Bigg Boss 10 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman says that we have seen drama in this season, Salman scolding Swami is shown then how Priyanka was thrown out is shown. Salman says this season was great, all are interested to know who is going to win, lets go to stage.

Salman comes on stage. Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says this episode is loaded, he is coming, yes Shahrukh Khan and also four judges of Jhalak dikhlaja. Salman says we will do live poll too. Salman says only one week is remaining till finale, one will be evicted today. ROHAN and MONA ARE NOMINATED.

Call is connected to house, Salman says all are looking great, Salman says to Mona wow, he sings babbul ki duan song. Salman congratulates Mona. she thanks him, Salman says you got married in free, no stress for arrangements and food, people must be jealous of you. Salman says people will come in house to get married in free now, all laugh, Mona says i am lucky to get Vikrant, Salman says he is lucky to get a girl like you, Mona thanks him. Salman says what happened on marriage night? Mona blushes. Salman says you said that you wont wear western clothes and wont dance as you are married why? my sisters are married and they dance and are happy, Mona says i just feel that i am grown up. Salman says to Mona that people call cameraman to capture marriage but we have captures Mona’s wedding, we will share with you. Pictures of marriage is shown, Mona and Vikrant’s picture is shown when they got married, Salman says Mona you are stuck now in marriage, all laugh.
Salman says to inmates that you all did postmen task for nominations, Lopa you were sorted then what happened? Lopa says i wanted to give gift to Mona but i thought Mona would have got letter and it would be easier to burn it, Bani says i was sure that she would burn Mona’s parcel, we asked Lopa, she said that she is sorted about what she will do but didnt tell us what she would do actually, Lopa says she is right, i was confused after reading my letter in furnace. Salman says if you were sorted then why did you change decision? Lopa says there was no chance that Bani would give me parcel and Manu wanted to burn Bani’s parcel then i thought that it would be small parcel and nominating myself over it was foolish. Manu says Lopa had to burn it ultimately, Salman says she wanted to see what others would do then she would be sorted about decision, Lopa says after Bani burned my parcel, i decided it, Manu says only Mona was sorted, she was clear that she would give parcel to anyone, Salman says why others didnt do it? Salman says Bani would have done it, Lopa says she would never get nominated to give me parcel, and Manu was saying that he would get nominated too but he didnt, even after getting parcel from Mona, then i thought that why i should nominate myself? Salman says this task was about selfish or selfless.
Salman says to inmates that one more task happened and Manveer, Manu and Lopa won bungee task, specially Manveer, he had to bear a lot and had control and entertained, he showed what real man is, Manver thanks him, Salman says your girlfriend was crying for you Manu, but if you had been in other seasons then you would have known level of task, Bani and Rohan played very gently, but you people threw water with force, anyone’s hand would slip that way, Manu says it was finale task, they started it, so we had to retaliate, Manveer says Bani threw three buckets on my chest and my shoulder got injured so i asked Manu to go for same thing. Salman says this task was nothing, these tasks go on for 48hours and Rohan played well, Bani got hit by water and Rohan left task, Salman says to Mona that you played well, you did task for 1:30hours, its good to be heavy, Salman asks Lopa if Bani was successful to loose you? you were agitated, lopa says my problem is that when someone enters my personal space and comes closer, it irritates me, it was mistake on my part. Salman says to Rohan that you lost and blamed your team, Rohan says other team was strong. bani says Rohan called me weak and that i didnt perform well in tasks, Rohan says you can see her journey, she has not done much, Salman says you would say that Mona stayed in task because Manu and Manveer helped her, Rohan says no, Mona did well, Salman says they were not partial to her and it was good thing. Salman says to Bani that you said you are not motivated like Manu and Manveer why? Bani says they have motivation and passion which i dont have, i should have it but i dont.
Salman says to inmates that caller of week will call. Call is connected to caller Riya, Riya asks Rohan that Manu was saying that Mona will get votes because of Bigg boss arranging her wedding and you would get less votes because of it, dont you think that marriage is a sacred relation and you made fun of her most important event? Rohan says i didnt make fun of her, i was like her brother but at the end of the day its game and ending days are crucial, her friends and relatives came which made is look like bhoujpuri show and directly or indirectly promotion happened for her, it was my thought but i was happy for Mona, all want to stay in house thats why i thought that, caller ends call. Salman ends call from house.

Salman says four more people are hiding in house and were keeping eyes on inmates and they become like inmates only, lets see them.
Call is connected to activity area. Farah Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Karan Johar and Ganesh are sitting there. Salman says you people are in house, where do you get water from? Ganesh from Mona’s tears, Farah says Swami left tank. Karan says i am Mona’s fan, i dont think she will be housewife, she will do movies, maybe i will offer her film, Salman says are you signing her for movie? Karan says my movie will last more than her marriage, all laugh. Farah says Bani is like i am Bani but i feel like Ambani. Salman asks what problem Bani has with Lopa? Farah says Bani is bearing Lopa like tattoo she would remove, Jacqueline says dont call her tattoo, Farah says i can call her anything, Karan says Farah be in limits, they all start bickering, Farah asks Ganesh to lock himself in washroom. Karan says to Farah that i know jacqueline where are you tattoos, Ganesh says Karan is like Mona, Karan says i am not wearing tacky dress like her, her marriage is not going to last long, Salman says you people are more than real inmates.

Karan, Farah, Jacqueline and Ganesh comes on stage. Salman asks Farah if she will give party after bigg boss like she does every year? Farah says think what will Swami do at my house, all laugh. Ganesh says i have big boss group on whatsapp and i follow it, Salman asks Jacqueline if she followed? she blankly looks at her, all laugh, Karan says she doesnt even follow Jhalak, all laugh. Salman asks Karan about this season, Karan says it was great this season, commoners took over celebrities, common man is in house and fought well, Farah says maybe next year all will be commoners, Salman says i have nothing to do with next year now, Farah says there is no Bigg boss without Salman. Salman asks Farah who is going to win? Farah says Bani is really beautiful, Salman says yes, Farah says she goes to extent to fight but has dignity which she doesnt loose, Karan says my eyes dont move away from Bani because she looks real, by the way i would get nothing staring at Bani, all laugh, Salman says you look real too, you gave honest statement, jacqueline says my favorite is Salman, Karan says she wants to be alone with Salman in house, Ganesh says i think Manveer is going to win, he is real gem, he is honest too. Salman says all are strong, Manu and Lopa are strong too. Salman says how will you talk like Bigg boss? Jacqueline tries to talk like Bigg boss using hindi, all laugh at her hindi, Salman shows how she has written hindi words on her hand, all laugh. Salman asks Karan how would you scold inmates? Karan says when they fight with each other, i feel like indians enjoy fights, i liked how Bani and Lopa fought, i love Bani didnt move from her place and i love how Lopa was shameless and was sitting infront of her. Karan says i feel Lopa is too fake, Farah says this is coming from Karan, Karan says all have to be fake in industry. Farah says i thought romance was starting in house and then she married someone else, Salman says she married her boyfriend, Karan says Karan says what boyfriend? she was having fun in house, Farah says she got married, Karan says two in one scene was going on, applying lipstick wont make you married, all laugh, Farah says she is married girl now, dont say all this, Karan says you are brand ambassador about marriage?

Call is connected to house, inmates are happy to see guests. Karan congratulates Mona and says you are looking like new bride, how was marriage? Farah asks did you take milk for Vikrant? Mona says no, Salman asks Manveer why they make groom drink milk on marriage night? Manveer says they must have cows to give so much milk, Karan says you are calling Mona cow? Manveer says you want me to get beaten? Karan says i have come for that only, Manu says they prepare bull for fight at night thats why give milk, all laugh. Salman says these four people will give awards now. Farah says first award is ‘brother(bhai) of house’, She says Bani and Manveer are nominated for it but Manveer wins it, clip plays where Manveer calling everyone bhai is shown, all laugh. Manu brings awards from store room and gives award to Manveer. Karan says give speech now, Manver thanks her. Karan says Bani is my favorite, her body language is good, she is keeping distance from inmates even on couch but she is queen, i become drama queen too but she is queen of overreaction, Bani dances. Clip plays, Bani’s weird reactions are shown, all laugh. Salman says Lopa will present this award to Bani, all laugh. Lopa gives it to her. Ganesh gives award “oh my God” to Mona, Ganesh says her reaction to everything is this, clips plays showing Mona’s shock and excited reaction to everything. Mona receives the award and says oh God I am so happy. jacqueline says I have an award for lopi everyone laughs. They say its Lopa. jacqueline says you should get justice lady award. Salman says what would you say? They show her old lectures. Salman says I have seen her taking stand so much. Karan says wow. Justice lady. Salman says in her eyes she is always right. Lopa says you should be right inn your own eyes. Farah says she is new Donald Trump. Karan says why did Rohan go to washroom after swami fight? HE says I wanted to go home but I couldn’t so I went to washroom. Farah says but four hours. Didn’t you get tired. Bani gives lopa award. Lopa says me and my stand. Farah says when you had to beat the other team you made something to flour. My kids make it better than her. Lopa says winning and losing is part of the game. Salman says bani likes to lose. Lopa says she is used to. Salman says I have to see them off. Farah says so there are six people in the house. Farah says seventh you. Manesh Paul comes in. He fights the guards. Farah says who invited you?Manish says they were begging me to come. Lets go its Jhalak finale. They dance on songs with salman and leave. Salman says so they were Jhalak’s judges.

This time two people are nominated. Mona and Rohan. One of them has to end their journey. Lets see who that is. Now is that difficult time of cutting one of you. Rohan and Mona why I feel like one of you will leave this house. They all laugh. Salman says usually I feel like kicking somoene out of house feels bad but today I am happy that mona is going back to her husband. Mona leave my home and go to your husband. She says thank you. Salman says we are all happy for you. They all hug mona. Salman says who ever wins you have won this season because you won life actually. Mona comes out. They all hug Mona and sees her off. Bani says we will miss you. They all clap for her as she walks out.
Lopa says to Rohan says her votes should have increased. When audience sees it. They get nominated themseleves. Rohan says you are in top 4 I am happy. She says I am very happy for you as well.

Salman says season has almost completed but the best is yet to come. Now we will welcome, my friend, my brother, Shahrukh Khan. Salman hugs shahrukh. Salman says welcome on the show. Thank you for coming. Promos of raees are looking very good. Salman says you tweeted and texted me as well. Thanks for that. Its in honor of 80s. They both dholi taro dhol bajay. Salman sing tujhe dekha tou yeh jana.

Bigg Boss says last week whole india saw you live and gave you thier opinion. We will do the same today. India will see you live but this time they will give opinion of your singing. They will tell if they likes it. You are divied in two teams. Team karan Bani and Mannu and team arjun with lopa and manveer.
Shahrukh says its so simple. Salman says they have to eat cupcakes and sing. shahrukhh says now thats tough.

Bigg boss says rohan there is something to eat in store room bring it here. Rohan goes in and brings the cupcakes out. They all say come eat it. Bani and Mannu come in the circle to sing. Bigg boss says you both will keep eating and singing. Rohan will provide you cupcakes. They start singnig ‘sultan’ Rohan gives them cup cakes. Then Manveer and Lopa come.
Salman says lets see who wins. The voting will start now.
Bigg boss says team arjun your turn now. They both eat and sing ‘mere samne wali khirki’, They eat and drink. Team karan had 67% voting. Lopa and manveer sing chumma de de. Their voting crosses Team Karan. They get 80%. Bigg boss says result is here. 80% people liked your sing. They both dance. They say thank you India. Bigg Boss says you are the winner. Manveer and Lopa congrats.

Shahrukh says that was some funny singing. Salman says if people died it would have been because of their sining. That’s it for today. Tomorrow we will have Shahrukh Khan with us. We are here on this stage. he asks shahrukh do you have mattress? Shahrukh says I have blanket too. Salman says we will be joined here by Sunny Leonne. Your Karan Arjun would wait for you here.

PRECAP- SRK and Salman will dance in tomorrow’s episode. SRK says Salman is not marrying because girl will repent after marrying him, one girl from audience ask SRK to help Salman to marry, SRK says should i do more marriages to help him? all laugh.
There will be funny investigation by Salman. Salman says to shahrukh you are criminal and are alleged to have stolen 151gram gold, SRK laughs, Salman says you were seen dancing when thief was stealing, SRK laughs.
Sunny leone comes on stage. Sunny says SRK and Salman will do iconic scene of Deewar and i will play as your mother, Salman says one day you will get roles of our mother, SRK says true, all laugh.
Manveer has mobile and he is in smoking area, SRK calls Manveer and gives secret task to him, SRK says i am giving you secret task, you have to hide two trays of eggs in store room infront of Bani, wanna know who i am speaking? he says yes, SRK says i am Shahrukh Khan speaking, Manveer is speechless and says Sir love you. Manveer comes in kitchen and takes two trays of eggs, Bani says where are you taking it? dont do this, what is this nonsense? Manveer tries to put eggs in store room, Bani says dont take eggs, SRK sees this on TV and says Bani will cook Manveer in her breakfast now, welcomes to Bigg boss.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Live voting ..I think it’s not based on singing has been done by the fans of sk and srk..??why bb don’t want Manveer and bani on one syd..flopa and Manu aunty on the other side..??luv u Bani fav girl..??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha i also think Lopa-manu Aunty Ke Jodi bohot Jamegi ? Though i like Lopa ? And bb already paired them in the Rohan wala secret task ?

  2. big boss 10 scriptd show

    1.Viacom 18 k 4 bikhari bikh lekr gundi bani gunda manver Ko suport Kr rhe the
    2.Kitne pese mile lopa k khilaf b0lne or gundi bani ki taref krne k Viacom 18 k chaphrasi
    3.Lopa tm jse gawar se behtr ha
    Itne agey pohch Kr directr bn kr tm logo ki soch ktni ghtya ha skin ton pr bat krte ho ..
    4.Ghtya log tmhari koi class ha
    Big boss to gunda manver or gundi bani k suport me logo Ko bhej deta ha Itni najaiz Kr k show ka level gira dia ha .
    5.Upr wale se dr bh nhi
    Ghtya log Ko

    Lopa or rohan.. Ko itna taklif di ha is show ne k hmare dil pighal jate hn lekn is ghtya scriptd show k logo ka dil pathr ka ha.. Pehle ghtya om or pryanka Ko itna Moka dia big boss ne or ab gunda manver. gundi bani. gunda Manu ko
    6.jse pehle mo Kala Hua na om or pryanka ki wja se
    Ab bh hoga
    7.Pehle jb tak show fair tha Tb tk big boss show ki izat thi
    8.Aj izat mati me islye milrhi ha
    Tmhare show ki
    Jb kisi do log Ko unfair targt kroge to prinam bh bhugto ge

    Ropa v love you
    Rohan or lopa ne hm logo k dil jete hn tm log ghtyapn Kr k gundi bani or gunda manveer Ko top 2 kro scriptd show pehle sunakshi or Manish hint dekr gye k Manu manver or bani top 3 gundo Ko chair pr bitha Kr or ab phr Viacom 18 k 4 bikhari agye suport krne

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      kyun jal rahi hai bhai ….aur itni jal rahi hai to dekh kyun raha hai….

  3. big boss 10 scriptd show

    Apni shkal 0r body 0r zaban ko dekh lete tm 4 Viacom 18 k bikhari to kisi k chehre pr bat krne k zrort na hoti
    shameles to tm log ho
    Ghtyapnti ki bh had hoti ha
    Jackline Hakline Ko le aye
    Hakli Ko nam nhi Lena Ata to show me Ai kyn hakli. jackline. hakline

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      shakal pe baat tu to mat kar lopa ke fan…us time to tune kuch ni bola jab wo bani ko botox injections ke liye bol rahi thi……abhi auron ne bani ki poll khol di to bahut jal rahi hai …….jo bhi Ho aj farah karan aur jacky ne lopa ke keh ke Li. ….lol….

      1. Do u really think ds jacqlin ,karan and Farah …all of dem watch bigg boss…come on dude….dey jss spoke wat was given to dem in script… Dey were not saying anything of their views…

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      I know Farah watches bigg boss since she was already the anchor in season 8 in the challenger round ,
      I m sure Jacqueline doesn’t watch bb Karan Idk ?

      1. So u wana say it WS acceptable for karan n Farah to stoop so low….n for wat idk ….bt seriously dey shudnt have made sch cmnts on Mona or lopa ….

    3. Prettypreeti

      Woh log dekhe na dekhe hm log toh roz dekhte hai…..

  4. Luv u bani …’s epi was good…….

  5. Lopa is 100% beautiful than farah khan,shame on you for your crap comments against lopa.

  6. Cherry blossom

    Pple….. Do vote for Bani next week. even rohan fans need to agree that she deserves it more than rohan. Rohan doesn’t have that winning quality in himself. Pls vote for her??
    Luv u BANI?

  7. hrithik ka Fan

    karan and farah exposed and trolled lopa badly. ..she is fake. even salman accepted that and taught her what does sorted out means. …she was burning inside when jhalak team was praising bani ….so insecure this lopa is…..and that moment when jacqline called her lopi and lopa was like …oh she forgot my name …that was hilarious. ..I was almost died laughing. …that showed lopa her true “aukat”……superb. ……and bb ans salman r very mean with rohan …again he was not allowed to participate and always make his fun that’s not good he is a nice person. …bb is unfair with him…

    …last thing ..what rubbish was that live voting and singing thing. …If should have been like last time when manu got to know his position in live voting ….wasted half an hour on that ….

  8. hrithik ka Fan

    correction. …lopa ki poll khol di…

  9. Can someone please tell me when the voting line opens?

  10. I don’t know whether the show is scripted or not . But surely i can see comments from karan , ganesh, jacqluine and farah were scripted. Proof for that is jacqluine comments on her hand is showing that they have to talk in bigboss, unfortunately salman exposed it.

  11. finally Biggboss broke m3.. OMG.. I wish she would have gone last week.. then might be Nitibha could stay some longer.. but it’s OK.. feeling bad for Mona too.. after nominating almost all nominations, finally she got evicted.. I wish if Mannu aunty could leave instead of her.. hehehe!!! how badly Karan and Farah joked on Mona and Lopa.. bakwaas…… being guests ,they have no right to pass comment on someone’s marriage and someone’s look.. Jacqueline’s Hindi was so funny.. she is one of my most favourite actresses.. how cute she looks..

    hey AAROHI, kothay tumi?

  12. Prettypreeti

    Guys i voted…yess was my ans for both..aur ek baat aur bigg boss chhate hai ki aaj preeti ke sabhi dost mtlb sbhi biggbossians yaha aaye specially kp bhai,simu di,jo,jj bhai,diti di,sona di,anu,shriyo,shazu di,aki di,godbless,arti di,lopa slays,sonia,st,luna nd every1…sare aapna comment zarur dhale nhi toh sbhi nominate ho jayege…
    Coming soon with poem..
    Utni dher me comment kro

  13. I hate lopa..she looks like a pig….even with her makeup on….
    Salman or karan…gave good dose…if u wanna scare anyone remove ur all makeup…hahahaha
    Bani is so beautiful….why cant BB pair her up with manveer in any game…they wud hv even rocked this si ging eating competition together.
    Rohan i think is kept in bB just for TRP bcoz he has huge fan following.
    Lookkng at his disinterested avatar from his last foght with baba….seems so.
    In last nomination task….bani’s team was weak….mona was just playing with flowers…rohan for first half was scared of wrath of her Lopa….bani played well…
    On day2, mona survived longest as no one was disturbing her…she just had to hodl and stand….how cm bani turned out to b worst performer for this task???
    Such insecure manipulative manu!!!!
    Bani u r a beautiful humanbeing…may u win this show!!!
    Manveer was best in this task…hats off!!!
    Bht i love bani for her infividuality throughout the show….manveer needed a group to shine out…

  14. Height of hypocrisy…if bb really felt Mona’s marriage was a publicity stunt, they should not have encouraged it or aired it…they tried it for trp and now they themselves are bringing guests and making foul comments on Mona marriage…such a stupid tactic…
    N karan…who are you to comment on someone’s marriage life…I m not a Mona fan or justifying her deeds…she is an actress and has done more than this… that is her job…who are you to comment on that….
    Nd the way he said I sure dharma production s contract is gonna last more than her marriage…how insensitive….
    Nd I am sure At least she has more respect towards her relationships than karan.. whether it be friendship or marriage…she has proved herself how much she cares about friendship by last nomination…nd she loves her hubby to the core…it could be sensed from her actions towards him…nd a lady who works in that kind of movies, hugging or lying in between the two of her friends is not a crime…
    Nd wen she realised that it is blown out of proportion, she stopped it too…
    Just because she is from another industry Bollywood biggie doesn’t have the right to comment on her character….
    I am sorry ki I can’t comment on what jhalak people told about rest of the contestants…as I had to go out and could see only this much…
    Heard they were mean to others too…

  15. Farah was in limits but karan being such a big director cudnt leave his janani-pana while commenting on mona.
    I too see vikrant as egoistic typical male who married mona to save his face in society else it wud hv been humiliating for him if she left him for manu ??
    He didnt let her speak at all…we r no one to say but this mrg cant last long or wont b a happy one for mona.

  16. Prettypreeti

    Bigg boss 10 ka weekend ka vaar chala,
    Sharukh ki aane ki khushi ne bna dia sbko jhala…
    Pehle woh jhalak ki team aa gayi,
    Kuch aachi batein aur kuch badh badh bol ke dimaag kha gyi..
    Phir mona ko evict hona padha,
    Itni khushi thi ki uski ab na rona padha…
    Phir aaya jiska tha sbko intezaar,
    Shoru ho gya entertainment ka vaar…
    Karan arjun ki teams bhani,
    Ghana ghane ki bigg boss ki scheme bhani…
    Ki dono ne koshish poori,
    Lekin shayad india ko lgi bani-manu ki try adhoori..
    Aaj ek secret task milega,
    Ki poora ghar hi hilega….
    Love u all..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha nice ???
      Love u too Pri

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today’s episode was not bad average. Salman was fair today. Last 2 weeks, he is fair. He even criticised his fav Lopa. And finally Salman praised Rohan. At least now bb and Salman is fair to Rohan ?. Lagta hain they took people’s response seriously since Rohan have immense fan following. Wow bani has a lot of fans i knew it looks like she will emerge winner this season and Manveer will be runner up. But i honestly find Manveer more deserving than Bani. And if it’s true that M2 and Lopa r still not safe, that is they will get advantage ( i read somewhere) then Rohan will be 3rd, Lopa will be 4th, and Manu Aunty out. But if only Rohan and bani nominated then Rohan is out, and maybe still Lopa 4th manu 3rd or vice versa

    1. Prettypreeti

      Ya 2day he was fair..i also think manveer is more deserving coz he is he…

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    Though i like Rohan very much and I don’t like Manu at all I feel they both have a lot of similarities ???, both r good Boyfriend, both gets hyper at times, both got into panga with baba , both left hand on their own in the prev task, both knows what to do when it comes to task don’t fight in tasks much with other party, both r somewhat open
    But the only difference is Rohan don’t backbite and Manu backbites so much ???? that made the diff

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      And another diff bb likes Manu but not Rohan ???

    2. Prettypreeti

      One more similarity both always clears point of own…

    3. Prettypreeti

      Jo today modu uncle is fast na..

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Ya Modu Uncle very fast ??? kaash they r always like that and also when we used to chat during EDKV time ???

    4. Prettypreeti

      One more similarity both have 1-1 person behind them…

    5. Prettypreeti

      Both play from mind

    6. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya right ???
      Both r bohot same same ?
      And both have strong friendship Lopa-Rohan, manu-Manveer

  19. Prettypreeti

    Waiting for today’s match…..

  20. Prettypreeti

    Guys come on comment..where r u all??

  21. I hate Manu,he is selfish. I hope manveer,bani or lopa win the show. I love you Rohan 🙂

  22. WAAH!!!

  23. Lopa Ko kitna insult Kia in logo ne kahin se bhi lopa ne kya bigara hai inka Farah aur karan ne jo kia bohat ghalat Kia , aur lopa Kyun apne apko nominate kere , ye log soch rahe hain k lopa nominate kerti apne aapko to usay eliminate dete, selfless aur selfish my foot , apni bani Ko dekhlo pure season 10 Mai is k level tak selfish koi nahi hua , ye such mai scripted show he lag raha hai , werna bani ne jo violence Kia us per ye log keh rahe hain k bani larai mai itna cheap nahi hoti , lopa Ko itna mar rahi thi psycho bani

  24. Kal 3 bani k blind bhakt ayay thay , anda fan , samajh to gyay honge aap 😛

  25. Lopa aap beautiful ho, Bandar kya janay adrak ka Swad,
    Bani surgery ki dukan Ko beauty kehte hain , anda+andha fan. LOL ? surgery ki dukan bani

    1. Aapko abhi bhi nhi dikhi lopa ki reality koi baat nhi kisi ka fan banne ke baad sachme saari buraiyan nhi dikhti but afsos lopa has lost many of her fans because she is a hypocrite and afke person and i too was her fan but not anymore

  26. Though I’m not a Lopa supporter, but what Farah and Karan said was totally unacceptable. How could someone compare a woman to Donald Trump. He is a b*****d.

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