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Hey guys this is Shivikajkmn back with another episode of Ishqbaazi Oberois. And yup guys as I said due to some standardized testings I couldn’t really post my FF. Even now I’m in the same position as my testings are not over yet I have to attend another standardized testing which is held in next week even though I’m really busy I’m posting this episode becoz most of the people are really missing my FF and they want me to post my FF ASAP. I know patience is really needed but in this even I would be in the same position really desperate to read someone FF. So u guys and me sailing in the same boat but in different places that’s it. Guys I guess I talked a lot… not guess I did so let me stop all my stupid talks and let’s start with FF.

Part 17


(After the warmful hug they thought to just check Shivika in case if they need something. So everyone went to the ICU and what they saw made their eyes pops out from their socket. Becoz from childhood to till now these two were always enemies who fight with each other and tease each other like “TOM AND JERRY” are sleeping peacefully that too so close.)

Maan (to cover up the situation he says) : Uhhh… I guess we need to leave them alone becoz Anika is sleeping and even Shivaay is really tired so even he drowsed down so there is there is nothing to worry I guess we should not disturb them and even today’s incidents are really hard to digest so let’s go to home and tae rest so that we can visit them. OK NOW EVERYONE DISPERSE. (He said this in a commanding tone.)

Geet : But Maan what about If she needs something then I know she won’t wake up Shivaay as he is sleeping so she will put pain on herself instead of waking him so I’ll be here.

O : No Aunty uncle is right u guys go and take rest. I and Rudra will be here.

Geet : But…

Maan : Its ok Geet they said they will take care right so just leave it and come with me. U have to decorate the house for Anika’s arrival right.

Geet : Ha Maan ur right.

(After saying this they left and only Omru and Shivika were there in there in the room.

Rudra (in a slow voice which is just audible to O) : O these days something something something is happening between BHABHI and……(O glared at Rudra) I….mean…. D…i… Anika di and bhaiya right O.

Even I’m noticing it.
(Rudra and O turned back and saw a girl standing near the door and the girl is none other than Tia.)

Tia : Ha Om Rudra is right. U know what Shivaay is really changed becoz Shivaay doesn’t believe in these Surname and lineage trash anymore. He was completely changed after meeting that girl wai let me say her name uhhhh…. Her name…..A…ni…

Omru : Anika/ Anika di

Tia : Ha that girl. I mean Anika becoz on that day when she told her name she didn’t say her last name so I thought to know whether his ideology changed or not. When I insulted her about having no surname then suddenly bursted at me like a volcano and gave me such angry glares that he just wants to kill me and eat me alive.

Omru chuckled at this.

R: U know what Tia Anika is Anu dii itself and now u don’t have to stress ur brain to find her.

T : U know what Rudra its just becoz of my Reikis. I sended her Reikis continuously becoz I felt some positive vibes around me so I just got to know that everything is going to be alright. Uh wait a second guys I need to attend this call so see u later. (And she smiles showing her 32 teeth to Omru.)

Omru : Bye

Ru-O : O u know what this Lady baba and Reiki center is back.

O : Ok ok stop ur melodrama I guess we have to check them. (Rudra nodded and they headed towards the ICU they saw that Shivaay was talking something while sleeping {Sleep talking.}

S : Anu is back wow now I’ll see who stop me from marrying u…… (he was about to continue but he fell asleep.)

O : Ru what was that???

R : Whatever O but this shows that Shivaay Bhaiya loves Anika di then what about Anika di how will we get to know about what she is feeling for Bhaiya.

O : Point Rudra u have a point. We have to do something so that Anika and Shivaay confess to each other about their feelings.

R : Leave it to me O. (By saying this he smirks.)

O : Ok let’s sleep I’m really sleepy so if u want u can sleep otherwise don’t sleep but I’m going to sleep. (After saying this Om slept on the sofa in sitting position. And Rudra dowsed of beside him in sleeping position keeping his legs on Om’s laps and hands hugging a pillow he slept peacefully. He looks like a small baby while sleeping.)

(Suddenly Shivaay waked up and saw the scenario and was really happy seeing them peacefully sleeping on the couch. And he said to himself.)

S : U guys looks so cute while sleeping. I want my family to be completed. (says this looking at Anika. And again drowsed into deep sleep.)

Shivaay was awake and talking to the doctor about medicines and was also preparing papers for her discharge. Anika woke up by catching her head as it was paining. She was about to fall down but two protective arms prevented her from falling down. Guys I know that u guys guessed it that it is none other than our hero Shivaay.

S : Anika r u ok.

A : Shivaay my head is paining. I don’t know why but I feel like breaking my head becoz it is paining like hell and these body pain. Uffff

S : Actually Anika they gave you a high dosage of drugs and they wounded u badly so that’s the reason for ur body pains and ur headache but I’m sure after taking these medicines u will be fine. (By saying this he gives her medicines. And she takes the medicines.)

A : Shivaay I don’t really want to be in hospitals becoz I’m sick of these hospitals. Pls Shivaay do something I want to go home.

S : Ok Anika actually I have to signed the documents the discharge papers are ready but just waiting for Omru to get ready that’s it after that we will go to home.

Omru : We r ready.

S : See they are ready so let’s go home now.

(After a hour they reached home Anika was still feeling little bit weak due to the effect of medicines. So Shivaay supports her and slowly takes her inside where all the family members were already waiting for her as soon as they reached Geet did their aarti.)

G : Shivaay Anika seems really dizzy due to the medicines so can u pls take her to her room and make her rest.

Maan : Shivaay I’ll take her u seem to be really tired.

S : No uncle I’m fine. (By saying this he carried Anika in his arms and Anika snuggled more into his chest. They looked like a perfect couple. In each others embrace, They were having cute little eye lock which was soon interrupted by Rudra’s fake coughs.)

R : Bhaiya if u finished ur intense eyelock can we take Anika di to her room. We know that ur really strong and capable of carrying her for hours and also u were trying to woo her but in the current situation Anika di needs some rest. Right O. (At this point Shivaay was throwing daggers at Rudra.)

O : Rudra ur perfectly right Shivaay take her to the room first and till then stop shooting daggers at us. (By saying this both Omru giggled. Shivaay went to the room placed her on the bed and came outside and started to chase them. This was a perfect O’bro moment while chasing they even dragged Prinku in the chase. They were literally throwing pillows on each other, teasing each other, chasing each other and finally they settled on the bed. They were heavily panting. And then they heard a knock on the door.)

S : (still panting.) Prinku… o..pen…t..h..e doo..r

P : Yes Bhaiya (she opened the door and she saw Ranveer standing at the door as soon as she opened the door both saw each other and started to blush.)

R : Prinku… I mean Priyanka. I know u guys r really tired due to the chasing game so I just bought some fresheners so that we can have it together. What say bro… (said thing looking at Shivaay. Before Shivaay can speak further Rudra spoke in between Ranveer we need it wow ur just our saviour. Tq so much (By saying this he took 2 drinks from the tray as Shivaay said that he don’t need it and there is only 2 left in the tray.)
P : uhhh… Ra..n.. Ra..

R : Its ok Priyanka u can call me Rans or Ranveer.

P : (Thinks Ranks sounds too personal so let me call him Ranveer. But Ranveer was expecting her to call him Rans and also he was like fingers crossed.)

P : Uhhh… Rans (she herself don’t know why she called him Rans but after hearing his name from her mouth it feels really amazing for him and Prinku after seeing his expression slightly blushed. He thought this was a dream for him.) I mean Rans give the tray to me (By saying this she took the tray and she took the two glasses in her hands on she handed to Ranveer and on she kept for herself.)

(At that time Shivaay seems to be really concentrated on his office work trying to reschedule his meetings and Omru were chatting so no one noticed them. Then suddenly Ranveer took Prinku to the pool area sat there with her and entwined his hands with hers. They were enjoying each and every passing second. And finally Prinku spoke breaking the awkward silence.)

P : Ranveer we should leave now. If anyone sees us like this then they may think wrong about us.

R : Pls Prinku 5 more min. I just want to live this moment with u and only u.

P : I Love u Ranveer.

R : I love u more my Princess.

(I know guys this was a shocking revealing. And yes the truth they are in love. When??? Where??? And How??? Is explained in my next FF till then let’s continue the story.)

Anika’s Room

A : (Anika was trying to remember everything. What all happened with her from beginning.) Uhhh my head. My head is paining a lot. Why can’t I remember??? Why that guy(Ranveer) was saying that I’m his sister. If that’s the truth then why did everyone tried to hide the truth from me. And those couple (Geet and Maan) why are they saying that I’m their daughter. If I’m their daughter then why didn’t they come to me. I was just dying to have a family. I thought I was a orphan whenever I saw kids with their parents I always used to feel jealous thinking about the love and affection they were getting. Why always me??? I guess GOD is punishing me. I guess I don’t deserve anyone that’s the reason why I was aways from them these days. YES THAT’S THE TRUTH THAT I’M REALLY VERY BAD PERSON THAT IS WHY I’M NOT GETTING THE LOVE WHICH I DESERVE. (She was murmuring these words again and again. Geet and Maan entered the room and saw Anika’s condition becoming worse so they went there to calm her down. And the scene shifts to Shivaay’s bedroom)

Shivaay’s Room :

(Om slept on the bed, Rudra was taking some selfies to post it on SNS and our Shivaay is busy with his office work.)

R : Shivaay Bhaiya!!! U know what I’m really happy today.

S : May I know the reason why my baby brother is happy today???

R : I’m happy becoz everything is sorted out. We found Gauri di, Ranveer, and we also got to know that Anika dii was our Anu di itself.

S : Yes finally everything is revealed.

R : And u know the most important thing is our O is not a different person.

S : What do u mean by not a different person. (He was such a tube light he got to know what Rudra is trying to say) Oh ha ya.

R : Otherwise y O will get those shocks. I mean she is a girl that’s the reason behind the shocks. V r so stupid to think like that. (he kept on talking but our Shivaay was in his world thinking about Maan and Geet that why Roop Bua tried to kill them or captivate them??? What’s the reason behind it????)

R : Bhaiya r u listening or dreaming about Anika dii. (Till then Shivaay was not responding but as soon as he heard about Anika he came into his senses and said.)

S : Rudra u just sleep right now or go and study with Sowmya. Becoz ur not allowing me to do my work.

R : Ok Bhaiya by saying this he left the room. (And again Shivaay started to think about Maan and Geet.)

Sowmya’s Room

(Sowmya was busy in studying and suddenly there was a knock on the door. She knows that who the person could be so without even looking at the door she said.)
S : Rudra come inside.

R : (Rudra slowly opened the door.) Sowmya what r u doing???

S : Rudra ur such a dumbbell can’t u see I’m studying.

R : First of all don’t call me dumbbell and secondly this is not the time to study. This is the time to rock n roll.

S : What Rudra what r u trying to say???

R : Sowmya ur so cute and innocent. Ok leave it let me tell u. Sowmya it’s time for Love Angel and Love Guru.

S : Ah Rudra I totally forgot about it.


Guys that’s it for today and I’m really sorry for the late update. U can punish me for that but pls read my FF for sure. I know u guys r really angry at me I can justify it I have a solid reason that is my Testings so that’s the reason for my Late updates. I’m not saying that I’ll not update. I’m just saying that I’m gonna update it but it’s going to be a late update not a regular update. And sorry for the inconvenience. And one more thing u can read my FF on wattpad guys so chill. See u next time with another episode guys. And yes like always Please throw your precious comments of concerns or appreciations or likes or dislikes or clarifications or confirmations everything is accepted. Bye Guys. Have a gud day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………… But don’t forget to comment.

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