BrahmaRakshas 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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BrahmaRakshas 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina informs family that she could hear Rishab’s voice, but could not see him. She just got his watch, gives it to daadi. Daadi shatters. Rishab in Raina’s shoes shouts he is here, but nobody listens to him. Kiara starts yelling at Raina that because of her she lost her husband, Rishab would not have gone behind Raina. Mitali asks from when she is worried about bhaiya. Kiara yells to scold Raina instead and yells at Raina to stop crying for her husband and tries to snatch Raina’s mangalsutra. Daadi stops her and says why she did not care about Rishab when he was here, what she will tell Rshab’s 2 mothers, Mohini and Sudha.. Nalin asks where is Mohini, who killed Rishab. Yug enters with Kammo and is shocked to hear Rishab is dead, says for sure Mohini must have done this. Nalin yells what rubbish. Ved asks why is Kammo here. Yug says Kammo saved them all from Mohini’s wrath. Nalin asks where is Mohini. Yug says he confined her in underground room and tells Mohini is the one behind Brahmarakshas and all this and blamed Naina and Raina instead. She is the one who hid Sudha in underground room and stuffed burning coal in her mouth. Daadi cries that is why Sudha cannot speak. Nalin says Mohini deserves this. Rishab shous from shoes, but nobody hears him.

Raina goes to Sudha’s room to tell her truth. Daadi scolds her how can she let Rishab die, she will never forgive her. Rishab shouts Raina is innocent.

Mohini in underground room tries to free herself and yells if Rishab had not come, she would have succeeded in her plans, where is Brahmarakshas stone. Nalin enters and asks if she was controlling Brahmarakshas, if she had informed him beforehand, they both would have enjoyed controlling Brahmarakshas, what is the secret behind stone. Mohini says he is not that dumb like she thought, she thought he would come and slap her, but he did not, if he will really help her. He asks to tell first about stone.

Raina cries in Sudha’s room it is all her mistake. Rishab in stone from Raina’s shoes falls down and shouts Raina here is here, Naina does not hear at all and walks away. Nalin asks Mohini to tell the secret behind stone. She tells him whole story, how she fooled Raina to get jadi booti, then getting stone from Narsimha parbat, etc., and asks to fee her now. Nalin asks if she will double cross him. Mohini says no. Nalin is about to free Mohini when Kiara enters and yells such a dramatic family, every relationship fake, Nalin tried to grab wealth from her father. Nalin says they are partners. Mohini asks to stop drama and tell what she needs. Kiara says half stone. Mohini says she is intelligent like her and agrees to give half stone. Kiara thinks she will fool old woman and man and get all the power. Nalin thinks he will get stone alone and will fool these 2 women. Mohini thinks same. Nalin and Kiara leave to search stone. Mohini shouts to free her and then go.

Daadi cries in her room. Raina gets chocolate milk for daadi and says Rishab told daadi does not like plain milk, so she brought chocolate milk. She says Rishab used to tell they should fight and win. Daadi apologizes Raina and says as Rishab says they will fight and win. Raina says her heart does not believe Rishab left them. Daadi consoles her. Rishab from stone shouts and sits tiredly.

Nalini and Kiara get to jungle to search stone and clash with Yug and Kammo, ask what are tey doing here. Kammo says she was going home and it is dark, so Yug is accompanying her. Yug asks what are they doing here. Nalin says he is just walking..Kiara says even she is as she is not feeling good after Rishab’s death. Kammo tells Yug that stone must be around Narsimha parbat as Mohini lost her powers there.

Brahmarakshas walks towards haveli roaring he will get Raina’s blood today. Rishab gets tired after shouting and thinks how to make someone hear her voice. Stone’s light falls on Brahmarakshas and his size reduces. He roars how can this happen, how is this power in this house, he will suck Raina’s blood today at any cost. He sits on bench roaring, wearing blanket around him. Raina hears sound outside and walks out. She sees someone on bench and asks who is it. Brahmarakshas stands up and roars. Raina shouts for help. Mohini hears Raina’s sound and thinks if Brahmarakshas is attacking Raina. She thinks once her useless husband and Kiara bring stone, she will take it from them and become most powerful Mohini. Raina shouts for help, enters room and locks door. She then peeps from window and sees light on Brahmarakshas and thinks what is this light, it is from Sudha’s room. She walks towards Sudha’s room.

Sudha sees bright stone and tries to get up with great difficulty and pick it. Raina enters and asks where this light coming from. Sudha tries to speak. Raina says she will get her water and tries to leave. Sudha falls down from bed. Raina helps her back on bed and picks stone, telling light is coming from it. She is shcoked to see Rishab in i and asks if he is fine. She realizes that Brahmarakshas could not harm her and enter this house as Rishab is in this stone, Rishab saved her even not being around. She tells she will get Rishab out of stone at any cost. She happily promises Sudha that she will get Rishab out.

Mohini thinks why there is no sound coming, if Brahmarakshas killed her. Brahmarakshas roars that he could not kill Raina as stone is in this house. If he cannot kill her Raina, he will Mohini. Mohini says if she gets stone, she will control him again..return his powers. Brahmarakshas strangulates her and asks to get stone tonight, else he will kill her in the morning. He leaves her and leaves. Mohini thinks how to get Raina here.

Raina walks in village holding stone and telling Rishab that she will get him out of this stone, she knows he trusts her chindi, she will not break his promise. She knocks Phuli’s door. Phuli sees her and tries to close door back. Raina shows stone and says this is Narshima stone and Rishab is confined in it, she should help her for Shivam’s sake. Phuli checks book and says nothing is written in this book. Stone’s brightness lessens. Raina cries that Rishab will go, they have to help him out. Phuli says only a person who brought this stone can help Rishab out. Raina says that means Mohini aunty and runs towards underground room.

Yug with Kammo returns haveli yelling that Kammo’s idea of searching stone near Narsimha parbat failed. He hears roaring and thinks if Mohini escaped. Kammo says Mohini must be snoring.

Raina enters underground room. Mohini starts emotional blackmailing and asks why did she come here, she should return back. She says she is a very bad mother who killed her son. Raina says he is not dead and is in this stone, Phuli told only Mohini can get Rishab out. She does not know if her tears are true or fake, but she has one chance to repent her mistakes. Mohini silently frees her hand keeping Raina busy in her talks and says she knows how to free Rishab and will return Raina’s love. Raina frees her leg. Mohini hits her with stone and she falls unconscious. Mohini picks stone and runs from there. Kammo sees Mohini escaping with stone and shows it to Yug. Mohini escapes in car and they both follow her. Mohini reaches asur sthal and tells Brahmarakshas that she told she will get his powers, she will make him immortal and then they both will kill everyone, then she will control him and will become most powerful. She looks at Rishab and laughs that her son will die and even her queen/Raina. Raina gets conscious and sees stone and Mohini missing, thinks she must have gone to Asur sthal.

Mohini happily looks at stone. Yug comes and snatches it. Mohini shouts to return it. Yug says if she thinks she can control everyone, she is wrong. Mohini says she is doing this for him. Yug says she does only for herself. Kammo praises Yug. Mohini yells he is fighting with her for this maid and slaps him. Yug tries to slap her back. Mohini says she is ashamed to bear him, how can he think of slapping his mother, tries to snatch stone. Brahmarakshas comes and yug shows stone to him. Mohini tries to snatch it and it falls down. She yells he is useless. Brahmarakshas picks stone boulder. Yug holds Mohini and pushes her towards Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas throws stone on Mohini. Injured Mohini calls Yug for help. Yug yells not to meet him in any life and runs with Kammo. Asur sthal starts falling.

Precap: Rishab as Narsimha lifts stone boulder in air with his signal and looks at unconscious Raina.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So funny episode………….

  2. Yeah true Shabnam… I was laughing a lot reading the update… All are selfish….I think all will fight and die themselves no need of Bhramaraksas at all…

    Hru Pinku ,Naz, 3veni and all Bhramaraksas fans…

    Guess d show will end asap

  3. wai rishab is changed too narasimha….wat’s all dis crap??
    is narasimha is gud or not??…all r fake in rishab’s familyy…i like yug in dis episode…though he is bad atleast he will think abt others…

    hi everyoneee…….how r u alll??
    i was d same 3veni….

    1. Nitha

      I too feel same atlst yug as some brain n better den Dat greedy family..

  4. show became just a joke…..

  5. Nitha

    Spoiled such a good show.. Don’t know hw cm dis things cn hppn in reality.. Today’s epi was waste..hiii nazneen, pinku di,3veni,gungun n other brahmarakshas fans..guys wen is d show ending??

    1. No idea nitha and I totally agree with you and your thoughts but I loved raina and her concern for rishabh……

  6. how rishab became narsimha. by the if narsimha is bad but rishab can’t harm his chindi don’t know what will happen

  7. Hahhaah funniest episode ever….

  8. Hi nitha, sindhu, 3veni,gungun n nazneen….. hru all….

  9. I completely agree with u shabnam, sindhu,ibtasam…… its just so funny.. they spoiled whole story n serial

  10. Hi nitha show is wrapping up in feb 2nd week…. jan shoot is over feb its ending

  11. A big hiii to 3veni wr hv u been last week u didnt comment…. all fine??

  12. Nazneen behana kahan hai tu…..

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