Shakti 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nani demands Harman to fulfill Harak Singh’s wish

Shakti 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh getting upset with Harman. Preeto says it showed your value. Harak Singh tells that Harman and Soumya have ruined his name and tells that he is going out. She says something will change when you return home. Nani is questioning Shanno when Preeto takes Nani outside, and shows her that Harman and Soumya are forced to sell Pulao on road for their living by Harak Singh and tells that how they can think of baby. Harman and Soumya sell all Pulao. He says they have sold all and became rich. Nani comes to them. Harman tries to make excuses. Nani asks why they have lied to her and says she will ask Harak Singh why is he doing this. Preeto thinks she will see what he will reply. Shanno asks Surbhi if she will stay in the house like Soumya. Surbhi gives her a fitting reply. Varun asks her to apologize to Shanno, and blackmails her, but Surbhi refuses. Shanno asks her to control his wife.

Varun asks Surbhi to see what he can do with her and her baby. Shanno searches for the letter and gets it in Preeto’s room. She thinks how Preeto will blackmail her now. Nani comes home and asks Veeran to call Harak Singh. Harak Singh comes home. Nani asks why did he do partition and separated Harman and Soumya from his family. Preeto asks him to answer. She says you was standing silently when Harman was begging infront of you for food. She asks him to reply. Harak Singh tells Preeto that he has some helplessness and tells that he wants a grand child from them, but they didn’t listen to me. Shanno asks Veeran to learn acting from Harak Singh. Harak Singh goes inside. Harman and Soumya are about to go. Nani asks Harman what is their problem if Harak Singh wants a grand child and says your relation will also strengthen.

Harman says it is our wish to have a baby or not and says nobody will ask me or my wife to have a baby. Soumya asks him to calm down. Harak Singh says it is my right to ask for grand son till my last breath. Harman tells Nani that he don’t want to talk. Nani asks what did I tell wrong. Preeto asks Harman why did he reacted such and says they have no right to hurt Nani. She says we couldn’t give baby to the family, it is my problem. Nani feels bad. Harman comes and asks Nani to leave from there. He says Soumya feels that I misbehaved with you and that’s why I want to go. Preeto slaps Harman and asks how dare you to talk to my Maa like this. Nani stops her and slaps her. She says don’t know whose bad sight fall on our family. Nani coughs and faints. Preeto asks Veeran to call Doctor. Harman tries to make Nani gains consciousness. Harak Singh says you asked her to leave and now showing concern. Harman says she is my Nani. He makes her drink water. She gains consciousness.

Harman tells Soumya that her heart is good. Soumya asks him to call the workers and then she will tell something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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