Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 16

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Pragya thought of giving a surprise visit to Abhi without informing him. It had been more than a week that she is not going to office. Pragya went to the office by bringing lunch for him.

She noticed that her cabin is not occupied. Pragya smiled thinking he never allow others to take her place.

Pragya: Surprise Boss!
She exclaimed cheerfully by opening the door but she was shocked to see the sight in front of her.

She sees Mithra hugging Abhi and looks on until he sees her.

Abhi breaking the hug said something to Mithra and rushed towards Pragya who was standing motionless.

Abhi: Pragya….It’s not like what you are thinking….
Pragya remained silent with her eyes being moist.
Abhi desperately said: Say something Pragya! If you remain silent it kills me!
Pragya shaking her head tried to walk backwards when he hugged her tightly saying: I am only yours….
He said and kissed her forehead.

Mithra seeing that, He is only yours Pragya…It was just a hug to console me…

Pragya: Come with me now!
Abhi: Now?
He asked doubtfully.
Pragya demanded: Now means now!
Abhi: Ok Let’s go….

Pragya walked ahead as he followed her. He turning behind gave an apologetic look towards Mithra before catching up with Pragya.

Both reached their house and they were at their room in silence.

Abhi: Pragya! It’s not like u are thinking at all!
Pragya remained silent and was looking at their wedding pictures on the wall.

He held her shoulder and said: She hugged me Pragya….It’s not me who hugged her!
Pragya looked at him with mixed feelings.
Abhi: Oh Pragya…if u are so silent then how can I clear your misunderstanding! You know that I won’t hide anything from u right?

Pragya nodded her head in response.

Abhi: Then why are u looking like this? Tell me something!
Pragya was struggling in his grip and realizing that his grip is hurting her, he let loosened his grip and moved away.

Abhi saw her still in tears and he couldn’t take this anymore.

Abhi loudly: I love you!
Pragya in a shaky voice with tears: I…HATE….YOU…
She said by pushing him away and ran out of the room.

Dadi and Dasi looking at it were shocked.

Abhi running after her: Dadi, u take care of them…I have to catch her…
He said hurriedly and ran after her.

Pragya was keep on running with tears. She then stopped to turn and see him.

Abhi with tiredness: Pragya…where are u running to?
Pragya: I don’t know…
Abhi: Then at least run towards me as our kids are there at house!
Pragya stood there for a while before running back towards him.
Abhi sighed: Thank god!
Pragya ran past him by pushing him away which made him almost fall.

Abhi, What is this? Why is she keep on running?

Pragya ran into the house and locked herself in their room.

Abhi reached and was keep on knocking the door for her to open.

Dadi: Abhi! What happened that she have to lock the door?
She asked in a panicked tone.
Abhi: Nothing Dadi…
Dadi: Then there is something…
Abhi looked tensed saying nothing and was still knocking the door and asking Pragya to open the door.

Dadi: Let me try….
Abhi moved away without saying anything.
Dadi: Pragya…Prabhi is crying heavily by the sounds here…and Abhigya is looking scared too…
Pragya hearing that quickly opened the door and Abhi came inside the room with Dadi.

Pragya: Where are they Dadi?
She asked with concern by not looking at Abhi.

Dadi: They are fine and sleeping. What’s the problem with both of u all?
Pragya looked away to wipe her tears.

Abhi: She is blowing up a small matter Dadi!
Pragya: Small matter?
Abhi: Haan then what? I told u i never did that but u are not believing me!
Pragya: Did I say I never believed u?
Abhi: If not why are u crying and running here and there! Then why did u say u hate me!!!
Pragya: If I say I Hate you means I never love u?
Abhi: Then what u expect me to think?
Pragya remained silent and looked away.

Dadi looking at their argument looked shocked. Until now she can’t understand what was their problem.

Pragya again tried to run away but this time Abhi stopped her by holding her waist firmly and making her close to him.

Dadi looking at that was startled and realized that she needs to leave from there.

Dadi: Abhi…I am leaving as the kids can wake up at anytime.
Abhi: Ok Dadi! Let me settle this fool first!
Pragya: Fool?
Abhi: Yes you are!
Dadi left the room closing the door. She smiled at their fights which always makes them closer.

Abhi still holding onto her: Where do u think u are running away?
Pragya: I said I don’t know!
Abhi: I know where u can run to now!
Pragya struggling in his grip: Just leave me! I want to go away!
Abhi: Then go away…
He said casually by letting her off.

Pragya was taken aback and quickly went near the door but he pulled her back as he locked the door.

Pragya sighed and looked furiously at him.

Pragya: I said I want to go away!
Abhi: Will you stop this go away jingles!
Pragya looked away being pinned against the door by him.

Abhi: Pragya…Are u suspecting me of having affair?
Pragya: No…
Abhi: Then why are u behaving like this?
Pragya: Why u never tell me that Mithra is coming to see u?
Abhi: She came suddenly and was asking about her sister. She could only come today as her sister was on leave.
Pragya: That’s all?
Abhi: That’s all foolish Pragya!
Pragya: I am not foolish Pragya!
Abhi: You are!
Pragya: I am not!
Abhi: Then prove me that u are not!
Pragya irked and pushed him away trying to open the latch of the door.

Abhi: Smart move but you are not going anywhere!
He said by back hugging her and pulling her back.

Pragya: Leave me! I am not a fool like u said!
Abhi: First tell me one thing, why did u came to office?
Pragya: To surprise you but in the end I got a shock!
Abhi nuzzling her neck: This is why I said I don’t like surprises.
Pragya: Stop it! I want to go out!
Abhi: To see our kids right?
Pragya: Yes!
Abhi making her face him hugged her passionately before letting her off.

Abhi smirked and said: Now you can go!
Pragya frowned and hugged him back again.
Abhi: I said you can go Pragya…
Pragya was still hugging him and not letting him off.

Abhi: What is happening here?
He asked mockingly.
Pragya: Hugging time…
Abhi: Why now?
He asked like a child.

Pragya never said anything and was keep on smiling.

Abhi caressing her head: Pragya…I have said to you before and even now I am saying it again, I love you and only you…
Pragya: I know…
Abhi: What you know ah? Making a fuss for such a small thing!
Pragya looking up at him: Sorry…
Abhi: Why did u run like as if I need to chase you? Out of all things, why do u have to run like that every time?
Pragya teasingly: I like to make u run after me…
Abhi: Very funny Boss…
Pragya still with doubt: Do u still have….
Abhi kissing her forehead: I only have feelings for you and our kids!
Pragya: You sure?
Abhi: Damn sure!
He said by hugging her tight and then kissing all over her face.
Pragya: Wait! Wait! Itna kisses?
Abhi looked at her with admiration and he winked at her.

“Mumma! Mumma!” They heard loud screams when they were about to kiss each other.

Abhi gave a grumpy look making Pragya feel sad for him for the wrong timing again.

Pragya: Kiddos are calling me Boss..
Abhi let her off and walked away to sit on the bed with disappointment.

Pragya smiled teasingly of his sad face.

Abhi: Don’t smile! I can’t stand it!
Pragya quickly went near him gave a peck on his cheek and ran away to attend to their kids.

Abhi loudly: This peck of yours won’t work!
He looked frustrated and then went where she was with the kids too.

Pragya saw him standing at a corner while she was having fun with the kids as they missed her from the afternoon.

The kids saw Abhi standing with his arms folded and they called “ Puppa!”

Abhi never responded making Pragya puzzled. Pragya know he usually will immediately attend to the kids when they call him Puppa. But now he was standing there like a statue.

Pragya: Boss! They are calling you!
Abhi: I know…
Pragya: Then come here na….why u are u standing there?
Abhi: They spoiled our moment of love!
He said with a childish anger.

Pragya chuckled looking at him.
Abhi: This is not funny Boss!
Pragya: It is…
Abhi: I was tired running after you and I thought of being energized after that moment!
Pragya: Hmmm…
Abhi: Then they spoiled it!
Pragya softly: Suniye…
Abhi: What?
He asked in a frustrated tone.
Abhi saw her and she gestured to him to come closer to them.

Abhi half-heartedly came closer to them and sat beside them.

Pragya: Do you want it now?
Abhi: How can u do it now?
He asked looking confused.
Pragya: Suniye…I am asking u again do you want it now?
She asked looking pleasantly although tiredness was on her face as well.

Abhi: If you can then do it!
Pragya: Close your eyes…
She said with shyness.
Abhi: Alright! I know u won’t do it for sure!
Pragya smiled as he closed his eyes and made the kids sit on his lap.

Abhi opening his eyes shrieked: What is this? U made them sit on my lap!
Pragya: They missed you Boss! See how cutely they are cuddling on you…
Abhi looked at his kids and indeed they were very cute.

Pragya: Like you na they are very cute!
Abhi: No like you…
Pragya: Ok Boss, like us!
Abhi: Don’t run every time…please Pragya..
Pragya: Why? You are getting old to catch up with me ah?
Abhi: Very funny Boss…
Pragya giggled when she realized that Abhigya had wetted Abhi’s pants.

Abhi screeched: Boss! She made me wet!!!
Pragya carrying Abhigya away was keep on giggling as for Prabhi she was still investigating the buttons of Abhi’s shirt.

Pragya: Looks like Prabhi likes your shirt a lot…

Abhi carrying Prabhi and placed her on the bed. He frowned at Pragya making her in that state.

Abhi: I am going away! You girls are just driving me mad!
Pragya once again chuckled and the kids looked at him leaving gave a sad look.

Pragya looking at them: Don’t worry kiddos, Puppa will be back in a while!

Kids nodded their head in response as Pragya was bringing them to the bathroom to give a quick bath to them.

As this was happening, new staff was getting restless of her feelings towards Purab.

New staff, He is a nice person but it’s very difficult to happen….

She said by looking at his picture that she took in her phone secretly without his knowledge.

At a hospital,

Mithra was seen working as a receptionist.

A man was keep on looking at her as she was busy in attending the calls.

He walked towards the reception seeing her hanging up the call.

Mithra looked at him and smiled asking how can she help him?

He introduced himself as someone who knows her.

Mithra: Sorry…I am unable to recognize you..

He smirked and said: I am Jai! You know Ritz hotel! Couple dance?
Mithra remembered the day at Ritz hotel how she realized that she was blinded by love.

Jai: Mithra!!!
He said loudly to make her back to senses.
Mithra smiled faintly and said: I still don’t remember…and sorry I am busy now..
She said and walked away.

Jai: Sorry but are u married?
Mithra turned behind and looked at him with shock.
Jai: That means not married! Thanks!
Mithra ignored his smile and walked ahead with a stern face.

Abhi stammered and Pragya making use of it said “ I am so sad for you Mr Abhi…I have got over from that thoughts but you…I think you need professional help now…” Abhi “ Professional help?” Pragya “ Yes…not psychiatrist but a divine guru who can clear your thoughts….” Abhi “ Divine guru?” Pragya “ Haan come with me…” She said by bringing him to a room there. Pragya “ Stay here! The divine guru will be here in 10 minutes…” Abhi still looking confused just nodded his head. He looked around the room which was white everywhere.

Abhi, This place looks so white…Oh white for purity and divine feeling….even the fan is white…He was looking on top and saw how the fan spinned like his head was spinning with those thoughts.

Pragya walked in by dressed in a white kurta and pants.

“Abhi babu…” She said in a soft tone looking as pleasant and peaceful.

Abhi, Abhi babu? Only my Mummy calls me like that….Abhi looked towards Pragya in disbelief and asked “ Where is the divine guru?” Pragya “ She is in front of you…” She said calmly. Abhi shrieked “ What the hell? U are divine guru? I would rather jump from the window now!” He said by running towards the window when she said “ I know your secrets Abhi babu…” Abhi stopped and cried like a baby saying “ You are only making it worse….Mummy…I want to come to you….take me away…” He said looking up the sky through the window.

Thank u everyone for reading! Energy level is low so unable to write on fb today. Sorry for that but hope it was nice to read. Unable to reply everyone as I am very very tired but will reply whenever possible and also reply to any doubts that u all have. Thank u each and everyone for taking ur time to comment and also for all your curiosity.

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