MY birthday wish’os’ (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAS) ”Ek duje ke vaaste”

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Hi guyz!! Didnt expected me that much soon????
Well today i,m here as its a birthday of our BEAS!! and how can i afford to miss wishing her on her day… So beas many many happy returns of the day not just from me BUT FROM OUR WHOLE TU FAMILY…
We loveeeee u and we are bless to hv a cutieepie in our family…….
So here is ur birthday gift from all of us…its not that much good as its simple os coz i could not think of something good in short time but hope u will like it……

The story starts when a two small hands pulled the curtain letting the smooth rays of sun fall at cute and cherubic face of girl around 14 yrs old..’sumo’

sumo,s pov..
As those rays hit my eyes taking me out from my peace full sleep under my warm blanket..i turned my face at other side covering it with blanket… But then preeti,s words reached at my ears taking me out of drowsiness ”di atleast aj to jaldi uth jao”…
“ahhhh preety plzzz close the curtains..and morever whats special today?” i ask back hidding my face under my big teddy…
And there comes an other obstacle in my sleep some one entered in our room but i,m too lazy to open my eyes and take my face out from blanket to look who it is…
Ohhhh yeahhhhh its my birthday i jumped up letting the blanket fall on ground and there my mama papa are standing with a cake in hand and as i turned towards window there is standing my lil sis preeto with a sweet smile…awwwww!!!! The perfect start of day!!! I smiled and preeti run towards me and jumped up on bed hugging me from back ”happy birthday di”…… “Thanku preeto”…..then come my parents they put the cake on bed.. kissed my forehead and blessed me….
But the cake looks toooo yummm!!! Choclate my most favourite…ahhhh i cant wait anymore i closed my eyes and made a wish ”GOD PLZ! Give me my sharvan back” yeah that my wish is from last two years… I blow the candels and cuted the cake and make everyone eat..first papa then mama and then preeto… “aryyyy koi mujhe bhi to khilao” i opened my mouth and trio filled my mouth with cake……and we shared a group hug.. ‘I just love my family!’ but then mom broke the hug ‘ok bas bht nh jana?’
school!!!!! And i again throw myself at bed..that school is nothing without sharvan ” nh na mama… At least aj to chordo” i knew my mom,s response but yet a try ”no means no get up fast and get ready..i,m preparing breakfast” she said and ahead to leave but then turned back” and yeah u will get one special gift today in ur birthday party”
that turned me too curious ”and what is that” i asked..
“Its suprise” dad supported her and they both left the room….

And suddenly preeti ran towards washroom ” pehle me bath longi!” and that made me smiled ”pagal”…..
I got up from the bed and took the photo from the table.. Photo of sharman..sharvan and mine photo..
Ahhhh!!!! Sharvan i really miss u…plzzz come back soon….we hv grown up together as our parents know eachother they hv good relations..and time also knotted us with beautifull bond of frndship…its not like that i hv only one friend that is u..i hv many frnds.. but u r my childhood bestie..and u r precious than anyone… I hv always spent my whole day with u but when u got an scholarship in foregin country.. U left me as u wanted to catch ur dreams..i,m not angryyyy as i wanted u to raise higher and i myself insisted u to go but now i,m missing u… Coming back soon duffer….
“di u can go now” as preeti came out i placed the photo back and went to take shower……
its evening time and birthday girl is also ready in white sleevless gown but my hands are coverd with white gloves and that silver crown on my head…is making me to look like a princess of fairyland…i smiled at mirror and went down stars…. Its dark like complete dark…and i,m too afraid of that ”mom? Dad?”
and there come light everyone cameout of their hidden positions signing ”happy birthday to u happy birthday dear sumo”
i smiled and thank all of them but the decorations left me awstruck these small lights are shining like stars,that fountains these flowers everything is sooooo beautifull just like in fairytales.. I was mesmerised by decorations but suddenly teddy stood infront of me.actually its a person hidden in teddy,s costume he gave me many gifts first roses then choclates and then many packed gifts ”are u teddy or santa??”
no reply but he forwarded his hand for dance and i agreed….. As if my life has turned into a fairytale… I,m dressed like a princess in a place beautifully decorated dancing with teddy.. Is this dream or what?….
As music ends we stop dancing and he removed his teddy head ”sharvan!!!!!!!!”
he smiled having same charm on his face…. I hugged him tight and our parents came there ”so how was the suprise?”dad asked.. “best one dad”…..
And we spent whole time together in party talking about all the thing that we hv missed in these years and now as party is over we r here in our room to unpack gift but he suddenly asked ” what u asked God as a birthday gift?”
‘U’ i replied he sighed and shook his head with smile….

The end….

Sooo here it ended hope u will like it beas… I really dont know what i have wrote whatever came in my mind i hv wrote……..

Again a very very happy birthday may almighty bless u with lot of happiness success and joy…….

From whole TU family…

Ps: i hv not done proof reading so avoid mistakes plz

lov u alllllll

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  1. Beas

    Wow thank you soooo much. Really blessed to have you all in my birthday. This is the first time somebody wrote an os for me on my birthday. Really I am overwhelmed with this. And the story is sooo perfect. Thanks for coming back with this fantabulous os . Love u to the core ??

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey beas…
      A very very happy birthday dear…!!!!
      Love u loads..
      Enjoy ur day..!!

      1. Beas

        Thank you sooooo much Niyati di. Love u to the core ? ❤ ?

  2. wow alisha! amazing 1!!! beas k manme to laddu phutenge.. shravan!! wow dancin wid that charmin, handsum and dashin boy!! This wd b the best bd for her if it happens.. And widin such a short time such a wonderful os.. Awesum!!
    And happy birthday again.. Birthday Girl

  3. Wow Alisha amazing…..i wish I could also have the same gift…….really superb….

  4. Diya

    OMG Alisha di !!! U r so amazing !! Loved this story and such an overwhelming gift to Beas !! My bestie receiving so much love !!!

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Such a cute OS ?
    And the teddy wala part is so cute?

  6. too good di
    love you

  7. Prettypreeti

    Beoooo happy bday.park do u rote beautifully I just loved hazaron saal both my sisters.
    Soooo good.
    Beo happy bday

    1. Beas

      Thanks a bunch for your sweet wishes sweetheart . Love u

  8. Hey alisha it was very very cute!!!!! Sooooooooooooo amazing! And Beas,, “A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

    1. Beas

      Thanks Christie for your warm wishes.

  9. hey its just amazing one yaar. sooo cute love it.
    & ya happy birthday. bday girl may god bless u.
    & your whole year go with full exictment. & crazy ness…
    lots of love & take care..

  10. Angel20

    It was really cute!

  11. sooo cute .. i just loved it. it was indeed a lovely b day gift yo Beas..
    a very happy b day to Beas..loads of love to Beas and my dear writer Alisha

  12. Alina

    Alisha..its very nice os dear.. On such a short time u wrote a beautiful story…soo according to our agreement u win n will go on date with hottiiii ??..well done!!
    N Beas,once again Happy Birthday love u both..Good night

  13. Neeti

    hey di!!! sorry for late comment, I didnt read it actually I dont come to Edkv page now as I am upset with all but still look I cant stay away from u all, so syagat nahi karoge hamara, I need a royal party ha……… and it was very very very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beas di must be very happy!!!!! uk I am feeling its a adhuri kahani as I am listening to Hamari Adhuri Kahani 😛 but no really I don’t mean that, it was awesome….. luv u di- Neeti and Beas again a happy belated b’day 😛

  14. Fatimagulesarfraz

    !!!!!!!!!!! … MAY U HV MANY MANY MANY MORE BIRTHDAYSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS U
    Nd pari api !!! this OS is really really cute one just like our cutooo shi beas


  15. _pari_alisha


    for liking








  16. Ufaaq

    oye hoye meree beas ki b.d thi yar share ku nae ki happpppppyyyyyyyy birthday yarrrrrrrrr
    may u have 100 more
    love u
    anjuuuu just perfect

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