Bitti Business Wali 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi plans to get Sardar Singh’s daughter marry Mahi

Bitti Business Wali 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sardar Singh asks Laddo why did he betray him and lied to him. Laddo Singh tries to tell, but Sardar Singh says it is your good luck that we have old relations else I would have buried you and your family alive here. Sardar Singh’s wife asks him to come. Laddo Singh tries to stop them, but in vain. Sardar Singh and his wife leave. Laddo Singh’s wife asks why did you return? Prema says they returned thinking there was a crowd in the temple. Laddo Singh comes inside and slaps Bitti hard. Chandana and Pavitra come there with Shaurya and Suman. They are shocked. Bitti says it is weakness to raise hand on someone. Laddo Singh’s wife asks her not to argue. Bitti says if this is right to get Mahi’s alliance fixed and says I am his wife and he can’t remarry until I am there. Laddo Singh asks her family to take her from there.

Bitti walks towards the door and sits on the door. She says I will not go anywhere, and will not get up until you apologize to me. Now nobody can come inside or go outside. Laddo Singh says today I will kill you. His wife stops him and asks him to come. Laddo Singh asks Bhagat not to give her water or food and says I will see if anyone goes to her. Kashi asks Prema and Akshata to go to their rooms.

Akshata feel bad and calls Sangam, asks him to come back. Pavitra asks Bitti why she wants to stay with them, and asks her to file police complaint. Bitti says I will not go anywhere, as question mark is raised on my life. She says even if we go to Police, then also no solution will be taken out. Shaurya says if Papa comes to know then. Bitti asks why did you come? Laddo Singh’s wife asks them to think about Sardar Singh. Dadi is at Sardar Singh’s house and asks him to call him. Sardar Singh says just now I bashed him and came here. She asks him to call him there. Kashi says she is sitting there. Laddo Singh says let her sit. Sangam comes and asks why you all are sitting here. Bitti says I apologize, but can’t let you enter inside. Sangam calls his mum and asks what happened with Bitti. Sardar Singh calls Laddo Singh.

Kashi gives call to him. Sardar Singh says a big incident happened in my life and says I thought how you can betray me and found out the truth. He says I came to know about the truth and says that old lady in Kalyani mohalla is very clever. Dadi looks at him. Laddo singh says I wanted to tell you, but you didn’t give me a chance. Just then Gunjan comes there shouting, while his Servant runs after her. Sardar Singh ends the call and scolds Servant for wearing black color. He tells that she gets hyper seeing black color. Dadi tells Virender that she will get Mahi married this mad girl and freed Bitti. She says this is how she will take revenge on Laddo Singh. Sardar Singh calls Laddo Singh and tells that he is ready to get Gunjan marry Mahi, as he is bachelor in his sight. Laddo, his wife and Kashi get happy. Dadi and Virender smiles.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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