Satrangi Sasural 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
As vihaan is jogging in the park, he is super excited to read the newspaper column of a particular girl, titled Dilwali Kudi.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan comes home to find a surprise
Granny enquires from all the ladies of the house, geeta, babita, mini, harpreet, priyanka, nilima and narmada (the real mother) deck up all the preparations for vihaan’s arrival. Narmada finds vihaan, watching them from the doorstep, and becomes a part of his surprise. He enters and pretends that he didnt hear anything, while the ladies all give him a surprise on his birthday. They all give him their blessings, asking him to be happy, successful always in his life. All get emotional, and then vihaan turns the mood light and asks for his gift, and is told that its in the room. He goes and finds seven gifts.

Meanwhile, all the ladies crib as to whose gift Vihaan would open first, and the maternal and the paternal aunt keep fighting. granny asks them to stop. Harpreet says that they should stop fighting amongst themselves to find a good bahu. they find vihaan coming down in a blue shirt, and they alk start fighting that its their gift. He then goes onto reveal that its seven shirts actually, one after the other, teasing them and commenting that they have the same choice for a gift, and this is what makes him special, as he has everything if he has this. Geeta says that they need a bahu, to complete them, while all get to catering to him, granny eyes them tensed. They enquire if he has any girl in his mind. granny is visibly tensed, all are get excited to find a girl for him.

As Narmada flips through the old albums, she is taken back the memory lane. She remembers when the other ladies were tensed and apalled, as vihaan had got hurt, and narmada was trying to bandage him. granny comes and says that she knows why she is tensed. narmada says that vihaan got hurt as they were all fighting to take him in her lap, on the stairs. she tensedly asks what would have happened if anything wrong would have happened. Granny shuts her, saying that he is their life, and hence nothing wrong can befall him. narmada is tensed. Granny says that she wants something from her, as she is being selfish, and she doesnt even expect her to say yes, as what she is asking can easily be unjustified for any woman. narmada gets tensed. narmada asks whats the matter. Granny says that she knows that a woman can distribute everything, but not her child, and hence she requests her, to share her motherhood, and her son, with all the ladies, and can they too claim to be vihaan’s mother. naramda is shocked. As the ladies anxiously wait outside, narmada comes with vihaan in herlap, and faces them stoically. Narmada eyes all of them, and they start retreating their steps. granny steps out too. they all starts apologising, while narmada says that she isnt just his chachi but chachi maa, and puts vihaan on the ground. Vihaan reciprocates when narmada asks him to speak so. And then, she does the same with all the other ladies. They are all overwhelmed. They hug him and play together. narmada says that today she relinquishes the sole right to be vihaan’s mother. granny says that no mother can do what narmada did, and shared her motherhood with all of them, and asks them all listen carefully, that vihaan now has seven mothers. They are all happy. As narmda remembers this, granny says that she knows she is hurt by priyanka’s words, as her bitterness is coming in her voice. narmada says that she isnt tensed, as priyanka is clean from the heart, and says that much has changed, and shall more, when vihaan gets married. As she too starts talking about Vihaan’s bahu, granny is tsned. Narmada says that she neednt be tensed as they shall soon find a suitable daughter-in-law. As narmada leaves, granny thinks that she wishes narmada could know what she prays for.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Vihaan is in a rush to get to the office. He remembers the column of dilwali kudi, and says that he wants the Masala chai, that the girl columnist likes. He gets down, while his driver is scared of his job, if his mother gets to know that he drank tea from the roadside. The driver starts asking the roadside tea vendor, to sanitise and use mineral water for tea for vihaan. Vihaan shuts him, and then takes the tea, while the driver is still suspicious. He starts experiencing the column of the girl. The driver starts cribbing about his fascination for the girl’s column, while vihaan asks him not to spoil the fun. Just then, vihaan is distracted by the wailing painful screams of a dog, and turns around to find a stray dog hit by a vehicle and left stranded, bleeding profusely from the leg. he rushes to the scene, and finds the dog being taken care of by a young woman, Arushi, the heroine of the serial, while she keeps screaming if someone has a car. Onlookers start criticising, and the girl lashes at them for being so callous and highly insensitive. She hollers for an auto. Vihaan says that he would help her out. the screen freezes on her surprised face.

Precap: Arushi asks him to hurry up, and vihaan asks why is she in such a hurry. she says that she is going to meet her prospective groom and his family today. Meanwhile, at her house, Arushi’s mother tells and entertains them, that arushi would just come, when arushi enters. Her brother comes and asks who has she murdered seeing he blood stains on her suit. She stands embarassed. The groom’s family is tensed and uncomfortable finding her like this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. One is difficult to please imagine seven motherinlaws. It should be fun but I hope the it’s a comedy and not the usual atrocity on women Story.

  2. Aur pyaar hogaya was much more better than tis…Plz bring the serial back..we miss it a lot…

  3. From the first episode, I do not even know what to expect from this show. Not sure I would like it but I would give it at week at least.

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