Kundali Bhagya 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi comes to Sarla’s house

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Prithvi says that they both tried to break their engagement saying that he had a relation with Tapse saying that she is their family member and friend and what happened to that friend ship, he says that this is not done and he really feels bad, he apologizes if he has something wrong, Shrishti says that he has something wrong as he is trying to push her mother to fight. Sarla asks her to go and prepare tea, she says that she does not know how to but then leaves, she thinks that it would have been good if instead of Luthra’s his engagement was broken.

Dadi comes asking for the postman when she greets him and when they ask him to sit down he says that he has to use the bathroom and goes to Preeta room, he smells her cloths the thinking that he thought that she was a hurdle in his plans but now he realiz3ed that he loves her, he also loves Sherlin who is very smart, intelligent and very clever unlike her who is disciplined and cares for the elders. He says that she gave a tough time to Sherlin and they both are in a tie, he then talks with her photo saying that he will also keep her like a princess and will treat her just fine but he cannot leave Sherlin.

Karina asks Sanjana to come and they all sit together, Pandit jee also comes and when Rakhi comes Sanjana asks her the reason she is not smiling, Rakhi says that she is quiet as the one who it was meant for I not with them so she is quiet, Karina asks her to prepare some snacks when Rishab also comes and greets them, he asks the reason thy ae in such a hurry to get him married, Karina and Sanjana says that things of happiness should not be postponed and they must get them married. Karan come from behind, Sherlin thinks that now Karan must prepare for her enter into the house as nothing can stop her not even Preeta, Karan asks her the reason for being so happy, Karina says that she will  be happy one that there is nothing to worry about, Sanjana also agrees adding that n9ow there are some people who are away from their house, Rishab asks in anger, Sherlin handles the situation saying that she meant to say that now their marriage will be arranged early and everything will be okay, Karan says that he thinks otherwise and does not feel the same.

Sanjana then says that she was talking of Preeta and family as they had been involved in a lot of their problems and it doesn’t feel right to be so involved in someone else’s problems, Rishab gets angry and is about to leave when saying that he has some important work, Karina tries to stop him saying that his first priority must be Sherlin, Rakhi helps him saying that he will come back as soon as the work is over, He leaves.

Sarla is scolding Bi Je when Shristri comes with tea, Preeta enters saying that she got the job, Sarla and everyone is amazed to hear that, they ask her about the job at which she says that she got It in ICB and it is the cricket board of India, she got it in T20 matches as players who get injured o the field have to get treatment, thy all are celebrating when Prithvi comes from behind and also congralutes her, saying that she has taken the right decision to not go back to the Luthra’s and he feels blessed to have been engaged with her as she is a lot talented  then both of them. he asks her out on a date but she says that she would not be able to go a she has to go to a function with her senior, Shrishti also ask to come but she stops her saying that she also does not have an invite and will go with a senior, Prithvi ask for their leave thinking that now Preeta will not interfere in the Luthra’s affair and will stay away from Karan.

Karan is talking on the phone and enters the kitchen, he is talking with a Doctor explaining to him that he will bring the girl to his clinic and he must help him, the doctor is adamant saying that he will do everything to help him and they will also get to talk. Karan says that he will bring her and he must do all that he can. He is filling a cup with oil when his sister comes and sees him, when she is about to talk he leaves the Kitchen.

Sameer comes and Kartika are both in the kitchen when she is confused, he asks her to which she says that she saw Karan filling a coffee cup with oil, Sameer tease her saying that she is a dumb person and he does not listen to her.

Karan takes the cup and thinks that what he can do to make Sherlin get hurt.

Precap: Sherlin is listening outside the cabin when she hears them talk that they have her blood and will test it for pregnancy, Sherlin gets shocked to hear it.

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  1. Hell to do with this prithvi’s new love story. Don’t know what the writers are doing with the scripts. It could have been a better show but, as usual they’ll end up like KB dragging the same crap. But yes I’m happy that Finally!! We’ll see Preeta as Karan’s cricket team’s physio, which is every Preeran Fan’s dream. But I don’t expect much bcz I know they’re gonna mess up the story succeeding punnu

  2. Arey yar har Hindi serial mey maximum 2 weeks one negative role will be there but here we don’t know who is pair of heroine and this negative role is fully for more than 100 episodes and it is becoming another worst serial like “Kumkum bhagya ” if u didn’t complete kumkum bhagya means also please end this Prithvi and sherlin characters in kundali bhagya it would be great aur ek bath tumhari har story mey jeeth tou burayi ki kyu hothi hai jeethi tou sachayi aur acchayi ki hona chahiye na par nahi asise bakwas sirf tum lik sakthe ho Ekta

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