Bigg Boss 8 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 14
All contestants are talking about andy and kamya. Minissha says you want to raise the class of show, this wont help, you compliment and say that problem is there too, diandra says I feel like I should change my personality then they will accept that I am playing truly, if they know so much then they should be take back in house, sushant says if kamy knows so much then why she didn’t win? why did they isolate andy last season, karishma says I am not in mood to take sorry then who is she to ask me to accept apology.

diandra, sushant, minissha, deepshikha decide thatwhat we don’t want to be aired, we will say that in English, she talks in English, diandra says pritham said that some weird thing about my clothes, I wont become his friend, minissha says no you should become his friend otherwise audience will think that we are conspirating against him and is isolating it and we will become victims of audience.

puneet says to camera that we want praneet to come out of his pundit look so we are going to shave his beard, upen and gautam shaves his beard, minissha says you are looking so much handsome, why did you hide your beauty, praneet says for three years I am sporting this beard look, minissha says I think your girlfriend will hug you seeing like this.

Minissha talks to deepshikha and says Arya called me before bigg boss, he said that I want to win this at any cost, he asked that whether he cane romance with her on-scree, there will be nothing between them but they will prtend in bigg boss, will you be comfortable, I said absolutely not, I am in relationship and just for trp and game show, I will romance, then he asked will it be okay if I call you darling and hold your hand, I said no, in house, Arya flirted with girls, all girls were open, all are in relationships but here doing drama, when puneet sir came, he said that puneet came in to break the house, deepshikha says he said that puneet must be uncle outside but in house nothing, minishha says then arya went to puneet and touched his feet, I was shocked that how much will you do drama.

Day 15
song bach ke rehna re baba plays.. al starts dancing as usual.

Gautam says to sonali that all are puppets of bigg boss here, they think that they are paying chess game, they will do tricks like knights but they don’t know that they can be defeated by pawn, all contestants are like players of chess.

soni says to natasa that I want tea, Karishma says we are not making food, upen says grocery items are finished, Karishma says what to do, I am sleepy. Karishma says what to do, give me items I will make food, Natasa sings main tainu samjahwan ki song, all are sleeping in house.

bigg boss says inmates are in problem as the food is almost finished, praneet says you all made eggs, karishma says I was asked to not think about tomorrow, now we will have to eat boiled potatoes only, deepshikha will make pulse, puneet says I will help you, he helps in kitchen, Karishma gives boil potatoes to upen, he eats that only.

Pritham says to bigg boss that look we are eating potatoes in breakfast, please do something, you can solve the matter. I came late in house, we were serving, they asked us to make prathas, eggs, sweet dishes so we made it.

Arya says to gautam that I am missing suku, guatam says those who has to go has to go, Arya says I would be neutral if you had gone, I would not be sad or happy, gautam says you call me brother and wont be sad, if upen goes out then you will be sad as you call him brother, arya says yes, I called you brother and you did mistake, I would be neutral when you go, gautam extends hand for friendship, arya doesn’t take it and says I wont accept it, gautam says to go to your brother(upen).

bigg boss talks to inmates, he says that some rules are made in house, you have to follow it, there has been two weeks and you all tried to break the rules, you all were reminded rules many a times, many contestants shows that they don’t respect house and bigg boss, minissha, upen, puneet, diandra, sushant b roke many rules, yesterday we listened inmates saying that this season has more classy inmates than earlier, is this your class, strategy was made to speak in English, is this your class to break the rules, grocery is shown, bigg boss says you all were about to get this grocery items but you finished your grocery items given earlier before its finishing deadline, you broke the rule so we are stopping this grocery, you all will get it when you will make bigg boss realize that you wont break the rules, we are giving you some items for week now, you have to use it in week, deepshikha goes in store and brings the items. inmates says that grocery items are shown to s by glass wall, this is not good, some contestants look at grocery with helpless eyes. deepshikha says you all are looking hungry people, sonali says we eat so much in week.
praneet says we have got two kilos pulse, 10 kilos rice for one week, praneet says we will have to eat watery pulse.
all inmates sees grocery and estimates about it to be use din week, praneet says I am willing to take the responsibility of distributing food items, whenever grocery will come, I will estimate about food fro everyday use, minissha says do it like that, you give food items to kitchen team at time of making only and don’t ask inmates what to be made, kitchen team will decide what will be made according to grocery and all have to eat it.

gautam says to puneet that we are following rules from heart, we are not like them, they wake up in night and sleep in daytime, puneet says they are awake till 5 am, I had to make food today as karishma was sleeping and its her duty, gautam says they should be punished, they just ask us to make this and that, puneet says minishha and soni eat so much, they fill their plates without thinking about anyone.

puneet on behalf of minissha, upen, sushant and diandra talks to bigg boss and says you announced our names that we broke the rules, we did the mistake, minishha says we accept that we did the mistake, puneet says don’t stop the food of all housemates, they are suffering because of us, you give us punishment,w e will follow it but spare other mates, we wont break the rule, minissha says sorry from heart.

sushant says to sonali that I feel sad for gautam, Sonali says he is acting lik he is very depressed and upset, I am not understanding what to do, should I take step further or not, sushant says look he was cosy with diandra then you came and he was alone so he got attracted to you and when another will come, he can ditch you, and hello you are not that material that he will use and throw away, keep him in his place, you should be his friend but you shouldn’t be said that you are characterless, you are not, you should be positive and play your game with him.

bigg boss announces that nomination time is up, all are shocked that nominations started on Monday only, deepshikha is called in confession room, she goes.

Nomination list:
Deephikha: bigg boss ask her to vote against two people whom she want to eliminate, she says 1st sonali, gautam.
Arya: he votes against Sonali and Gautam
Diandra: she votes against Gautam and Pritham
Upen: he votes against pritham, Sonali as she threw bomb at sukirti and sukirti eliminated because of it.
Soanli: she votes against Arya and deepshikha
Sushant: he votes against Gautam and Pritham
Soni: she votes against Gautam and Arya
Pritham: Deepshikha and Diandra
Karishma: she votes against Gautam and Sonali
Gautam: he votes against Karishma and Arya
Minissha: she votes against Arya and Karishma
Puneet: he votes against deepshikha and Minissha
Natasa: she votes against Sonali and Pritham
Praneet: he votes against Minissha and deepshikha

Bigg boss says now it is time to tell you the nomination, who nominated are Gautam, Pritham, Sonali, Arya and Deepshikha.

Praneet talks to Arya, arya says I feel like I am going out, Praneet says I think to be honest you are most weak and also I wanna say that you and upen stay in bedroom only all the time, there is world outside also, living room, garden area, bathroom, we are also there but now there is much time, it one week for you, Arya says I don’t know if I am going or not but even if I go, I am okay with it.

minishha says to sushant that now I feel bad for pritham and gautam, he is sleeping in living room, he is not a bad guy, sushant says I told him that he is at wrong time at wrong place, he now thinks that we are isolating him, he has to do something to get along, there is long way to go.

minishha is in living room and says to praneet that I am feeling bad for them, sushant goes to give them shawls, he puts shawls on them.

PRECAP-in new task, House will be divided in families, Arya vs Minissha, Minishha family will try to make upen and sonali come closer and Arya family will be against it and will try to separate them.
later upen and sonali lock them selves in washroom, Arya gets angry.
Gautam and soni get in scuffle, gautam shouts don’t say slang.
puneet gets angry when someone physically pushes him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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