Bitti Business Wali 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti tries to adjust in Mahi’s house

Bitti Business Wali 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi asking Bitti to celebrate first night alone and goes out to sleep holding pillow and blanket. He sleeps on sofa. Bitti rests on floor in the room and gets sad thinking about her life before marriage. Song plays….dhuwan dhuwan si….plays…..Suman cries in her room and tells Chandana and Pavitra that she never stayed without Bitti since childhood. Gayatri cries and talks to his dead wife’s pic. He feels apologetic to Bitti. Dadi tells Pahelwan that Laddo will be ruined and tells that he had kidnapped Bitti and got her married. Jogi asks why are you saying the same thing again and again. Dadi says she wants blood to boil up so that she takes revenge from him. Pahelwan asks her to think something big and says I have my full support for you.

Pavitra tells Chandana that Bitti used to talk about wife’s salary. Suman says she used to ask me to learn to ride scooty. They tell that her phone is off. Shaurya says they shall call SMS. Sundar comes to Bitti and says he got call from her house. Bitti takes his phone and gets emotional. Suman says she will make a video call to her. Bitti asks Shaurya, how is he? Shaurya says fine. Pavitra asks how are you? Bitti says she is fine. SMS says you never lied before and tells them that Bitti is sleeping on floor. Bitti looks on tensed. Chandana, Pavitra and others are upset. Bitti tells Sundar why did he do this and tells that she saw her maa and bhabhi hiding her sasural talks with mayka. Sundar says whatever Mahi did was wrong. Bitti says Mahi has answers to my questions. Bitti’s family also sit on floor.

Next morning, she wakes up and goes to kitchen. She calls Servant as Bhagat ji. Bhagat gets happy and says everyone calls me Bhagat. Bitti says she will make tea. Kashi asks Prema to make tea. Prema says she is feeling headache. Kashi asks what happened. Bitti brings tea for them. Prema says she will drink. Kashi says he will not drink. Bitti comes to Laddo Singh’s room. His wife gets angry and throws the tea tray. She tells that she don’t want to see her face in the morning. Mahi says I will handle her. Bitti asks why are you dragging me? Mahi asks her to come downstairs. Laddo Singh’s wife tells that the girl is stubborn and they have to treat her. Mahi asks what do you want? Bitti says I am your wife and wants to stay as your wife. Mahi asks her to tell clearly. Bitti says I want to be your wife just. Mahi asks her to get ready and says he will take her outside.

Mahi and Bitti are going somewhere. Kashi asks where are they going? Mahi says they are going out. Kashi says why did they go? Prema says they are fake couple, but looks real unlike us. Kashi laughs and asks her to control her tongue. Sangam tells Kashi that he did a bad thing. Kashi scolds him. Mahi takes Bitti to guest house and says they will rest and leave. Bitti says why we came here ? Mahi asks do you have no feelings for your husband and asks if she will take care of him. He asks her to come with him to hotel or go to her house. Bitti looks on.

Mahi and Bitti are in hotel. Mahi tells her that she shall enjoy being his wife. Just then Police comes and asks about their relation. Mahi says they are husband and wife. Inspector asks for proofs. Mahi says he don’t have. Bitti says they will marry in court.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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