Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 9

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First of all let me thank everyone for reading this shots! Thank u both silent and non-silent readers. Thank u Mokshi sis (your eagerness make me eager to write too), Reshu(so sweet of u!) , Saranya sis (adorable comment sis!), Sangi (thank u sis!), Prabhigya (Purab and new staff will be in this update now, back to office!), Lokha (Oh dear u are like my sister hehe for the fear of lizard!), Abhigya (You commented twice! So sweet of u enjoying it!) Maha (lovely comment as usual), SamyuSam ( This much of craziness and love makes me overwhelmed. Thank u friend for that!), MassSneha ( Belated bday wishes and thanks for finding it awesome).

Shooting back to shots:

Pragya bidding bye to her kids who were carried by Dadi and Dasi headed towards the car where Abhi was waiting for him.

She sat beside the seat to Abhi and he looked at her intensely.

Pragya sensing his gaze on her asked: What Boss? Why are you looking like that?
Abhi: Nothing!
Pragya: No there is something!
Abhi: Hmm…your face!
Pragya touching her face: My face? Is there something?
She asked by checking on the rear mirror.
Abhi smiled and started to drive.
Pragya:I don’t see anything bad on my face..
Abhi: Ya I said nothing na…

Pragya folded her arms in anger and looked away.

Abhi: I saw motherly love on your face when you kissed our kids.
Pragya smiled inwardly hearing that.
Pragya: What’s special in that? All mothers miss their children before leaving to work.
Abhi: I know…but u don’t even have the necessity to work. You could just stay at home and take care of them.
Pragya: Then who will take care of you?
She asked with concern.
Abhi: Am I a kid to take care of?
Pragya: I think so…
Abhi applying the sudden break making Pragya taken aback stared at her.

Abhi: What did you say?
Pragya: I think so…
She said in a shivering tone looking scared of his staring towards her.
Abhi: What do you think so?
Pragya looking away: Boss! We are getting late! Drive the car!
Abhi: I asked what do u think so?
He asked sternly in a loud voice.

Pragya: I think you are a kid…
She said by closing her eyes in fear.

Abhi: Thank you!
He started to drive the car and chuckled at her for being scared so fast.

Pragya gasping, beat his lap for making her scared.

Abhi: I like to be your kid! Wait! You are scared of my loud voice ah?
Pragya: Don’t you know that?
Abhi: I never really raised my voice on you na…so I don’t know.
Pragya: Liar!
Abhi: What Liar? I am telling the truth!
Pragya: raised your voice several times but u never felt that your voice that loud.
Abhi: Really? When are the several times?
Pragya: First at the restaurant, then at your birthday party and then at our room for finding me missing since morning.

Abhi: Wait! At restaurant means that argument of ours ah?
Pragya: Yes…why?
Abhi in surprise: But you didn’t looked scared at all!
Pragya: I can’t show na…then u would tease me for that! I was very scared within myself…
Abhi: Very sorry Boss…
Pragya: Arrey for this u say sorry ah?
She said by holding his hand.

Abhi: But u got scared right?
Pragya: Yes but everytime u shout at me it makes me feel something close to you…
Abhi with confusion: What do you mean?
Pragya: You won’t understand it as you are a kid.

Abhi hearing that gave a pout and she gestured to him that they had reached.

Pragya got down from the car.

Abhi parking the car joined with her and walked into the office.

Abhi: I will make you understand this kid!
Pragya: Oh..for what I told just now ah?
Abhi nodded his head in response and Pragya smiled at his cuteness.

Abhi: Do what I tell during lunch time!
Pragya: Yes Boss!
She said and stopped as she walked near to her cabin.

Abhi coming near her: Bye Mummy!
Pragya: Oye Boss, I just said for fun that u are like a kid.
Abhi: But I am serious about it!
Pragya: Go back to work Boss! Don’t play with me!
She said by opening the door of the cabin when Abhi stopped her by holding her hand.
Pragya: Boss…Don’t start it now itself!
Abhi: For your kind information, I never start like this…
Pragya whispered: What do you want now?
Abhi looking like a kid and frowning: I want baby food!
Pragya: Oh god! Don’t make this kind of kiddy face! What if others see?
Abhi: May I come in?
He asked by pushing the door further.

Pragya was getting flustered and said: Come in! You won’t listen to me na then there is no  point of talking to you..…
Abhi smirked and followed her behind until she was shocked to see him very close to her when she turned back.

Pragya shrieked: Boss! What is this?
She asked by placing her hand on his chest
Abhi: I want baby food!
Pragya: Huh? Like seriously, Where can I go for it now? It’s at home!
Abhi was keep on smiling at her confused look.  

He coming closer to her whispered something in her ears making her shake her head in disagreement.

Abhi in a husky voice: Give me my baby food later…I will be waiting!
Pragya pushed him away and asked him to go out now.
Abhi: Uffo! I will go out by myself! You don’t have to push me like this!

He left her cabin before winking at her and Pragya smiled at his antics.

Pragya, He is definitely not a kid! Day by day he is getting very naughty!

She thought as she smiled and sat down to check the files on her table.

Lunch time arrived and Abhi called and reminded her to do what she was supposed to do.

Pragya went out of the cabin to look for Purab. Finally she saw him sitting at the lounge.

Pragya looking at that, Seems that he is still saddened of not being able to talk to her.

Pragya went to sit opposite him when he was about to stand up.

Pragya: Purab! Sit! I am here to tell u something!
Purab: Oh..Okay…
He said with no enthusiasm.
Pragya: I know Purab what you are feeling now…
Purab looked at her cluelessly.

Pragya: I mean the new staff!
Pragya: Come on Purab! Don’t be like this! We have come up with a plan to make her talk to you!
Purab: Plan?
Pragya: Haan Perfect Plan!
She said proudly.
Purab: Is it his plan?
He asked doubtfully.
Pragya: No, we planned together.
Purab sighed and said: Then it should be fine.
Pragya: What does that mean? Do u mean he can’t plan properly?
Purab: Pragya Bhabhi, who knows it better than you? How badly he planned to persuade you that day at Ritz hotel!

Pragya thinking of that day laughed and then stopped laughing remembering of Mithra.

Purab: I am sorry Pragya Bhabhi…
Pragya: No it’s not your fault, he did it like a child and that was the beginning of many unexpected events in our lives….
Purab trying to divert the topic: So what’s the plan?
Pragya in some thoughts remained silent.

Purab a little loudly: Pragya Bhabhi!
Pragya: Huh?
Purab: Plan? What’s the plan?
Pragya: Oh…plan ah?
Purab nodded his head with a wide smile.
Pragya explained the plan and hearing that Purab was looking around in nervousness.

Pragya with a stern look: Purab! You are doing this!
Purab: How can I? Isn’t this like jumping directly into climax?
He asked with apprehension.
Pragya: No! It’s not like that. We need to know her feelings, as much as I see she does miss you…
Purab: She miss me?
Pragya: I mean miss your storytelling.
Purab sadly: Only that?
Pragya: Look Purab, to miss someone’s storytelling, that person should have made an impression on their minds.
Purab: Huh?
Pragya: You see, It’s like this Purab… she misses you as she had an impression of you in her mind telling the love of story of Abhi and mine….
Purab: Oh…so?
Pragya: So now u should use that impression in her mind to get close to her!
Purab: This is so unbelievable and at the same time believable….
Pragya: Don’t get confused. Both of us will follow you! Which means u no need to worry! Anything that u do wrongly, then we will be there to signal and alert u!
Purab: Okay…I am doing this believing you Pragya Bhabhi…
Pragya smiled pleasantly hearing that and asked him to be mentally prepared for the plan.

Purab saw Pragya leaving and was thinking of the plan as a huge step to be taken.

Evening arrived and it was time where all staff were leaving when Purab followed New staff diligently without her being aware of it.

Behind him, Abhi and Pragya were also following him.

New staff have a habit of taking a shortcut route to the bus stop by walking through a isolated street.

Pragya knew this and asked Purab to follow her in that way. Abhi and Pragya were also behind them.

New staff stopped walking realizing someone following her.

She stopped walking and looked behind to see no one there.

New staff, Feels like he is behind me but he is not here.

New staff continued to walk when she heard sounds of someone running. She was slightly nervous. She clutched her handbag firmly and walked as fast as she could.

Purab: Stop!
New staff turned behind and saw him breathing heavily by coming in front of her.

New staff: Why are u following me?
Purab: I am not following you…
New staff: Then what for storytelling u are here?
She asked sarcastically.
Purab: But I am not here to tell story yaar…
New staff: Look sir, I am very clear and I am not interested in listening to stories.

Abhi signalled to Purab tell him that line.

Purab looked confused of his signal and new staff got suspicious.

New staff was about to turn behind to look when Purab held her shoulder firmly making her look at him.

New staff shrieked: Why are you holding me like u are going to kill me?
Purab: I love you!
He said it loudly and new staff looked shocked.

Pragya and Abhi looking at that secretly gave Hi 5 to each other.

Pragya standing beside Abhi: He is not like you! That’s very good!
Abhi: Excuse me, I asked him to do like this by texting him!
Pragya: Really Boss? You have that much of senses?
Abhi: Not really if not I wouldn’t have married you na…
Pragya: Then are u saying u married me being not in senses?
She stared at him and he looked away to smile.

Pragya patted his shoulder and asked to peek and see their reaction.

New staff was still in shock as for Purab turned away and looked at the direction where Abhi and Pragya were hiding.

Purab, Now what do I do? Shall I run away?

New staff coming back to senses: Sir!
Purab turned behind with a determined face and looked at her.

New staff: What is happening here sir? You came and suddenly said I love you!

Purab: I love you! That’s it!
New staff: Sir…I didn’t expect this from you…I was thinking you like my Bhai…
Purab: What? BHAI? How could u?
He couldn’t stand to hear that and pulled her towards him by hugging tightly.

New staff in a panicking tone: Sir! What is all this?
Purab: This is not just a hug to show my love but this is my hug to show that u are mine! You are mine as my love and nothing else.  

Abhi whispered: Hey Pragya, this is not part of the dialogues that we gave him.
Pragya with a smile: He is telling it from his heart Boss…
Abhi: How will she react?
He asked by worrying.

Pragya never said anything and just ask him to see them.

Purab: Telling story to u was a excuse to see you and talk to u! I always want to see your face that shows smile, naughtiness, confusion, innocence and the delightfulness that my heart yearns for.

New staff looked dazed of his words and she could feel his words were truthful.

Purab breaking the hug: I will be waiting for your reply. You know my number and I am expecting your call tonight.

He walked ahead saying that leaving new staff to drop her handbag onto the floor.

Pragya whispered: Done Boss!
Abhi: She dropped handbag means it’s done ah?
Pragya: You first come with me!
She said by holding his hand and bringing him out from there to their car.

Abhi sitting inside the car with her: Tell me! She dropped the bag then it means is done ah? How is that possible Boss?
Pragya: Oh Boss! How did u fall in love ah? You are still acting like a confused child!
Abhi gave a pout and looked away in anger.
Pragya: Listen Boss, she not only dropped her handbag but also her inhibitions. Now she would be restless of what happened now and will be in deep thoughts of what to answer him!
Abhi: There is so much of inner meaning to dropping just a handbag! I don’t understand this women! Why do they have to mix their actions with thoughts?
Pragya: Boss! Where is this heading to?
She asked in a stern tone by raising her eyebrows.
Abhi: Oops!
He said and started to drive the car quickly.

Pragya with a smile: Good decision Boss! If not you know what are the consequences too…

Abhi smiled sheepishly at her as she smiled proudly at him.

Host “Mr Abhi! Who do you preferred when dancing with? You danced absolutely amazingly with both the ladies, but who do you felt like dancing with again and again?” Abhi grinned and taking the mic looked at Mithra and Pragya standing beside each other.

Pragya, Oh god! Please make him say it as her! My brother is here and I can’t afford to get embarrased now.

Pragya then looked at Mithra who was looking down in shyness as if she was feeling that Abhi will tell her name.

Abhi mentioned the name and told something making both Mithra and Pragya to be in shock.

Pragya, I hate you God! How can he tell like that?
Mithra, I hate God for doing this!

Abhi walked towards to Pragya and Mithra and both were looking at all directions except at him.

Thank u everyone for reading, sorry if it’s not interesting

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