.. 

RIDDHIMA: What happened? Why did pappu leave this village? Where is he now? 

SHARDA: He left this village after his mother’s death.. 

Riddhima gets shocked.. 

RIDDHIMA: What happened to her? 

SHARDA: The only mistake she did was her love. She loved rudra during her college days. She even married him secretly. But, later he left her and married another woman as per his parents wish. She tried to convince him a lot. But, he didn’t have the courage to bring her in front of the world. Finally, she left all her hope. She decided to move ahead in her life. But, at that time she became pregnant. Her relatives asked her to abort the child. But, she didn’t. She wanted to give birth to the child. But, her family was against her decision. So, she left her family and came to this village when she was 8 months pregnant. 

Riddhima remembers reading all this in the diary.. 

RIDDHIMA: I know all this. 


RIDDHIMA: Actually, I told you right.. I’m pappu’s friend. He had told me.. 

SHARDA: Then, you must have also known about his hatred for his step sister.. 


SHARDA: I mean rudra’s daughter, riddhima.. 

Riddhima gets shocked.. 

RIDDHIMA: What did she do? 

SHARDA: You told that you are his friend and he told everything to you? 

RIDDHIMA: No.. He told me but I thought that he must have changed.. 

SHARDA: How will it change? It’s his 20 year hatred. All the villagers used to call pappu as illegitimate child and even used to scold pappu’s mother for having an illegal relationship with a married man. 

RIDDHIMA: But, how did this village people come to know of their relationship? 

SHARDA: This is village. People living here are more interested in knowing about others and what happens in other’s life. Rudra just used to come here and go. He was with his second wife. Within few days villagers came to know about them. Though she married rudra first, though she was his first love, people used to call their relationship illegal. Because, rudra used to keep their relationship as secret. He haven’t introduced them to this world. Pappu had faced many humiliation due to this. He used to cry and get angry at them. But, he is always concerned of his mother. He has no friends due to this. But, still he used to study well. 

RIDDHIMA: But, what happened to his mother? 

SHARDA: Even she died because of his step sister, riddhima.. 

Riddhima gets shocked.. 

RIDDHIMA: What did she do? What happened? 

Just then, riddhima receives a call from angre.. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Why is bhai calling me? 

She thinks of ishani’s words and disconnects the call. She again receives call from angre. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Bhai usually won’t call me again if I disconnect once. But, what happened today? 

She attends the call. On the other hand, a lady informs that she got the mobile from accident spot. She asks whether is this riddhima? 

RIDDHIMA: Yes, I’m riddhima.. 

The lady immediately cuts the call. Sharda gets shocked.. 

SHARDA: Are you riddhima? 

Riddhima gets shocked.. 

Sharda gets angry.. 

SHARDA: Are you riddhima rudra sharma? 

Riddhima stays silent.. 

SHARDA: Tell me.. 

RIDDHIMA: Yes.. But. 

Before she could speak further, sharda calls all the neighbours and informs them about her.. 

SHARDA: Do you all remember pappu and his mother. She is riddhima. Rudra’s second wife’s daughter. She is the reason for pappu’s mothers death. Do you all remember that day. She is the reason for that. Because, of her pappu lost his mother. Do you remember how he cried and left this village. It’s all because of that. 

The villagers gets angry. All asks riddhima to leave.. 

RIDDHIMA: Please, allow me to speak. Where is pappu now? What happened to his mother? What did I do? 

SHARDA: Because of you a son has lost his one and only mother. You snatched away his mother. 

RIDDHIMA: I came to know of pappu and his mother only some time back. I haven’t even seen them. 

SHARDA: We don’t want to give any explanation. We don’t want a killer like you to be in this village even for a second. Get out of our village. God won’t forgive you.. 

Riddhima cries.. 

RIDDHIMA: I want to see that pappu.. 

SHARDA: You have already made his life a hell. 

The villagers asks her to leave. Riddhima cries.They all together pushes riddhima. She was about to fall, but vansh holds her. She opens her eyes and sees vansh. 


Vansh gets angry and slaps one of the villager.. 

VANSH: How dare you to behave like this to her? 

The villagers asks riddhima to leave.

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Vansh shouldn’t know about this. I must take him immediately.. 

VANSH: What did she do? Why shouldn’t she come here? Who are you all to tell this? 

The villagers was about to hit vansh. But, sharda stops them.. 

SHARDA: She is the reason for papp.. 

Before she could complete,Riddhima stops them.. 

RIDDHIMA: Enough! You all want me to leave, right? I’ll leave.. You have no right to raise your hand on him? 

Vansh smiles hearing it.. 

She holds vansh’s hands and leaves from there. She turns and sees the village people and leaves. She sits in the car and both leaves… 

As soon as they come to the city riddhima asks vansh to stop the car. Vansh stops the car.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sir, I don’t know how you reached there. I don’t even  want to know. But, thanks.. 

VANSH: It’s.. 

RIDDHIMA:Sir, this thanks is not for holding me while I was about to fall. Even if you haven’t come it wouldn’t have been a problem. In fact, you came here and spoilt everything. But, still it’s okay. I thanked you for dropping me.. 

VANSH: I’ll drop you where you want to go? 

RIDDHIMA: No sir.. I can manage.. Anyhow, this is not new for you. You have already done this. I have learnt to manage everything alone from my experience with my ex husband. 

Saying so, she gets out of the car and goes.. 

Vansh looks at her and thinks of uma’s condition.. 

VANSH: How will I ask you? I can’t.. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. Already, you are hurt because of me. I don’t want to use your helplessness and force you. I won’t do that anymore. Already, I have done that and still now I don’t know how to correct that mistake. Sorry riddhima.. 

He goes. He comes to the hospital. The doctor asks about riddhima.. 

VANSH: Why doctor? Is everything okay? Why are you tensed? 

DOCTOR: Umaji needs riddhima. She is repeatedly calling her name. Our treatment can’t do anything. Riddhima is the treatment for her. Ask her to come immediately.. 

Saying so, the doctor goes.. 

SIA: Bhai, what happened? Did riddhima refused to come? 

VANSH: No, I didn’t ask her. 

SIA: Then, I’ll call her.. 

VANSH: No.. I’ll go and bring her.. 

Vansh goes.. 

On the other hand riddhima comes to her hotel room and cries.. 

Meanwhile, vansh calls sejal.. 

VANSH: Where is riddhima staying? 

SEJAL: She is not in this city. 

VANSH: She has come. Just tell me, where is she staying? 

SEJAL: XYZ hotel.. Room number 204..

Vansh cuts the call.. 

RIDDHIMA: Why did you do this dad? I thought that you were cheating someone. But, no.. You cheated my mom. That lady was your first love. You married her. It means legally she is your first wife. But, you didn’t bring that marriage in front of this world. How will I tell this to my mom and bhai? They are trusting you. I can’t forgive you for this. I won’t forgive you. How am I responsible for pappu’s mother’s death. I didn’t even know her. I don’t know whether you know about her death. You have ruined two families. What if vansh’s family gets to know about this truth.. 

Just then, vansh comes there.. 

VANSH: Riddhima.. 

Riddhima turns and sees him and gets shocked.. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Did he hear me? 

PRECAP: Vansh begs riddhima to return for his mother’s sake.. 

Guys, I don’t know whether you’ll like this track. So, the thing which riddhima read in that diary was about rudra’s affair. That’s the reason for her anger towards rudra. But, she doesn’t know about pappu. Please, do comment whether you like the track. Also, do comment your suggestions if you have any. Sorry, if I have disappointed any of you with this track.. I hope you’ll support me.. 

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