Bigg Boss 8 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 72 (continued)
Dimpy says to Diandra that who is Karishma to come in mine and Pritham’s argument, Diandra says exactly. sonali is guarding store room door, Karishma steal one object and goes in store room to hide and sonali doesn’t stop her, Upen comes and says to Karishma that you have to come in jail, Sonali says yes.
Diandra says to Gautam that what Sonali is doing.
Puneet says to Pritham that we should not fight. Pritham says tell Gautam that don’t show his herogiri on me, he is not shahrukh Khan. Gautam says to diandra that Pritham is showing his class, Diandra says what was your need to fight with him, Gautam says all are representing their families here. diandra ask him to relax, Pritham says you look at yourself, don’t tell me about my family, shut up, Gautam says I was saving you in nominations as friend, Pritham says just shut up, Gautam says you showing your class, Pritham says you are provoking me showing danda(rod), I am Pritham singh ******, he uses slang, Ali ask Gautam to relax, Diandra says end of topic, ali you go from here, Upen ask Pritham to not abuse and just relax. Pritham says to Puneet that what he think that if I am married, and have child then I will not say anything, I swear my past was very bad, I have come from very bad background, Puneet ask to relax, Pritham says I use to run bear bar, Puneet ask him to relax.
Dimpy says to Upen that Karishma is a double standard man, Upen says not like that Dimpy Jaan, Dimpy says she made issue for slang and now saying slang to me, Karishma from jail says that I didn’t say slang to you, it was not slang, Dimpy says you said F*** word to me, isn’t it a slang, Dimpy says shut up, Karishma says you shut up, Upen ask Dimpy to relax.

Praneet steals one thing, Sonali and Upen shot jail jail.. Praneet passes thing to Ali, they play passes with thing while Upen and Sonali tries to grab it from them, Upen finally gets the thing, Diandra shouts that this is ridiculous, what if object hits anyone, they are passing it to each other, Upen ask Karishma to come in jail, Karishma says no I didn’t do anything, Upen ask Ali to come in jail, Gautam says good work, Diandra just for a game, i wont do this task, you all are retarded. , if that metal had hit anyone, nobody have any mind here, they are intelligent people? seriously, just for a task they are doing this.

Puneet says to Gautam that we should call Pritham and talk to him that bitterness has come inbetween us, now P3G is broken, now be a contestant, we will see P3G outside but in house, we will not be friend, we will play our individual game, PG will always there, we are together here and after game too but I will tell PRitham and Praneet that its not anymore friendship, Gautam says I don’t make friends like them, Puneet says whenever Karishma gets nominated she gets sad, she sobs but yesterday when got nominated, she was laughing and giggling, thinking that P3G is broken, Gautam says I will not see Pritham anymore, Puneet says he has lost us, Gautam says I will not listen to God even.

Gautam turns off the monitor, he walks in garden, Puneet goes in washroom, Gautam comes in lounge and starts stealing things, he takes some painting anf things from museum to hide it, he puts few thing in store room, Puneet comes out of washroom and finds monitor off, he comes in lounge and finds Gautam stealing things, he ask what are you doing Gautam? Gautam ask him to not come near, let him do whatever he wants, Gautam says I am stealing, Puneet says have you gone mad, we will lose, Gautam ask him to just be silent, gautam puts everything in store room, Puneet doesn’t stop him, Gautam comes to Puneet and says sorry I am thief, Puneet ask what are you saying, Gautam gives letter to Puneet which bigg boss gave him stating that he is thief, Puneet says to Gautam that I will let you do this task, Gautam says we will win the task, Puneet says but our team will lose, Gautam says its about good thief and bad thief, I am not with these bad thieves, my game is positive, Gautam says I am against Karishma in this task, Puneet says what is my work as a guard, I don’t have problem with stealing but what will we get, Gautam says should I tell you truth? I am saying funny things, truth is that thieves will win, we have to finish the task that’s it, its about luxury budget, they played badly so bigg boss is expecting good game from me, Puneet ask Gautam to put things in store room, Gautam smiles and says I was afraid, the way you came and ask what is happening, I thought you will jump on me, Puneet says why would I? its just a game. they hug.

Gautam is stealing in bedroom.
in lounge, Puneet wakes Dimpy up and ask to wake Upen up in garden and wake Diandra up too, Dimpy runs.
Gautam ask Ali to give things to him which he had hidden, Ali gives.
Gautam comes to put things in store room but Puneet stops him, Gautam says please let me go in, its about my respect, Puneet says no, Puneet calls Diandra, Upen comes there too, Diandra wakes up and comes to Puneet, dimpy says monitor is off, Gautam ask Upen and Dimpy to go to Monitor, there is huge problem Puneet says no listen to me, Gautam says no run to see monitor, they run from there, Puneet says to Diandra that you don’t go from here, Gautam says listen to me Puneet sir, Puneet says no it will be bad for guards, Gautam tries to run in store room, Puneet grabs him and holds him, Diandra gets pushed by Gautam in process, Diamond falls from Gautam’s hand, diandra sees it, Puneet ask Diandra to pick diamond and run, he is holding Gautam, Diandra picks the Diamond and runs from there, Ali runs behind Diandra, she screams, Ali is cornering diandra, Puneet ask Diandra to come to him, Puneet takes diamond from Diandra and hides it in pocket, Puneet says I was awake whole night and when I came from washroom, Gautam had put everything in store room.
Dimpy tells sonali that Gautam is double agent. Ali says to Puneet that we have won 80%, Ali says Upen caught him yesterday too.
Gautam comes to Diandra who is sad, he says It was my game, I had to do task secretly, Diandra cries, Gautam says Karishma plays negatively, Ali plays negatively, I had play positively, I am not against you people, try and understand.

Day 73
Diandra is crying badly, Gautam says don’t cry, I was in task, take it sportingly, Diandra says this is wrong, you could have said anything but you were fooling me, Gautam says please understand.
Pritham says to Praneet that in game, you cant play with girl’s feeling like this, Praneet says I told him that she is a girl, that’s the difference between girl and boy, girls get emotional in things. Pritham says we don’t know for which thing she is so emotionally hurt, she is so much hurt this means she was involved in him, Sonali says I told Dimpy that I know Diandra is involved but I know how Gautam is, didn’t diandra understand? girls get to know about boys intentions easily, Pritham says there is ae difference between them, lets forget that too, diandra is sensible she could have understood.
Gautam tries to pacify Diandra but Diandra leaves from there pushing him back.
Sonali says Dimpy that I told you how Gautam is, Dimpy says yes.

Karishma ask what was written in paper, Pritham says that Gautam is secret thief, Puneet says I gave Gautam half hour to steal things, I told him to steal things but why you are doing this? he said that I am not with thieves, they are bad thieves and I am positive thief, I thought that thief is thief what is negative and positive, Ali says he tried to be hero alone, Puneet says he was asking me to let him steal but I said that we will lose then, Ali says you are smart person, Karishma says I thought that Gautam made you agree and you have come in our team, Puneet says how this can happen, Puneet says Gautam was selfish, if he was in your team then he would have implied the plan with all members, he was selfish, Karishma says he did that so not be nominated.

Gautam says to Puneet that they just need reason to go against me, Puneet says they were saying you are selfish, Gautma says they were saying that we will see what Gautam will do alone, so when I did now they are calling me selfish, Puneet says they were saying that they were waiting for your call to steal things, Gautam says they don’t do team work but when I did task then they all are saying selfish, now I will ask them.
gautam comes to Praneet that what you said to Puneet, Praneet says I was just saying that if all would have done it together the we would have won the task, its about team work, Gautam says don’t tell me that, Praneet says talking to you is like talking to cow, just go from here, Gautam says you didn’t like my idea? Praneet says no, you have spoiled the task, Gautam says were you doing the task? Praneet leaves from there.

Karishma ask Diandra to tell her what Gautam said to her that she is crying like this? Diandra says Gautam told Pritham that bigg boss called him and said that the kiss i did to Gautam, he cant do this on camera, he can have fun, Diandra says I was already in stress that maybe our flirt can go overbroad, maybe we will get warning to be in limits then Pritham came and said two things to me pointing that only, then I heard Pritham speaking to other contestant about that warning from bigg boss, I was like shit, it was my doubt already, Gautam could have said anything about this warning but he said I am sorry, I am immature but you are carefree, yes I am carefree, I will do it again now, she starts going from there, Karishma runs behind her, Diandra says I will do infront of all, Karishma ask to stop, Diandra comes in lounge and ask where is Gautam, he is sitting on sofa, diandra comes to him and kisses him on lips, camera changes, all are stunned, diandra after kiss says now it happened infront of all, she leaves from there, Gautam just looks on, he is stressed put and says what was that.

Dimpy says Sonali taunted that is this family show, diandra says call her here, ask her to taunt infront of me, she was in sleeping whole season and now suddenly shed woke up, if this is family show then why she did kambal mein Fumble (fumble in blanket), her mom will not allow her to enter in house, Gautam comes to diandra and tries to talk to her, Dimpy says she told that she know Gautam very well, Diandra says she can say anything, Gautam says to diandra I am sorry, Diandra says I wanted to say many things, but stopped seeing your face, Gautam ask her to not cry, trust him, diandra says trust you? she starts leaving Gautam stops her and asys sorry, she starts beating him saying trust you? gautam hugs her, she comes closer, Gautam says now you are coming so close, this is bigg boss house, Diandra says I don’t give a shit now, you are coward, Gautam says whatever we will do will be in open, diandra says really then come, she takes him from there, she takes him to washroom, sonali and Praneet giggles.

Upen ask Sonali to slap Ali again, he is looking at you, Sonali says should I slap you again humbly, Ali says if you hit me again.. then I will give you this rod to hit me, Sonali takes the rod from him and slightly hits him, Ali says sonali has hit me bigg boss, I take stand against that, Sonali says I have humbly hit you, Ali says no this time I wont take your sorry, you have hit me hard, Sonali says you also know it was joke but if you are hurt then I am sorry, Ali says what if I had hit you? Sonali says you have given me this rod only, Ali says you have hit me so hardly, she doesn’t take my joke but can do joke with me, she takes my jokes seriously and I should take his jokes funnily, Upen says you are a man, she has slightly hit you, I am sorry on her part, ali ask are you Sonali that sayng sorry for her.

Praneet ask Puneet to change duties of people atleast, Upen says we are shfting people, we know how to do the task, Praneet says to Pritham that rule is rule, they should change shifts, Puneet says we are doing shifts and also making breakfast, he ask Sonali to stop making breakfast, Pritham says its not about shifts but breakfast, you can eat anywhere, Puneet says we can whatever we want, why he is telling us, Pritham ask Praneet to do breakfast, Praneet says why he get angry on every single thing? Praneet says to Pritham that why Puneet get hyper in everything, Puneet says get lost from here, Praneet says this is not the way to talk sir. , Puneet says hurrr hurrr, Praneet says do I talk you like this, is this way to talk, Puneet says yes, Praneet says I have seen your way to talk now, Pritham ask Praneet to leave, Praneet leaves.

Praneet takes one painting and runs but diandra and others stop him and in process painting breaks, while all’s attention is there, Dimpy stealthily takes the Diamond from its place and hide it in her pocket, Upen ask Praneet that you have to come in jail, he takes Praneet and puts him in jail, diandra ask who stole diamond? she says its in Praneet’s pocket, Upen says let them hide diamond.

Upen ask Ali to put Diamond back in its place, lets play fairly, Karishma says we have not hidden it, Sonali says the one who have hidden it should put it back to place with respect else I will tell the name, all ask her to tell who stole the diamond, Sonali says its Dimpy who stole it, Dimpy says where is diamond, I don’t have it, Sonali have you seen me hiding diamond? Sonali says Dimpy put diamond back, Dimpy says I don’t know whats Sonali’s game is, sonali says leave it, Karishma says they have lost the task, they are guards and stealing things, Dimpy screams that how do you know its my game and not Sonali’s, Puneet says you are a fool if you have touch it, dimpy says why she is alleging me? Puneet says you have not stolen it? Dimpy says no, Ali says Dimpy have stolen it, Dimpy ask him to shut up, you have made plan with sonali, Karihma says it can be Dimpy’s strategy because we cannot steal anything till Diamond is not in its place, Dimpy says there is no rule like this, Pritham says it doesn’t matterif diamond is there or not. dimpy in slow tone tells Upen where she have hidden Diamond.
Karishma, Praneet and Ali comes in garden, Karishma says now we are out, if Diamond comeback on its place then they are gone.
Upen comes in bedroom and hides Diamond in his pocket, then he put diamond near its stand showing like it had fallen from stand.

Pritham ask Praneet and Karishma to continue their game and leave all to bigg boss, if they have not hidden thing, Pritham says don’t stop the game.
Dimpy says to Upen that they have one point thinking that they will not do task on anything.
Praneet says to Pritham that they have hidden one item of museum, how to play, Pritham says ok take your stand.

Praneet says to Ali that Puneet get hyper whenever task comes, he is done for me, I am not talking to him, I never talk like that, Ali says there is no P3G, Praneet says we have principles, what is wrong is wrong.

bigg boss tells inmates that museum task is over, he ask Pritham as captain that whom he thinks as winner in this task between thieves and guards, Pritham says both teams were good, but the effort, the cleverness, the cunningness which thieves team showed was good, so in my eyes, Thieves are winners, bigg boss congratulates thieves team, Puneet looks on.

Dimpy says that Pritham confidence is wrong, Gautam says his way of talking is wrong, Dimpy says Upen was that he doesn’t to tlak to girl like he does to me, Diandra says I said this back then that Pritham doesn’t know how to talk.
Upen says to Pritham that you didn’t say wrong, you stood up against wrong.
Dimpy says Pritham have got so much fame, now his real face is shown, now his mask is out, the fame has gone to his head, Gautam says ego and anger can become reason for your downfall.

Pritham says to Upen that 4 people were best in this task, Puneet, Ali, Karishma, I salute her that she was hurt but was doing task, Gautam’s strategy was good too but there was no team work, he tried to do everything by himself, Puneet got aggressive.

Diandra says to Gautam your expression was like hell when I kissed you, Gautam says you are dangerous girl, Diandra says I am feeling to laugh remembering that sight, Gautam says I am afraid now, I don’t know what will you do when and where, I was shocked when you came and asked where is Gatuam then you came to me and … oh God girls these days, Diandra smiles and says your smile is good Gautam, Gautam hugs her and sings that bigg boss girl did thing with me, I am shocked now.

PRECAP- on judgment day, he punishes Gautam and Puneet. he says to Gautam that you unnecessarily came in my argument and was provoking me on other level, I could have raised my hand. later inmates are judged on number basis from 1 to 10, sonali gets no. 9, she says I am not happy with this number and throws number plate away, Upen says I am at number 7 and Praneet at 8, this is wrong, he gets in every fight. Puneet says I am at number 3 so I am better than rest, bigg boss says as Ali is on number which is chosen by inmates then we see captainship skills in him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. puneet ws saying to othrs dat gautam ws selfish.. n wen he approachd gautam he said othrs were saying u were selfish.. puneet issar is the most -ve person in bb8.. double dholki..

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  6. Its clearly understud that puneet is playing game very cunningly and he is using gautam. Thank God praneet & pritam escaped from his control. Pls dont vote for puneeet let him be out soon.. Pls plssssssss .. I hate puneet

  7. puneet has started to think him as the head of the family. whenever smone dosnt obey him he gets hyper.

  8. This blo*dy puneet wot z he upto he told to others tht gautam was selfish..oh god i think thz puneet has put a spell on gauti thtz y he z olways wth tht blo*dy plz evict puneet thz week.. there shud b evictn thz week n tht mus b wth puneet plzzzbb…n gautam ur khulamkula wth dia z lukng awkward ..i hope they get. Sseperated soon : -p

  9. Gauti is playing game wth dia n tht brainless gal cudnt recognise gauti u play ur game n letz c wot happenzzz . Puneet is the worst persn of bb..aftrol he is the most senior person and he is behaving like a kid yukkkk it luks so vulgour.he is HYPERmarket bb plz evict him

  10. Gauti is playing game wth dia n tht brainless gal cudnt recognise gauti u play ur game n letz c wot happenzzz . Puneet is the worst persn of bb..aftrol he is the most senior person and he is behaving like a kid yukkkk it luks so vulgour.he is a HYPERmarket bb plz evict him

  11. Guys please dont vote for puneet and dimpy

  12. ashish dimri

    gautii why u are blindly trust on punit issar?? he is playing with ur emotion.. dont trust him and just playing your game.. gautii is strong contestent.. plz dont playing foolish game.. and avoid punzz

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