Bigg Boss 8 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 18
dhoom machale song starts playing, all inmates wake up and starts dancing.

soni talks to puneet, puneet says i broke many rules, i used English words which is wrong.
bigg boss talks to inmates and says you all were breaking rules then those who were culprits said sorry and promised to not do that again, so now we are providing you ration which you can use till sunday, all screams in happiness.
inmates bring ration in kitchen, puneet, karihsma, minissha handles ration.

Arya and minissha are being called in confession room. bigg boss that you have to tell us the name of person who took part in task very well and was best, you have to consult your team.

minishha’s team talk and says upen and sonali were very active in task.
Arya’s team discuss, puneet says to arya that give my name if you all think so, i sat on chair for all night.
praneet says all were fine in doing work but the physical torture was wrong. minissha takes opinion of all team mates, they mostly take sonali’s name for best person in task.

bigg boss announces that we want to know the name of who were very good in task, Minissha says from our side, we all think that sonali was best in task, bigg boss says now sonali is being chosen as best player so she has immunity from nominations this week, she cant be evicted this week.

puneet, pritham and praneet, talks, puneet says all girls take food so much that we don’t get it, he ask karihsma to give food to everyone. karishma says ok. puneet talks to gautam and says karishma talks like she is taking your interview.

gautam and puneet eats, gautam says they aren’t ashamed for not leaving the food for us, they took all the food. karishma and all other girls are busy in eating.

Hirtik rooshan comes in house, all inmates gets happy seeing him and applauds for hum, hirtik hugs puneet and meets all. dancers comes there too.
Hirtik takes them to garden area, he dances, all inmates dances alongwith hirtink on song bang bang from bang bang movie.

bigg boss says that hirtik has come here to celebrate his movie success with you all.

hirtik says to inmates that i have one gift for you but you will get after sometime, after doing task, its basically dares for me.

they come in lounge. hirtik says to inmates that there is task for you all, it is “BANG BANG” task, They are called bang bang dares and so many celebrities have done them. He asks Praneet to say some tongue twisters, he does say with speed, hirtik says very well-done so you will get the gift, he gifts praneet a cup cake. hirtik shows a rigid rod to inmates and says this rod cannot be bend easily, what we have to do, inmate have to bend it, i think if women does it then it will show women power, deepshikha volunteers to do it, Deepshikha does the task, hirtik hugs her and applauds for her, hirtik ask who is rigid, minissha says arya. hirtik says to achieve your goal, we have to overcome our fear so we will do that dare now which will remove your fear.

they come in garden area. glass pieces are placed on floor, all inmates have to walk through them bare foot, all are tensed, hirtik ask who will volunteer to do first, soni comes forward and walks on glass pieces, next comes minissha, hirtik says stand straight, fears come in life and you have to face it, some inmates walk on glass pieces.

they come in lounge again, hirtik says we will talk about intimacy and romance, we have very intimate song (bang bang) in our movie so couple will dance on it, he chooses karihsma and gautam to dance on it, he shows them dance step, dancing with deepshikha then gautam and karishma dances on song following same dance steps, they after dance hug each other. all applauds for them, hirtik says they have done it.

later hirtik shows them his oppp smartphone and takes picture with inmates, hirtik gives cap to puneet for his spirit. hirtik cheers for all housemates, he says we all had good day, he greets everyone and is leaving the house when everyone hugs him, he says i am feeling great, he leaves the house.

Arya, soni and karishma talks about minissha taking his name for being rigid, he says i know minissha from before, i have spent my 6months with her, i promoted film with her and now she is saying that i am rigid.

bigg boss says diandra is clearing about her friendship with gautam to upen. Diandra says to upen that i didn’t cross the limit with him, upen says you were holding his hand, diandra says you said that either its a love scene or its my strategy to move in game so tell would i not make love scene with you if it was my strategy, i was just knowing him as person, you are a good person and i know it.

pritham and puneet talks about food, all inmates are waiting for food to come. they find cooked food in store room and gets happy, they say food is very yummy.

deepshikha says to upen that gautam is putting milk in protein shake, he is using milk, he is making it for himself, i told infront of hirtik that he is attention seeker, upen goes to talk to him.
Gautam that i didn’t get the tea so i said okay no problem, gautam says so i have taken it in very little quantity, upen says ok tell puneet.
sushant talks with other mates in bedroom, he says i asked him about tea, its ok if he didn’t get the tea but he should not waste ration like this, gautam comes there and says tea was made in evening and i didn’t get so i took milk, upen came to me and said don’t take milk, they are asking you to not take it so i have come here to ask who is not allowing me to take milk, sushant says its not about allowing, we were just saying that don’t waste ration, we are not stopping you.

gautam comes to wash basin and talks to himself, he says forget it gautam, just forget it, they fight on just small things, don’t take tension.

pritham, praneet, minissha and sonali are having fun in garden area, pritham imitates one inmate(probably deepshikha), he says she acts like her focus is on tasks only, minissha says she is entertainment.

PRECAP- new task is Arya VS Puneet, they have to lie on ice slabs. Arya lies on ice slab being tied with chains.
Later, Gautam says to soni that you will stop me from taking water? soni bickers with him, gautam says i am telling truth, soni taunts you and truth?, soni says you wont get success and fame behaving like this, gautam ask her to not use slang, soni says slang will feel insult if it is said for you. Soni talks to other inmates and says from now on if Gautam says anything about me or anyone else, we wont listen to him, ignore him, he is such a liar and cunning person. gautam slaps himself and laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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