Trilogy (Omkara Shivay Rudra) – Prologue

Myth is a unknown truth. A theory without proof. We find many mythological stories unreal because they look deviated from reality. We believe in Dinosaur or Ice Age theory because that comes in science books and there are proofs though they don’t prove it but relate to the theory. We usually find Ramayan Manhabharat as mythological because they have morphed to a level that they don’t seem relating to the fact.

I’m a huge fan of Amish Tripathi who gave me a different way to look at mythology. And his books seems more close to reality. And here I want to experiment in the genre and thought of getting a fictional touch to it. I have just taken the characters and they don’t resemble the tv series. Hope you will like this attempt of mine and support me.

Kailash – A beautiful city surrounded by Himalaya mountain range. The snow surrounding it made it look like heaven. People clad in white robes roamed across a fountain. It was a strange science which maintained the water from this fountain to be in liquid form though there was a minus degree Celsius temperature outside the city. For that matter the temperature inside the city was pleasant and bearable. The Guna’s the tribe who lived in this city had built it that way. Their engineering skills were marvelous. And no human was known of this city as it looked invisible to the outside world. They were waiting for someone’s arrival. Who it might be any guesses? Let’s see it later. Let us get back to real world.


“Khanna I have told you this deal is so important to us. I have to reach there at any cost. Arrange my chopper” Shivay Singh Oberoi a hard core businessman for whom profit is everything. By hook or by crook he just want to win. Cunning at times hard nut to crack.

“No I feel this color is good. And I have to concentrate so if you people can leave me alone for sometime” Omkara Kapoor an artist and very good at heart person. For him his passion is everything. Painting and Sculpture were the things which excited him.


“Mom my Protein shake please. I’m getting late for the Gym. Otherwise let it be mom” Rudra Khanna a fitness freak and lives life to the fullest. Funny at times and witty some less times.

Om Shiv Rudr three strangers what connects them?

Liked it? Do let me know I will update the next as per your reviews and sorry I’m very slow at updates. Wanted to try on Ishqbazz from a long time. I actually tried though but they broke my heart so I think I wont be able to continue that. I will try to bring the very same track here.

Hope you enjoyed it.

  1. Pratha

    Hey Sally I also don’t believe in mythology that much as our TV series have really turned them upside down…
    I loved ur concept it’s beyond d words, Pl. Cont soon

    One doubt will it be a love story or Obro
    If it’s a love story it’s a humble request please take Ishana n Soumya opposite Omkara n Rudra…

  2. Nithu

    nice…….a different plot…..

  3. Sally_blr

    Oops first chappy n mistake. Rudr’s surname is Khurana

  4. Awesome plz continue…..and post longer updates plz…

  5. Too gripping start dear. I love mythology

  6. Inu

    superb. Nice story.

  7. Astra

    i opened this just looking at I’m alot interested in mythology stories.. and I’m awestruck looking at ur name.. sally dear u always rocks… the intro is quite awesome.. I’m eager to read furthur….

  8. Niriha

    Awesome…it’s different waiting for first epi

  9. Even am a big fan of Amish and all his mythological story and his trilogy books were too good…….How many times v read ll.not be bored and ur idea was too good and am eagerly waiting for the story ahead…..

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is really superbbbbbb dear… I am eagerly waiting for the next update please post ASAP….

  11. I really like ur idea and i am waiting for future updates . even i request please pair om with ishana if it has love story.
    Pleas update soon

  12. Yashu

    Lovely yaar….interesting plot…eagerly waiting for nxt update…..

  13. Great start…

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