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sorry guys for being late…. i was busy in my studies for my exam… but now i have extra holiday for my next paper hence i am updating next part… i have typed the update longer bcoz i am late in updating

U know what guys u r just amazing…. ur comments inspires me a lot to update the next epi ASAP. sorry but u have to bear the suspense full epi today also……

and i want ur suggestions guys i am gonna make the sangeet ceremony as the maha episode
so how u want that maha episode with details of their dance moves & songs
or with just song name and their feelings explanation…
plz tell me about this i have to prepare a lot for maha episode….
plz guys share ur suggestions for maha episode… i am eagerly waiting for them……….

so let’s goooo for another part of my suspense full FF…




annika agrees to marry daksh bcoz of shivay’s behavior towards her……. everyone gets shocked but congratulates both daksh & annika in their style…shivay’s belief regarding annika’s answer gets broken in pieces. he feels devastated but he is unable to understand his feelings for annika…. on other hand annika has said yes to proposal but she is not happy at all she thinks on her decision again & again and gets confused for her feelings…….om is observing all this.

when annika is going back to her house the stalker again attacks her. he scares her with knife and runs after her on road annika stumbles bcoz of the stone and falls down. the stalker comes close to her with knife, she tries shivay’s no for help but it is switched off.. she gets frightened… & closes her eyes…. but in nick of time ACP comes on the spot to help annika….he assures her that nothing will happen to her he is here to help her… he asks the reason of her fear… she tells him everything about stalker incidents which r happening recently…ACP is caring for annika..she gets savior leg sprain… he helps her in walking…

on the other hand daksh is talking with someone that his plan will definitely gets succeeded…
dadi comes in hall and calls out everyone…. each member gets shocked looking at the entrance…



[annika is coming inside with the help of ranveer… everyone gets concerned for annika. shivay and daksh both rushes to annika….]
daksh: annika… what happened ????
shivay: (looks angrily towards ranveer) what the hell? what r u doing with her…. i told u to stay away from her…..
[ranveer was going to speak something just then annika holds his hand & signs him to not to speak]
annika: ranveer, would u help me till the couch ?? [ranveer nods and helps her till the couch makes her sit comfortably. she ignores both shivay and daksh…]
dadi:(goes to annika caressed her face with love) puttar….!!! what happened ? why r u like this… r u okay na ? and what this inspector is doing with u…
before annika can answer…. everyone panics and starts questioning her… everyone r tensed for her wounds….
annika: areey…!!! don’t worry i am okay…. why u all r reacting this much. see i am fine… [she then keeps her hand on dadi’s hand and assures her that she is okay..] actually when i was going home back then…… and she explains all the incident about stalking but before she can tell about ranveer’s help tej cuts her…
tej: shivay i didn’t expected this from u… u r aware of the stalker thing after that also u didn’t take care of her..
janhavi: (she also agrees with tej…) yes how can u become so care less we didn’t expected this from u…..
pinky: ohh my mata !! why r u all scoldings shivay… daksh should take care of her now she is his would be wife..
[ranveer gets shocked listening to this… that annika is daksh’s would be wife…]
daksh: yeah pinky aunty is right… it is my mistake annika is my responsibility… (turns to annika) annika why did u went alone… u should have wait for me…
annika:( she was continuously looking at shivay hence gets startled by his question) wo… wo …. actually u was busy on a call hence i thought to not disturb u… and i can go alone it’s just that i didn’t got auto on time hence all this happened…
[shivay was trying to speak something but every time someone interrupts him in mid bcoz of this he got irritated…]
shivay: would u all just be quite for some time… let me speak guys…..(everyone stays quite seeing him angry…)
rudra: but bhaiya….
shivay: shut up rudra…(turns to annika and starts his bombarding) r u out of ur mind… nothing can happen of u… u r just impossible… u know u r in need of that vaidya & kalu’s treatment… U r just crazy…what was the need of showing this tadibaazi.. can’t u wait for me… i would have dropped u home… but nooo how will u stop for me…. u r the great girl annika hey na… annika i am warning u for last time don’t u dare to risk ur life again or u will get to see the worst side of shivay singh oberoi…
[shivay bursts on annika… annika keeps mum everyone gets shocked seeing shivay’s reaction… concern and more ever they r amused at his speaking style he used annika’s words….]
om: (smiles on shivay’s reaction) shivay take a breath bro… u r scolding her like there is no end….
rudra: (asks innocently ) bhaiya who r this vaidya & kalu ???
shivay:( shivay feels embarrassed on his reaction) it’s nothing just leave it…
[before anyone could speak anything further ranveer interrupted in between]
ranveer: miss. priyanka can u get me a glass of water plz (priyanka nods and goes to fetch water..)
shivay: (fumes in anger seeing ranveer ordering his sis) who the hell r u order my sister……(in a bit loud voice) ACP…..!! i have warned u to stay away from annika what r u doing with her ??
[ranveer tries to speak something but annika cuts him in between]
annika: don’t shout mr. oberoi, only bcoz of him… i am standing here alive in front of u all other vise i would have been dead today… he came on right time for my help….
[everyone looks shocked after her statement but stays mum bcoz of shivay & annika’s anger…]
shivay: whaaaat…??? (he is surprised)
annika: yes u heard it right he helped me on time bcoz of him only i am fine… she explains to everyone that how ranveer rescued her and helped her…
shivay: but why u didn’t called me up ? u know na i would had came there for ur rescue….
annika: i tried to call u but ur no was switched off… it was my mistake to call u….
[as she says this shivay gets silent, ranveer is observing all this…..just then prinku comes with water ]
[ranveer sits beside annika on couch.. shivay and everyone looks on..]
ACP: annika… (hands her glass of water… and gives some tablets.) have this…. this will heal ur sprain… & this is a painkiller
[annika gulps down the medicines with water]
annika: thank u so much ranveer… i can not even imagine what would have happened to me, if u were not there for me…..(and keeps her hand on his…)
[shivay stares at her hands which r on ranveer’s hand with anger]
ACP: hey mention not plz…& if u accept my proposal then no need of thank u bcoz the first rule of our relationship will be “No sorry & No thank u”
[as soon as ACP says about relationship and proposal… shivay anger rises and he becomes like volcano who can explode on any time…]
shivay: (thinks to himself) what relationship, proposal what the hell is this now…. is she is the last girl on earth… why everyone is behind my annika for relationship…
annika: yes ranveer i trust u… i am accepting the proposal…
every member present in hall: whaaaat ????( being confused look towards annika & ranveer)
daksh: annika how can u accept his proposal… did u forgot that we r now in relationship and soon ur going to become my wife….
shivay: yeah daksh is right r u gonna marry both of them…
annika: (gives nothing can happen of this person look towards shivay) R U MAD ? why will i marry two guys….. R u out of ur mind ?
shivay: just now u said that u r accepting his proposal and he was talking about relationship also…
annika: he was talking about friendship that is also a relationship and he asked me for that only…(turns to ranveer) ranveer it’s late u should leave now… i already bothered u a lot.
ranveer: hey it’s nothing yaar and i’ll take ur leave…(stares at om and prinku) as i have to catch a murderer who is roaming outside like he has not done anything.
annika: yeah carry on with ur work and be careful okay..
ranveer: (smile) sure… i’ll take care.. and u also take care of yourself (he gets up to leave just then)
tej: i usually don’t say thanks to anyone but i have to say it today(shake hands with ranveer) thank u ACP.
shakti: yes thank u so much for helping annika…
daksh: R u ACP ??
ranveer: yeah..
daksh: then plz find that stalker who tried to harm my annika…
ranveer: don’t worry… i am gonna find him ASAP…. and i’ll not spare him bcoz he harmed my only friend (smiles and take a leave from all and while going he gestured priom pointing two V-sign fingers first at his own eyes, then at them both to signify “I’m watching you!”…. no one noticed this but prinku got tensed and left for her room in haste. and om followed ACP and went outside.) [after ACP tejvi & pinksh also went for work………… only dadi,annika, rumya, shivay & daksh stayed in hall
rudra: bhaiya i am angry on u… u did not keep ur promise…
shivay: which promise…?? (he is confused)
annika: (she understands about which promise he is talking) rudra…don’t trouble him why will he fulfill his promise…. who am i to him ?? that he will keep his promise…
[before shivay can answer annika asked soumya to drop her till the room…dadi,annika & somu went to room…. shivay just kept looking at her back]
rudra: waise bhaiya bataya nahi aapane ( by the way bro u didn’t tell us ?)
shivay: what ??
rudra: (naughtily) wo pucha na annika di ne abhi hum apke hai koun ??? ( annika di asked na that who am i to him ??) tell na bhaiya…
shivay:( feels awkward ) just shut up rudra….(and goes to his room)


[om followed ranveer till outside of mansion]
om: ranveeeeer…..!!!
ranveer: (turns) ohh Mr. artist… u here… want to confess something….(and raises his one eye brow)
om: why will i confess anything how many time i’ll say that we r not criminal that u r trying to make us confess our crime…. prinku told me that u went to her clg….
ranveer: yeah i was having some work in that clg..
om: don’t lie to me i know u r pressurizing her for that thing which she did not committed….
ranveer: (smirks) see who is asking to not lie…. and about ur sis i am not troubling her and who knows she must have committed any crime or would have supported anyone in crime…
om: (in angry tone) ACP…. she is not criminal…. don’t u dare to pressurize her….her brother is still alive…
ranveer: (voice full of hatred) U got angry as i troubled ur sister then i must kill u bcoz of U only I LOST HER.. SHE WAS MY LIFE….. i know U r the culprit. i am silent bcoz i don’t have solid proofs but i’ll find them and then i’ll punish u both…. keep this in ur mind…
[he left from there teary eyed he was crying….. & this made om’s heart sank in the sea of pain…. yes he was repenting from that day but today after seeing ranveer… after knowing that ranveer lost his loved one just bcoz of him…. om just broke down and started crying vigorously…….]


shivay was sitting on the edge of the swimming pool…. he was twirling his leg in the water… and was totally lost in thoughts when he felt her presence yeah she was here but why…]
shivay:(he just turned and saw her she was coming to him only) annika.., what r u doing here… u should rest ur leg have sprain……
annika:(making a puppy face) no billu ji… i want to sit here beside u (she said pointing at the place exact beside him at the edge of the pool)
shivay: (he realized that she called him billu again and his eyes shined like if any child have got his lovely thing… he was surprised bcoz of her behavior) Hmmm, come..(gestured her to sit beside)
annika: thank u kanji ankhon wale bagad bille….(she sat there beside him in the same position like him)
(shivay was not angry on her for calling him by nick names… he was feeling happy that annika is talking with him like before…)
shivay: u didn’t slept yet..?
annika: no i am not sleepy… my head is paining a lot. it’s feeling heavy….
shivay: (now he understood that this is just bcoz of medicines..)
annika: I am angry on u… (made a sad face like a Little child) U r bad….
shivay: why… what i did now…??? (asked very innocently)
annika: u didn’t came to help me… u didn’t picked my call i was so scared… i wanted u to be there with me, by my side, to protect me… i wanted to hide myself in ur chest & hug u tight…
shivay: (he was dumbstruck) he just uttered sorry… and remembered something…


after congratulating her he came in his room… he wanted to cry loudly something was piercing him deep…. his heart was paining like hell but he was unable to understand the reason… he was questioning himself.
(he sat on bed holding his head)
why….why she matters to me this much… why i can’t see her pain… why i feel happy when she smiles… why i can feel her pain when she is hurt…why i am sad if she is sad…her words… she uses the worst language but still i want to hear her and i can hear her for hours… she is like a moving entertainment package…why i get lost in her eyes..those beautiful eyes that evergreen smile… her soft lips which always provokes me to grab them…(as soon as he realizes what he is thinking he gets up from bed with shock)
he goes towards window and stands their feeling the cool breeze which was soothing his face he just closed his eyes to feel it…. but immediately he saw a pair of beautiful dark eyes which were shining & was innocent like kid…that girl was dancing with small children. she was holding a duppatta and dancing like a little kid twirling around herself that duppatta was hiding her face now he was just able to saw her lips…yeah that soft pink color lips which was like a flower petal…. he was trying to get a glimpse of her face… but unable to do so… suddenly a strong blow of air came from another side and her duppatta slipped from her hand & yeah she turned to get a hold of that duppatta but it flew away with that wind…. and there she was standing with a charming smile & she was ANNIKA….. and yeah that girl was annika….
he opened his eyes in shock suddenly he felt something he kept his hand on his heart and guess what his heart beat was increased as if it is gonna take part in any race…
no… no… what is happening to me. i can’t think about her (he covered his face with his hands, he remembered about his soon to be happen marriage with tia, he remembered about his belief about blood & linage, family name… he was fighting with himself… he was so much frustrated & then he just threw his phone on ground and it got scattered in pieces in all the direction…..)

~~~~~~ FB ENDS~~~~~~

annika: billu ji…
shivay: (he came out of that fb bcoz of her voice) umm… haaaa…
annika: billu ji if i asked u something will u give it to me…( she asked with cute face)
shivay: (he was just admiring her look) yeah i’ll give u that….. ask me whatever u want nothing is…(next dialogue she completed)
annika: impossible for shivaay singh oberoi….(and does his style…) she gets happy….. then i want to eat kulfi right now…
shivay: what.. u want to eat kulfi in night he looks at his watch it’s 1 O’ clock and that too in this cold… no i’ll not allow u to eat… i’ll not give u… (and stares at her like a strict parent.)
annika: (starts crying like a child …) u r so bad… U promised me that u will give me kulfi… but u r not giving it to me. i’ll not talk with u.. (turns her face away as if she is angry)
shivay: annikaaa… why r u behaving like a kid… it’s not good to eat kulfi at this time u ask me anything else…
annika: nooo… I’ll not ask u anything u r liar… u always do this with me… and why will u do anything for me….. WHO AM I TO YOU ? (as soon as saying this she left the place and ran to her room crying)
shivay: annikaa….! annikaaaa..! listen to me…. (but no use she was gone) but her question was still hovering his mind that who is she for him….( he himself was confused about the answer…)

[he got up from there and went somewhere…]


(annika was sleeping peacefully… and somu and prinku were chit chatting and enjoying their movie…..suddenly there was a knock on the door… prinku also slept while chatting… somu got up and opened the door… she was surprised to see shivay at this time)

somu: bade bhaiya…, U here… is everything okay…..(somu opened door slightly hence shivay was unable to see annika…he was trying to peep inside to see her)
shivay: wo… actually… i was here… wo annika..
somu: ohh u r here to ask about annika di…, she is okay bhaiya and sleeping peacefully…
shivay: ohh… okay then good night( he gets sad and starts to leave but suddenly hears annika’s voice)
annika: (her sleep got disturbed bcoz of shivay) billu ji what is this why r u roaming here and there like ghost.. don’t u have to sleep….
shivay: ummm… wo … actually u wanted this na hence i brought it for u…(and handed her a parcel…)
annika: what is this ? (she opens the parcel and finds kulfi in it and that to of her favorite flavor… she got supper happy) thank u… thank u.. thank u….. so much (and kissed him on his cheek in happiness.) thank u so much billu u r so cute….( and started eating her kulfi happily..)
shivay was in sweet surprise she kissed him.. he was blushing like hell… just then he realized that someone is watching them yeah how can he forget somu… somu was watching them with a big wali naughty smile…. he left from there feeling embarrassed…later everyone went to bed for sleep


annika was out of her sweet sugary sleep… she was smiling bcoz of the pleasant morning… she stretched her arm and looked around her there was two cute angels sleeping away to the glory she smiled seeing them and turned to freshen up herself… but something on corner table grabbed her attention.. and she said fail gaya raita…( and hits her forehead)

epi ends on annika’s tensed face…



why annika is tensed ?
will shivay get the answer for annika’s question ?
what is the connection between ACP and OM’s past…?

plz guys give ur suggestion for maha episode of sangeet ceremony…
sorry if any mistake… is there.
give ur valuable, lovely,amazing & superb comments….
i am waiting for them
& all type of suggestions r welcome here…

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    1. Mrunal

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  1. Nice episode mrunal lovely keep posting ???

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  2. It was just outstanding….Anika is so cute in painkiller effect….
    And in sangeet ceremony I want their feelings explanation…

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      i think annika is cute without painkiller effect also (LOL)

  3. Nicee episode and thanks for sending links

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    Osum, today’s episode was great especially the last part 🙂

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    1. Mrunal

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  6. Nice episode. The way Shivaay scold Anika was amazing. Plz….. Don’t make Om a culprit. I hope Ranveer is not again try to trap Om & Prinku by making false friendship with Annika. Plz…….. Not that. I want Ranveer to become Annika’s best friend.

    1. Mrunal

      ty dini…… yes dear just wait & watch…(ooopps.. not watch, read )

  7. Akshaya

    Hey mrunal loved and lived with the episode. I loved the kulfi scene . It was awesome. Eager about the next episode??

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    So good mrunal….anika became cutie pie wali anika after eating painkillers….it is so awesome!!! I enjoyed today’s episode!!

    1. Mrunal

      hey can i call u anu….
      thank u so much dear…
      i am happy u enjoyed the epi

  10. Anujohnson

    And I forgot to answer your question…I would like you to write both song explanation cum feelings…but since you have to study I would rather prefer song name and feelings explanations as you are good in expressing feelings…..

    1. Mrunal

      hey dea don’t worry…
      u know what i am preparing for maha epi since 4- 5 days my songs/ performance list is ready from 3 days but i wanted to give my readers best experience hence i am asking for suggestions…

      thank u for ur suggestion….

      and i am so glad bcoz u feel that i am good @ expressing feelings……

  11. Sat_9492

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  13. Sat

    It is too good
    In fact lovely
    And coming to sangeet, please tell their very move and dedicate each song in such a way that the couples should reminisce all their moments
    And bhabi devar dances for fast beat songs will be good
    And all the members of the family, dancing together will be really good
    Hope this suggestion be helpful to you
    Please post the next epi ASAP

    1. Mrunal

      hey dear thank u so much…… i am so so so happy u liked it…. I am fan of ur writing..sorry i never commented on any part.. i am just a greedy girl… i wanted to read further parts ASAP hence i never commented on any ff till date. and plus i just joined TU 1 month ago only

      and first of all same pinch our thinking match about sangeet epi…
      i have prepared the list of performances & dedicated songs before 3 days… but i was hell confused for that to how to write the epi i wanted to explain there each move of dance or their emotion bcoz i have spent my 2 days in selecting the songs
      each lyrics match with there relation or moment, hence i wanted my readers valuable suggestion about it…

      and u know what dear ur suggestion just cleared my confusion… thank u soooo much…

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    About maha episode if u can write the lyrics and moments it would be good

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    and plz bear with the suspense sorry for that…
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