Hum Hain Na 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty taking Arindam and Saagarika to a dhaba. Arindam gets impressed seeing jalebi making at dhaba. Bunty orders aloo kachori. Arindam says he is full and cannot eat aloo kachori. Bunty insists and Saagarika also insists. Sagarika enjoys kachori, but Arindam starts writhing in pain due to more chillies which Bunty had asked to add in his kachori. He starts drinking glasses of water and then runs to bathroom. Waiter locks bathroom door from outside once he enters. Once he is locked in, Bunty asks Sagarika if she wants to learn preparing jalebis. She agrees. He teaches her and she learns excitedly. Bunty hesitantly express his love for her, but instead writes B S with jalebi batter. She gets happy seeing it. He looks at her and prepares rest of jalebi. Tum hi ho…. song plays in the background. Bunty imagines dancing with her on the song. They both get conscious hearing Arindam voice who scolds waiter for locking him inside toilet. Bunty handles situation and asks Arindam to forgive waiter. Arindam agrees. He then also enjoys jalebi.

Saagarika starts praising Bunty and dhaba trip in front of Phubali. She says she was very excited learning preparing jalebis. Phubali asks how is Arindam. She says he helped me with ramleela, etc., and is a very good guy. Phubali reminds her about her dad’s 1 week deadline to accept Arindam’s proposal. Sagarika gets tensed.

Madhav says Bunty that Arindam may lure Sagarika and marry her and suggests them to propose Sagarika before Arindam proposes her. Bunty says he will prose tomorrow.

Saagarika sees Arindam and says she wanted to speaking something important. He asks what is it. She asks if he really wants to marry her and asks if he is not accepting under his parent’s pressure. He says she is very beautiful and anybody would like to marry her. He says in marriage, self-respect and respect for each other is important. He says he knows she needs time and they can be friends and can marry later. She thanks him for clearing her tension.

Bunty gets ready to meet Sagarika and propose her. Madhav asks what if Arindam interferes between him and Sagarika. Bunty says he will not all him interfere and says he will go to Sagarika’s house right now. Satya hears that and tries to stop him. He scolds her and walks out of room, touches his mom’s feet and leaves. Satya thinks of stopping him and informs mom that Bunty is going to bengalan’s house. Mom gets annoyed hearing that and says she told Bunty not to bring Bengalan home, but he is not listening to her. Bunty takes daadi’s ashirwads and leaves. He takes flower boquet for Saagarika on the way.

Precap: Bunty reaches Sagarika’s house with flower bouquet. She gets happy seeing him and says he has come at a right time as she is announcing an important decision. She says her dad that she is ___ to marry Arindam.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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